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My Celebrity Photographs

The latest Red Carpet & Convention Galleries

When I was younger, my pictures of people were like loads of surrounding and a tiny dot in the middle one could not tell apart as being a person. The reason for that was that I was too shy to go up to people snapping pictures.

That had changed a lot when I attended my very first movie premiere, which was picture-technically-speaking a disaster but taught me that people actually do not bite. The decision to go to take pictures at a movie premiere I owe to "The Lord of the Rings movies".

I have been such a fan of Tolkien for the past 30+ years that I did not want to miss a one-time chance with the "Return of the King" at Berlin. I liked the premiere a lot. The atmosphere, like-minded people, and the actors were all so lovely that I continued doing those premiers. Whenever I like a movie, I find the time and the money.

Do the pictures always turn out to be fantastic? Nope! But that is also a learning curve. Don't go with any expectations. It just raises your disappointment level! Just enjoy the moment and if the pictures turn out fab, even the better.

Latest Event Galeries

Manu Bennett (Azog / Crixus)
Ring*Con 2014
Luke Evans (Bard, The Bowman)
HobbitCon 2015
Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser, Outlander) at Ring*Con 2015
Ring*Con 2015
Lee Pace (Thranduil)
The Hobbit BofA Premiere
Dean O'Gorman (Fili)
HobbitCon 2014
Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield)
The Hobbit DoS Premiere
William Kircher (Bifur)
Ring*Con 2013


Movie Premieres are quite the challenge to take pictures at. I am not in the "official" photographer's box (I could, but I do not like "posed" pictures). Just like any other fan I queue up (sometimes even from the afternoon the day before) to get a halfway decent spot in the first row.

Why the first row? Well, you cannot really call me tall. I am even having difficulties when leaning over the barrier that other fans get in my viewing way because they are all taller than me. I even found a solution for that; "brave enough to use the gap", meaning I shoot through every viewing hole I can find.

That can be beneath the arms of my neighbour or the gap between people in general. Or holding the camera in an odd, not straightway, which gives me a slightly askew picture which has a very own charm. Actually there is no "best" place to stand. You make your decision and go with the flow.

You also do not have a lot of time to take pictures. You just have to react to what is happening on the Red Carpet right in front of you. Over time, I have honed the intuition to assume what is going to happen next.

I take hundreds of pictures, just in case, and throw away about 90 % of them; too blurry, odd faces, people in the way, etc. The worst is the movie premieres that take part in winter. Additional to the above problems you also have no light.

I do not use a flash per se. First, it would not be able to lighten up far away objects, just blind everyone around me. Second, I do not like to flash people directly in the face. That is not very kind at all. Imagine hundreds of flashes are going off. Nope, I do respect people too much. Thus, I have to work with what I get and most of the time I am even surprised how well the pictures turn out to be.


The use of these photographs on other websites or in the print-media is strictly prohibited. If you want to use any of them a prior approval in written form is mandatory!

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