Chinese Signs: The Snake

The Snake In The Current Year Of The Fire Rooster

With the spontaneous Monkey at her side, the Snake had to master some situations last year she had not felt well with. The Fire-Rooster brings now happy months because she no longer must bend over backwards to reach her goals. The Fire-Rooster appreciates the careful and thorough nature of the Snake because he is thorough himself. Finally, the Snake receives the well-deserved acknowledgement, the reward for her patience and endurance. The Fire-Rooster supports her with all her plans and those can be big. Particularly so, when it comes to professional or financial matters.

Maybe a promotion is due. And the Snake, along with the Rooster who does not know any restraint, can finally put her qualities into the right light and shine with her knowledge. Puff is part of the trade even if the Snake likes to work in the hidden. A good performance cannot be rewarded if it is not perceived by anyone. However, honest the Snake must be and must not make any promises she cannot keep.

The family life, too will be pleasant in the upcoming months because the Snake opens even the more emotionally with the additional Yin-Fire of the new year regent. You can read from her face what she feels. You could say she carries her heart on her tongue. However, the Snake should be careful to not appear too secretive and to seal herself off from the life, so this year can bring enough pleasant surprises to her.

The Snake In General

The Snake Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Snake

Yin Fire

In China the Snake is a symbol for cleverness. The Yin-Energy is dominant - the female, passive principle. A year of the Snake brings often great discoveries and helpful inventions. The lucky number for the Snake is 9; her colour is turquoise.

Positive Traits:
perspicacious, has a good common sense, acute, affectionate, tactful, obedient, astute, attractive, selfless, elegant, idealistic, intuitive, cultured, circumspect, philosophical, talented, wise, seductive, calm and courteous.

Negative Traits
sceptical, unfaithful, mistrusting, hard, egoistic, suspicious, weak, unyielding, arrogant, jealous, narcissistic, gluttonous, sluggish, unreliable, superficial, bad loser, irresponsible, vengeful, full of disdain and snobbish.

Snakes are most often an enigma to others. This is not because if they were moody on the contrary they are extraordinary stable in the emotional department. The mysterious simply belongs to the Snake's being.

Snakes have the need to question things. It is not so important for them to have a clear logical analysis but rather the big non-analytic questions of the Being. They consider problems from many viewpoints and try to see all possible aspects. From another person's point of view it seems sometimes as if the Snake would constantly change her mind.

Sometimes Snakes tend to cultivate their enigma and make it an end in itself. Of course this does not happen consciously but she gets certain satisfaction if she is surrounded by a secret and if they are not they do as if they were.

Snakes like to enter exclusive connections, clubs or groups. They are endangered to adopt an elitist and arrogant manner which is unpleasant for others. If Snakes take the wrong path they most of the time do not feel the aversion they created in others but think that the distance is because of their enigma and believe that others admire them for that.

Snakes are in certain ways secretive since they deal with deep problems and can take an aesthetical point of view, which is hidden from other people. Therefore they do not need to be secretive. They should rather try to make themselves understandable for others. The best possibility is maybe art. In her artistic expression the Snake shows her complex character without making a secret of it.

A typical Snake hates the words yes and no. Not because she would dislike decisions but because she knows that things are not so simple to answer with a yes or no. Sometimes she unnerves the fellowman with her profoundness. It is not really necessary to view every banality from all sides. This is a danger threatening the Snake: that she gets lost in insignificance instead to turn to more important matters at which the Snake's typical strength and depth are adequately used.

Snakes like to follow regulations they have noticed in their lives (most of the time puberty, but sometimes also after the midlife crisis or menopause). Thus it is important to have a clear picture of this fate and to make clear whether the energy is well used or not. If Snakes realize after many years that the regulation they have followed is meaningless and empty it can get them into a deep depression.

Quite often a Snake-Born is very much engaged in her profession which then becomes her destiny she follows with all power and toughness. Sadly nowadays a job is not necessarily a fate anymore; money, image and other factors play often a role while choosing a profession. This is bad for all signs especially for the Snakes.

Aesthetic and the feeling for beauty plays a big role in the Snake's life. If she can transfer that to her life it can enrich herself. She needs the beauty. In this respect Snakes are able to connect with others rather quickly.

Yet the aesthetic feeling of the Snake, especially in our by commercials stamped civilized world - it quickly turns into aestheticism. Snakes are easily caught by advertisement even if they see through the principle and like to express it. Strangely it is often them who accumulate beautiful and expensive things. Then they say that the good has its price. They buy expensive clothes, noble cars and only the finest beauty products and often lose themselves in consummating.

Snakes should try to transfer what they have learnt in their life. They do lack of that despite their born cleverness. But if the Snake uses her creative energy to satisfy her sense of aesthetics, if she tries to make beauty in herself a reality then she has found the way.

The Snake With The Element Wood

Sociably, chic and astute, the Wood-Snake is always inclined to go to the extreme of her possibilities, undertakings or projects.

The Wood-Snake is very conscientious and is enthusiastic about everything, which she undertakes. She loves the comfort, even the luxury, is interested in the arts and enjoys the beauties of nature.

