What Is Numerology

The principle of calculating key values from the birth date as well as the given or used name is ancient old. Mayas, Celts, Greeks, Babylonians and Egypt already dealt with this science over 3,000 years ago. At that time astrology and numerology were closely connected. Its origin lies actually in India.

Today's numerology is based on the Jewish Kabala. Loads of philosophers and scientists have tried to decipher the numbers and reveal their secrets. There are a number of different systems from which the meaning of the various numbers can be read. "The essence of being is number" stated the father of mathematics Pythagoras once to which numerologists have been referring to for 2,500 years.

The Life Path

The Life Path is the sum of the birth date digits and represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you carry through life. It is simply calculated by adding the Year, Month and Day to a total. Then you need to reduce the calculated number to a single digit, except the sum is one of the master numbers 11, 22 or 33. Example with a birth date of 1965-01-31:

Numerology Life Path Calculation for the birth year Step 1:

Add the single digits of the birth year. If the outcome is a two-digit number, add those two numbers as well until you get a one digit number.
1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 21 = 3

Numerology Life Path Calculation for the birth month Step 2:

Add the single digits of the birth month.
0 + 1 = 1

Numerology Life Path Calculation for the birth day Step 3:

Add the single digits of the birth day. If the outcome is a two-digit number, add those two numbers as well until you get a one digit number.
3 + 1 = 4

Numerology Life Path Calculation Final Step 4:

Add the single digits of the above calculated three steps. If the outcome is a two-digit number, add those two numbers as well until you get a one digit number unless the outcome is one of the above mentioned master numbers.
3 + 1 + 4 = 8

Thus the Life Path number for the birthdate 1965-01-31 equals to 8. Below you find the brief meaning of what this Life Path number means. In this case 8 means that one has the chance to develop leadership qualities and that one will regularly enter situations through which one will learn the value of property. The learning task is to deal well with money and property.

Life Path number meanings:

  1. You have the opportunity to evolve with the help of your originality. You should use your own creativity when advising other people and make decisions based on your own convictions.
  2. You are able to express yourself and can evolve with the help of your pronounced sensitivity and your endurance. Eventually you will be able along with others to create or re-create harmony. .
  3. You have the ability to express yourself very well in a linguistic way. You should continuously develop more understanding for others and also express it.
  4. You can further develop your will power and patience. This number value is about showing what the gathered experiences (the own and those of the others) have brought to life. Determination and the recreation of the order are part of this number.
  5. You have the chance to use your senses in this life. You will constantly be confronted with the deeper meaning of freedom. Based on the different circumstances you can evolve your ability to adjust.
  6. You have the power to solve conflicts. The goal of your life is to benefit our flexibility through experiences. It enables you to solve your own problems and also give advice to others. In the long run you will have the ability to judge problematic situations rightly.
  7. You can develop your analytic abilities. Through situations in which you feel lonely and in which you want to be alone you recognize more clearly other values in life. Thorough research is necessary to become an expert; evolvement is then possible in all areas.
  8. You have the chance to develop your leadership qualities. You will regularly enter situations through which you will learn the value of property. Your learning task is to deal well with money and property.
  9. You can learn to avert the gaze from the past and towards the present and future. You have to develop the ability to let go of the past without the feeling of having lost something. Eventually you will be free of any additional ballast.

Other calculations in Numerology & working with letters

Of course there are a lot more interpretations than only the Life Path number. Some are shown further below. The big difference here is that those numbers are not calculated from the birth date but from the name that was given you at birth. Now of course your name does consists of letters and not of numbers. So you need a chart in order to convert the letters of your name into the right numgerology number. You have to be a bit careful with the letters W and Y because they can be either a vowel or a consonant.

The letter chart for name conversions

For the numbers, you need of course a chart to see what letter represents what number. This chart you find below:


The Expression or Destiny Number

The Expression number is often also called the Destiny Number and unlike the Life Path number reads as you must or what you can aspire to become. It symbolizes the opportunities you have at your disposal, your potential. Living up to attributes of this number may not be easy, but it is your goal in the here and now. The Destiny number is calculated from your full birth name. Take each name separately and add up the letter values using the conversion chart. Do not use deviations in spelling or assumed or nicknames. Also do not omit any part of the birth name.

