Russell Crowe & The Chinese Year Sign

Russell Crowe is cordial and devoted, extremely affable and amicable. He is the most artistic amongst his sign brothers, the most creative and fussiest. Sometimes Russell Crowe has his head in the clouds and is scatter-brained, unless at work.

Sometimes, Russell Crowe is a genius, a wackier or provocateur. However, in general, Russell Crowe is peaceful, even friendly. But he can have sudden outbursts of anger and can be petty and malicious at that moment. However, Russell Crowe is not at all resentful and he loves the life and the love.

Russell Crowe possesses something of a researcher with a burning interest in the law of cause and effect. Absolute logic determine his manner to act, whereas Russell Crowe is anything else than a cold mind machine. To the contrary, Russell Crowe is extremely big-hearted.

Of course, Russell Crowe does know all too well the ambition to rule, but when in doubt he chooses rather compromise than to alienate a friend. But he must see an advantage in doing so.

Like all dragons, Russell Crowe is somewhat egocentric and has a hard time to shelve own interests. But since he is able to assess matters objectively with his logical intelligence, it is easy for Russell Crowe, to take back the own interests for the benefit of a cause.

The Wood-Dragon - Year Sign

Indirect Wealth
Chinese Hour sign for Russell Crowe is the Wood-Dragon Trust in change. Happiness is with those who do not oppose the flow of life and pursue it with intuition.

The Fire-Dog - Day Master

Gracious Output
Chinese day master for Russell Crowe is $chinadayelement-$chinaday
Earth On The Roof

The Yang-Fire day master is mounted on the Dog. Russell Crowe's universal energy is Grave.

The Fire-Dog is Russell Crowe's weak day master. Russell Crowe can be quite aggressive and could put psychological pressure on others. He tackles issues is charismatic, self-motivated, passionate and adventurous.

Most of the time Russell Crowe makes a decision based on realistic thoughts but can also make them without having looked, listened or contemplated and, thus, suffers both great success and failure.

Russell Crowe likes to look for the new and is interested in new trends and fashion. He wants to stand in the centre of attention and is brave and extravagant, lively and mentally flexible, intelligent, enthusiastic and inspirational but also reliable and responsible.

In extreme cases, the Fire Dog can be jealous, unabashed, friendly and hospitable. These people should always be broad-minded to be successful.

Russell Crowe possesses a protective instinct and his power resources and persistence is limited. Russell Crowe always needs a bit time to himself.

Russell Crowe instantly recognises other people's motives. Russell Crowe avoids parties but understands to enjoy life. Russell Crowe loves good food and drinking as well as sex and power. If the Russell Crowe stands in the limelight, he could neglect his partner.

The Important Role Of The Elements


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate with parents.

The Day Pillar provides information on your relationship with your spouse or partner - whereas the Day Stem (the upper sign) is considered your "Self-Element" as it represents you within the chart.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.

The elements and respective signs by the teachings of Bazi Suan Ming give a more complete analysis of a person than the normally known only chinese year sign. In Bazi Suan Ming ("Four Pillars of Destiny = eight signs") the day sign is the one that represents the me, and thus the key personality of a person. Of course the interaction between the elements and signs play also a significant role. Going into the depth of how to calculate those elements and how they interact with each other would go a step too far on this page. Only a person can be defined by his or her 8 elements which are represented by four heavenly stems and four earth branches. The earth branches consist of one of the animal signs which in themselves also represent an element.

Each element (each phase) in the chart represents a specific person and your path in life. An optimal balanced element chart features each of the elements in the same strength, which of course, is seldomly the case. The interaction of the heavenly stems among each other as well as with the earth branches can create more elements.

Russell Crowe's 4 Heavenly Stems & 4 Earth Branches At Birth
Element LevelHourDayMonthYear10Y-Luck
Heavenly StemYin EarthYang FireYang EarthYang WoodYin Water
Earth Branches Animal SignFour Pillars of Destiny Earth Branch Hour for Russell CroweFour Pillars of Destiny Earth Branch Day for Russell CroweFour Pillars of Destiny Earth Branch Month for Russell CroweFour Pillars of Destiny Earth Branch Year for Russell CroweFour Pillars of Destiny Earth Branch Year for Russell Crowe
Hidden DominatingYin EarthYang EarthYang EarthYang EarthYin Metal
Hidden RemainingYin WaterYin MetalYin WoodYin Wood
Yin MetalYin FireYin WaterYin Water
Russell Crowe's Element Distribution & Strength
Strengthvery strongbalancedbalancedbalancedweak

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