In love and friendship, this Snake is faithful and constant, but can be possessive as well. Sometimes she is even jealous.

A healthy judgement, consideration and a clear sense of the value of things are typical characteristics for the Wood-Snake. Her sense of the arts, music, theatre and painting is quite pronounced.

The clarity of the mind combined with being down-to-earth, a wide-awake sense of future-oriented things and fine antennas for nearly not perceivable connections are also typical signs for the Wood-Snake character. That is what makes her so attractive to other people.

The Wood-Snake can be powerfully eloquent and fascinates her fellow men with skilled phrasing and comprehensive knowledge.

The Snake With The Element Fire

The Fire-Snake is impulsive, fiery, authoritarian, magnetic, brilliant and ambitious. She is possessed by the shine of success and is seductive and charming.

As distrustful human being, the Fire-Snake trusts only herself. She is stubborn even if her urge for success is sometimes subdued, and relatively inflexible.

In love, the Fire-Snake is not a food-despiser, a Casanova, a sensual person in love, who loves or hates with a passion and is very much compulsive.

Passionate, energetic and somewhat bossy is the Fire-Snake and always in constant physical or mental motion. She possesses an extraordinary, audience effective demeanour, a fire that enthuses, much courage and brilliance.

The Fire-Snake is a leader because she understands to motivate others with her enthusiasm. However, a problem could be her striving for power and fame.

To achieve influence, the Fire-Snake would do anything in her powers, which does not exclude hidden machinations.

From an erotic point of view, the Fire-Snake is the born seducer. She conquers in style and with a passion.

The Snake With The Element Metal

This snake is helpful, intelligent, calculating and careful. She is a rascal and secretive.

Her untamed urge for success makes her a bit wary and manipulative. She barely endures failures but never lets herself become discouraged.

She loves discussions, is generous and possesses an astonishing intuition. She often is intrigued by the unknown and irrational. She cannot be tamed in love easily and attaches more value to real feelings than to the sexual aspect of a relationship.

Overly sharp, precise and exact works the Metal-Snake's mind. She possesses a strong will and a high energy potential. Both are features enabling her to achieve everything she has set her mind on.

The Metal-Snake possesses an excellent nose for good opportunities and almost never fail with her prognosis. In secret, she puts her plans into reality, discreetly and quickly, so others do not get the chance to stop her.

On the other hand, the Metal-Snake is extremely mistrusting towards others. This mistrust can even exaggerate into paranoia.

The Snake With The Element Water

As a serious, practically assessed and philosophical nature, this snake is very business-minded. Since she possesses a sharp mind and is calm, practical and sensible, she quickly grasps the difficulties of a task, acts very efficiently and mobilizes the good and the bad qualities.

However, these things do not hinder her to be artistic, very cultivated and inquisitive. This snake is an honest and direct human being, in general, who doesn't lack human qualities despite the cool impression she makes. She is also a bit unforgiving.

The Water-Snake possesses a lot of feelings. Her mind, too, works excellently. Intellectual ambition paired with creativity can be found quite often in this sign combination. Yet, the Water-Snake also possesses the ability to think pragmatically. She does not let come short the material aspect of life, too.

If the Water-Snake wants, she is extremely enterprising and is able to keenly calculate. She acts with great presence of mind when the time has come. To the outside world, the Water-Snake seems to be calm and relaxed. In truth, she is quite vulnerable and has a hard time to deal with mortifications.

The Snake With The Element Earth

As a wise, spontaneous, realistic and tender human being, the Earth-Snake is probably the most warm-hearted of the snakes.

She possesses humour and loves to make fun and to take part in common undertakings. She is loyal, cordial and a philanthropist, an artist, whose imagination is guided by a big sense of aesthetics.

Since the Earth-Snake also is talkative and funny, she appears weak, which is wrong. She possesses a quiet nature and can never be intimidated, and she is a charming comrade.

The Earth-Snake is down-to-earth and aware of her boundaries and talents. Most of the time she lives in balance with herself, knows her needs and is fully aware of the means to satisfy those needs.

All of that makes the Earth-Snake ooze inner harmony. Most of the time she has a big circle of friends.

In situations of confusion and panic, the Earth-Snake is unbeatable. With foresight and the clear reason, she interferes and takes care of the order within the shortest of time.

Chinese Sign Snake - Love & Emotion

Snakes are often difficult for the partner to handle. The snakes' seemingly constant change of view makes it difficult for others to follow their thinking.

The fact that snakes do not like to talk and that if they talk do it in riddles makes it even harder. The dispute often offers a means to remove problems and let off steam. After the thunderstorm, the air is clean again. But in a relationship with another snake it is not that easy because she does not like to get looked through.

This also means that it hard for her to be completely open up towards the partner. The snake sees the openness also from a different point of view and not every point of view seems agreeable to her. Therefore, the snake shies away from opening up towards the partner.

The snake does not quickly get emotional by nature. Her self-control is sometimes even scary. While other people often lack self-control she has too much of it whereas snakes can be quite passionate and romantic. If she manages to deal with the partner so that she is understood the relationship with other people is quite useful for all parties involved. If the heart of the snake has caught fire, it will not die quickly.

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