Primary Biorhythm Chart for Tom Hiddleston

Primary Biorhythm for Tom HiddlestonPhysical 64 % Biorhythm Physical Overcast Day

Emotional 29 % Biorhythm Emotional Cloudy Day

Intellectual 0 % Biorhythm Intellectual Rainy Day

Intuitive 81 % Biorhythm Intuitive Sunny Day

Overall 44 % Biorhythm Primary Overall Cloudy Day


The three primary biorhythm cycles are calculated by a time period and encompass the three biorhythm curves for physical, emotional and intellectual rhythm. The fourth biorhythm curve for intuition was discovered at a later date than those three before. It actually does not belong directly to the primary biorhythm curves.

Yet, it can be considered to be primary because it is quite useful to know when to trust the own sixth sense.

The physical biorhythm is a 23-day cycle which shows the strength, endurance, powers and the state of health.

The emotional biorhythm is a 28-day cycle which displays the stability and positive energy of the psyche and outlook on life, as well as the capacity to empathise and build rapport with other people.

The intellectual biorhythm is a 33-day cycle and represents the verbal, mathematical, symbolic, and creative abilities, as well as the capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world.

The intuitive biorhythm is a 38-day cycle showing the unconscious perception and instincts.

Secondary Biorhythm Chart for Tom Hiddleston

Secondary Biorhythm for Tom HiddlestonMastery 32 % Biorhythm Mastery Cloudy Day

Passion 46 % Biorhythm Passion Cloudy Day

Wisdom 14 % Biorhythm Wisdom Rainy Day

Overall 31 % Biorhythm Overall Secondary Cloudy Day


The three secondary cycles that derive from the primary biorhythm cycles are mastery, passion and wisdom. The mastery biorhythm cycle is calculated from the interaction between the physical and intellectual cycles.

It encompasses the ability to succeed at tasks and to obtain what is desired. This cycle also tracks athletic ability and the focus required to learn physical skills./p>

The passion biorhythm cycle is calculated from the combination of the physical and emotional cycles. It encompasses the motivation to act, and the drive that allows to continue a difficult pursuit. This cycle also tracks sexuality in its purest form and affects enthusiasm, stimulus, and impulsion.

The wisdom biorhythm is calculated from the interference of the emotional and intellectual cycles. It encompasses the understanding of the world, what role you have in it, and the things that are truly important to your life. This cycle also tracks the presence of mind that is needed to make crucial decisions.

Extra Biorhythm Chart for Tom Hiddleston

Extra Bio rhythm for Tom HiddlestonPerception 72 % Biorhythm Perception Overcast Day

7th Sense 55 % Biorhythm Psychic Overcast Day

Success 40 % Biorhythm Success Cloudy Day

Overall 56 % Biorhythm Overall Extra Overcast Day


The three extra cycles that derive from the primary biorhythm cycles are perception, psychic and success. It should be noted that additional biorhythms are experimental and are not necessarily right.

The perception biorhythm is calculated from the interaction between the physical and intuitive cycles and is probably the hardest to define. It seems that physical and intuitive are diametrically opposed on the surface yet they are the same when all extremes meet. All five senses are covered by the physical whereas intuition embodies the etheric senses we are not aware of and which lie beyond conventional science.

The psychic biorhythm is calculated from the combination of the emotional and intuitive cycles. Psychic in this sense is meant as i.e. precognition, Remote viewing, ESP and the likes.

The success biorhythm is calculated from the interference between the Intellectual and Intuitive cycles. It shows the success patterns for finances, business, scientific discovery and the likes.

I-Ching Biorhythm Chart for Tom Hiddleston

I-Ching Biorhythm for Tom HiddlestonAethetics 29 % Biorhythm Aesthetic Cloudy Day

Awareness 94 % Biorhythm Awareness Sunny Day

Spirituality 18 % Biorhythm Spiritual Rainy Day

Overall 47 % Biorhythm Overall I-Ching Cloudy Day


Like the primary biorhythms, the I-Ching rhythm is calculated by a time period. The I-Ching encompasses the three biorhythm curves for aesthetic, self-awareness and spiritual rhythm. The aesthetic I-Ching biorhythm is a 43-day cycle which influences harmony and interest in the beautiful. The self-awareness I-Ching biorhythm encompasses a 48-day cycle which affects confidence and self-awareness. The Spiritual I-Ching biorhythm covers a 53-day cycle which affects inner stability and attitude.

Matching with Tom Hiddleston

Your Birth Data

Biorhythm Explained

Our biorhythm starts with the day of our birth and is repeated in particular cycles in an up-and-down curve until our death. The upper half (above zero level) is the active phase. The one below zero is the passive phase.

The focus should indeed be put on words "active" and "passive" since none of the two halves is either good or bad.

The days where the rhythm changes from active to passive and vice versa are the critical days. During that time, the abilities associated with the curves are unstable.

You should be very careful on those days. Accidents may occur and they are also not good for exams, to sign contracts and the likes. The typical three primary curves are the physical cycle (red), the emotional cycle (green) and the intellectual cycle (blue).

There are two major biorhythm cycle theories. The first says that nature bestows on man (the so-called internal master clock) which starts at the time of our birth continuing throughout life.

The second says that one of those internal clocks, the physical is a 23-day cycle and another, the emotional internal clock is a 28-day cycle.

Yet the biorhythm is nothing new. The East has known biorhythms for over 3,000 years. The famous "Book of Changes" was written on the basis of biorhythms.

You find this kind of cycles all over nature; lunar cycles, winter-summer seasons and day-night changing, etc. Biorhythms are more of a personal nature which determines a person's life.

Today the biorhythm theory is used to explain the reasons for being in a good or bad state/mood when no apparent cause can be seen. The method can be used to get the best out of education, business, sport and to prevent accidents, have control over the state of health and even predict people's compatibility.