Expression / Destiny number meanings

  1. You make the impression to being able to take good care about yourself. Obviously you enjoy bringing clarity to complicate matters. You are seen as a demanding person whom trust is readily given. You prefer to do your work independently and your closer surrounding does understand this. If someone tries to get too close a wall of protection has to be overcome which you have built around yourself. Others seek your protection and give you the responsibilities for their lives which you take seriously. A further quality is your good working together with others.
  2. You like to be with sensitive people. It is pleasant to work in a team with you and the joy can be seen on both sides while doing so. Basically you appear as balanced, peaceful and trustworthy. You loath disharmony. If you have to take a party at a dispute you get in conflict with yourself whereas the surroundings know of this. Since you are quite sensitive you constantly try to create harmony. Your relationships are emotional. One has the impression you are easily hurt and often the others do not consider this. From time to time you feel unhappy which takes a toll on your social calendar. You are fascinated with everything dealing with mysticism, music and dance and you again and again attract the people with the same particular likings.
  3. You seem to enjoy the contact with others, are admired and sometimes, due to your artistic nature, envied. At least you are perceived. You are considered to be highly creative and to be able to do many things at the same time. You love the friendly contact with others and are always available for a chat. You easily manage to get the attention of your surroundings and are quickly the centre of attention, either by your swanky attitude or by your constant chatter. You seem to be very impulsive and are very well liked by others because of your humour.
  4. You are perceived as honest and trustworthy. You are a person on which people can rely on and entrust with problems because you have somewhat of a teacher in your being. Normally you know everything and your surroundings know this as well. People quickly trust you since you make the impression of a discreet and thoughtful human being. If others have a problem they cannot solve and which has to be dealt with thoroughly, you are the right contact. You are easily envied by others because of your expertise and your abilities. Taker as well as giver; you love your home and are often conservative although you deny it.
  5. You make the impression of an active and interesting person loving life and for whom freedom is very important and who also does not shy away from taking risks. You are loved and perceived as quite entertaining and friendly. You have a friendly word for everyone and get along with people coming from all sorts of social settings. Meant are not people shying away from confrontation but on the contrary you seek this challenge and the people dealing with it. You love to live the most diverse relationships and makes numerous experiences.
  6. You are perceived as a person to confide in, who is asked for advice and who gives protection. You are generally open for anything new but you also do not easily give up your style of life. Sometimes you seem to be insecure with yourself. In those times you are rather avoided by others. Working together with you is very pleasant especially at a well defined task. You do not like to work on your own. People like your company because you always manage to create a comfortable atmosphere no matter where you are. You automatically attract children and animals sensing your love and esteem.
  7. You are a person people tell not things rashly. Your surroundings know that you consider everything very carefully. Therefore your opinion and friendship is highly valued. You only utter your opinion if it is ordered. In your relationships the spiritual level is more important than the bodily aspect. You are not easily moved either by a person or by things. In order to deal with a matter carefully you like to retreat to a peaceful location. You are perceived as intellectual, trustworthy and prudent.
  8. You are perceived as extremely responsible. In dealing with your friends you do not spare with money but is rather seen from a generous side. This is dependent on the person with whom you are together though. If others have a problem you carefully listen. Important things you keep to yourself; that is why others like to come to you to tell you about anything. Some outsiders perceive you as cold and distanced.
  9. You are a person that can deal with a lot of tasks. People in your surroundings know this very well. Your sacrificing manner attracts many people with problems. You can extensively talk about certain experiences in your life. The others are fascinated by this and can imagine everything to the detail. Your tales are never boring but very imaginary and lively. This trait highlights your attractiveness. Since you are highly sensitive you also attract very sensitive people. Your feelings change quickly between joy and sadness. If you are unhappy certain character traits can reverse to the contrary. You then take on the role of the victim, acts to your feelings and becomes quite dramatic. Moreover you tend to build a protective wall around yourself.

The Soul Urge / Heart's Desire Number

The Soul Urge and sometimes also Heart's Desire called number is one of the important core numbers in numerology but it is below the Life Path and Destiny numbers. It symbolizes your inner cravings, dislikes and likes. Things you rather want to keep private. This number shows what you value most aside of Life Path and Destiny. If you satisfy your inner demons of the Soul Urge will give you inner peace. The Soul Urge number is calculated from the vowels of your full birth name and then reduced to a single digit number or a master number.

