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    Partner Synastry Horoscope

    When you meet in a relationship, you influence each other mutually in many ways and create a new joint world with different weighting than when you were alone. The Partner Synastry Horoscope accounts to that by putting each partner's horoscope factors into relation to each other.

    Best Match Horoscope

    The partner attraction works by the affinity principle or the law of resonance. Aware or not, on the outside, you feel attracted to what is inherent inside you. Get an insight into whom you are really looking for.

    Partner Composite Horoscope

    The Composite horoscope shows the quality of the relationship itself. The new unit, the third element which is formed by the dynamics of the two partner's energy patterns. It symbollically stands for the playground of the two personalities within a relationship and what roles they take on in being together.

    Birth Horoscope

    Your strengths, programs, behaviour patterns and your goals are written down in your birth horoscope. With it you gain clarity about what you truly want, can bring hidden talents and skills in the light of the day and you can find your own centre. Every person has a unique talent the world should be gifted with!

    Age of Aquarius

    More and more people feel that our earth undergoes change. And I do not mean the climate change with that. On many levels clear changes can be felt and seen. Some call it the rise of Gaia (our mother earth); others call it the golden age; and we astrologers call it the age of Aquarius.

    There is a delay of 3 days - client emergency came in-between
    Relaunch on February 3, 2022

    Due to a bot attack, I was forced to render my website void at the end of November 2021. This pesky little bugger spammed my database with links to specific websites a thousand times per minute.

    Your data hasn't been affected and will never be because it is encrypted. Anyways, it made the website respond exceptionally slowly. I had planned a relaunch for the beginning of 2022. But, unfortunately, this relaunch got now postponed to February 3, 2022.

    I am very excited to present what I have been working and training on for the past five years.

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