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    Partner Synastry Horoscope

    When you meet in a relationship, you influence each other mutually in many ways and create a new joint world with different weighting than when you were alone. The Partner Synastry Horoscope accounts to that by putting each partner's horoscope factors into relation to each other.

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    Best Match Horoscope

    The partner attraction works by the affinity principle or the law of resonance. Aware or not, on the outside, you feel attracted to what is inherent inside you. Get an insight into whom you are really looking for.

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    Partner Composite Horoscope

    The Composite horoscope shows the quality of the relationship itself. The new unit, the third element which is formed by the dynamics of the two partner's energy patterns. It symbollically stands for the playground of the two personalities within a relationship and what roles they take on in being together.

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    Birth Horoscope

    Your strengths, programs, behaviour patterns and your goals are written down in your birth horoscope. With it you gain clarity about what you truly want, can bring hidden talents and skills in the light of the day and you can find your own centre. Every person has a unique talent the world should be gifted with!

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    Age of Aquarius

    More and more people feel that our earth undergoes change. And I do not mean the climate change with that. On many levels clear changes can be felt and seen. Some call it the rise of Gaia (our mother earth); others call it the golden age; and we astrologers call it the age of Aquarius.

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    The Partner Synastry Horoscope - New Horoscope

    It's April, it's spring. Nature re-awakens and so do our feelings. What better time to put the brand-new Partner Synastry Horoscope online.

    I know many of you asked for it, so I hope you enjoy reading about your couple's Venus & Mars house placements. Of course, a full version of 80 to 100 pages can be obtained as well. But for now, go to the horoscope playground for couples.

    Some minor bug fixes took place, too. Firefox/Gecko users with newer Browsers can now play the music files both from desktop and mobile devices. Missing actor & nature photographs are now retrievable. However, I'm still working on the pesky email problem for hotmail, yahoo and AOL accounts. I receive your emails fine, but you not mine, so I use a backup Gmail account to email you your ordered horoscopes.

    My next foray into the realm of horoscopes will be the exciting "Human Design" concept. As usual and until then, stay tuned, it may take a while.

    Current Horoscope – The Libra-Cancer

    Elements: Water / Air
    Motivation: Cardinal / Cardinal
    Polarity: Female / Male
    f Q 25° 37' / j W 6° 20'

    To Be Alone Also Means Loneliness

    Emotional safety, rooting and a Home the Libra-Cancer seek very much in a personal relationship and perhaps in the own mind. The Libra-Cancer wants to commit with a full heart and bears his soul to feel understood. Close individuals appreciate the honesty and emotional warmth the Libra-Cancer provides.

    Being willing to give much, the Libra-Cancer expects the same from others. However, there is always the danger to deliver oneself too much to the needs of others and lose the own identity. Or vice versa, to consume the other and consider the provided care exclusively as Band-Aid for the emotional wounds.

    The desire for popularity and harmony are in the foreground of the Libra-Cancer and not strategy. A particular naivety makes it easy for others to use the Libra-Cancer once they have understood how to gain his sympathy or his compassion.

    Due to the Libra-Cancer's strong outward orientation, he is extremely vulnerable but also possesses the talent to convey emotional content to other people.

    The Famous Libra-Cancer   Elizabeth McGovern   Margot Robbie   Michelle Rodriguez   Topher Grace   Josh Holloway  

    Zodiac Jul 18, 2018 6:48 UTC

    Q    25   f  37' 03''
    W    06   j  20' 46''
    E    20   g  58' 55''  
    R    09   h  03' 42''  
    T    06   x  28' 02''  R
    Y    13   k  25' 34''  
    U    04   v  22' 52''  R
    I    02   s  23' 17''  
    O    16   c  15' 60''  R
    P    19   v  52' 43''  R
    M    02   a  20' 43''  R
    {    05   g  55' 60''  

    Today's birthdays: Elizabeth McGovern   Michiel Huisman   Vin Diesel   James Brolin   Grant Bowler   Andre Royo   Lee Arenberg   Margo Martindale   Anne-Marie Johnson   Rosalind Halstead  

    Horoscope Products – Try Before Buy


    I'm very happy with the report! It makes a lot of sense to me. I've been studying astrology on and off for a few years, and this report went into more depth about the positives and challenges that are in my chart than I've had in a written report before. I have never seen my Neptune placement and aspects described so well, for example. Also, it completely makes sense to me that a match could be found in the various options that the report goes into, to get similar energy. For example, it was useful for me to read that Virgo and 6th house placements can be good in a partnership for me. I've seen that come about in different ways in some of my closest friendships and romances, including an affinity with several people with Virgo moon and/or Venus in Virgo.
    Annonymous, Vancouver, Canada - Best Match Single Horoscope

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    Chinese Horoscope – 2018 The Year Of The Earth Dog

    Chinese year of the Earth Dog

    Thank the heavens, some representatives of the Chinese Zodiac may say now, because with the Earth-Dog it'll be much calmer the upcoming months than it had been the two past years. The doubled Earth (sign itself and year element) of the Dog takes care of assessing things realistically. Thus, things will only slowly evolve during this year. Security and stability are the Dog's desire. The focus lies on mutual trust and solidarity. It provides us with the opportunity to get a grip on the own life, so it should have gotten out of hand, to get back on track.

    Seen more globally, measures to the disadvantage of many should be omitted as well as things forced onto many that are not wanted. The Earth-Dog stands by the values of the people and will vehemently reject anything going against moral values. Those trying anyway, will be met with an ice-cold wind and opposition.

    What does the year of the Earth Dog have in store for your sign?*

    Rat   Ox   Tiger   Rabbit   Dragon   Snake   Horse   Goat   Monkey   Rooster   Dog   Pig

    *If you should not know yours, you can get it calculated from any of the above pages.

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