Soul Urge / Heart's Desire number meanings

  1. Your inner strength is based on independency, leadership qualities and originality. Inventiveness is your biggest impelling force. Therefore you have many original ideas. Often you are on your own and only rarely accept help from others since you want to do everything yourself. Probably you quickly feel lonely and alone. The search for unity and frugality means a lot to your.
  2. Your inner strength is cooperation, sensitivity and tactful acting. Your moods and feelings are changeable and are receptive for outer influences. You are quickly shocked, easily hurt and fall easily in love. But those feelings vanish as quickly as they have come. Only the essential is a constant. It is hard for you to build spontaneously an opinion. You find the fanatic collector among those people. To differentiate is not your strength.
  3. You are versatile. Your inner strength is based on your being, communication and expression. You feel great love and respect for anything that lives or what life has created. You find a tendency to the arts in those people because they value beauty and music. They also recognize the beauty in people and things in their surroundings. They get in contact with the most diverse forms of self expression which they enjoy both actively and passively. The ability to express yourself which is easily understood by others is also a form of art. Also to know how to engage others into communication is a special quality.
  4. Your special strength is your will power. Your inner strength is based on firmness and your strong will. Because of your waiting attitude you observe exactly before you make a decision or acts. You give your best to reach a goal and as long as you think it is necessary your thought is concentrated onto it. You try to reach your wishes in always the same manner which is expressed in your not changing behavioural pattern. The sense of conscientiousness is extremely strong here.
  5. The perception of the world over the five senses (Sound, Sight, Touch, Smell and Taste) is especially strong. You meet life in its entire diversity since you meet numerous people and gathers the different experiences. Versatility and alternation through travel plays a big role in your life. You also like to be at places with many people. You are kind and sympathetic by nature and oozes a special attraction to your surroundings.
  6. The caring aspect is pronounced in you. You are mostly passive and you are quite receptive. Life guides you continuously towards new group experiences. You see a lot of yourself in others. Your home, your family, relatives and friends are very important to you It seems as if your attracted automatically people with problems and you let those people only go when their problems are solved. Traits, such as reliability, friendliness, a sense of responsibility and caring for others are used here.
  7. The analytical aspect is very strong in you. You are a thinker. Your inner strength is based on your objectivity. You love to not talk a lot, but have a lot of knowledge. Your being is introvert and contemplative and searches for peace and tranquillity. One of your favourite occupations is reading a book. The fear of loneliness makes you restless. In fact you create the situations in which you are lonely yourself. From time to time you need to withdraw from people to come clear with making a decision. Your attention is drawn to things and people of previous generations for whose charisma you are very sensitive. Everything "old" fascinates you.
  8. As the born leader you have many creative abilities and your inner strength is based mostly on your self esteem. You do not belong to those people who avoid problems or difficulties; on the contrary numgeschlect1 considers them as challenges. Things going easy bore you quickly. Once you have recognised what possibilities money and property offer you will use them. Organising is one of your strength based on your creative abilities. Although the world may perceive you as tough you have intensive feelings you do not necessarily show to everyone.
  9. Basically you are very open and selfless and treats yourself fondly and understandingly. You know in your inner why others act in a certain way and also sees the sense in it. You love people and animals and often does care more for others than for yourself. You seem to have some sort of antenna with which you receive thoughts and feelings. Because of the warmth you ooze you quickly gain trust. You automatically attract people needing closeness and security.

Inner Dreams

This number does not belong to the core number but is rather a modifier symbolising your inner desires or maybe fantasies, which most often are never realised unless it is related to another core number. Then dreams may indeed come true. This number is also associated with your personality of how people perceive you at a first glance subconsciously projecting its trait as a personality mask. This number is calculated by using all the consonants of your birth name. Attention! If a W or a Y is used as a vowel in your birth name do not use it as a consonant.

Inner Dreams Number Meanings

  1. You would love to be a creative thinker and have the wish to act creatively. You want others to listen and to look up to you even to admire you. It is desirable for you to be the lead of a company and to determine everything. The unknown, to discover something that has not been invented yet and to do research is one of your favourite tasks. You would love to tackle any problems with determination and bravery.
  2. You would love to offer solutions for any disharmonic situations. You yearn for being loved and valued by others. You are of the opinion that people should come to you - on the one hand to give you warmth, love and attention and on the other hand to receive the same in return. You would love to live in a comfortable environment in which you feel well.
  3. You wish for everyone to enjoy life and want to be the funny or cheerful centre of society. You lean to artistic activities such as composing, painting, drawing or acting. You would also love to write moving poems or gripping fiction. A life without sorrows, obligation and reliabilities is one of your deepest wishes. You would be especially happy if all the other people could enjoy such a life as well.
  4. It is a special interest for you that others can rely on you. You want to be an important and indispensable person taking care of running everything in a smooth way. Everyone should respect you. With the family you want to be the indispensable centre point. You yearn for peace, order and harmony in all things. You want to bring order to any form of chaos.
  5. You love to travel and get numerous new contacts. You would love to not take responsibility. Others should find you attractive. You would like to accept challenges and pass the related tasks. Every day should bring new and exciting experiences. You would love to live your inner child.
  6. You would love to give advice to others and you would also love to be the centre point on which everything revolves. You love romance in your life and would like to be in love all the time. You let your surroundings know what you think and you are pleased when others take your advice. It is an inner need for you to belong to a group of people but you need the feeling of being important and if possible being indispensable. You also would love to take care of children, animals and nature in order to live your caring and especially your advising abilities.
  7. From time to time you have the need to retreat from everything to think about anything in tranquillity and peacefulness. If you could you would love to study special areas to deepen your knowledge. You want to deal with every situation self-confidentially. You love if others come to you asking for help and advice. To be perfect both in thought and in acting is one of your utmost wishes. You enjoy surrounding you with different arts.
  8. You strive for important positions both in your private and in your social area. You want to be acknowledged, a human being, to which others look up. To take the role of a leader is one of your wishes; to organise is your strength and you can put your own ideas into reality quite easily. If possible you would love to have anything you need, especially money and property. You strive for reaching the best in both anything physical and anything spiritual.
  9. You wish that others need you and that you are indispensable. You want to be loved and respected on both the physical and spiritual level. Admiration and praise are very important to you. You also want everyone to be happy. You must have opportunities to express yourself and would be especially happy if you could live your creativity and spontaneity without restrictions. You like to have physical contact with other people.

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