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Pirates of the Caribbean UK Movie Premiere

A Lesson in Photography

This was my first attendance of a film premiere and I didn't know what to expect. If you are used to landscapes that cannot run away or smaller events, this was a a real learning curve. Well, first, I managed to get into the press box. The BBC vouched for me (and also rescued me from the hordes of fans) - thanks guys!

Second I was taught some major lessons:

  1. If you're the size of an in-half-cut dwarf, always bring a ladder.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient battery power for the flash so you are not forced to take pics without it.
  3. Make sure you don't stand under a balcony where decorations are set up. It's kind of likely you miss great photo opportunites unless someone develops a camera being able to take pics through concrete.
  4. Practice how to get the 25 to 35 degree angle right when taking pictures blindly by holding the camera over head so you don't behead your objects.
  5. Practice how long to hold the camera over head, so you don't get blurry pictures, which would have turned out okay if only been a bit more patient.
  6. Burn into your brain that people are moving objects. So don't pretend them being landscapes that don't run away.

I herewith declare the taken pictures as an artform, which absolutely mirror the chaos that was going on then and there. Muchos cudos go to Orlando Bloom, who endured the almost defeaning screaming with grace and dignity. He took his time to greet fans and to sign autographs. Several times handlers tried to pull him inside the Odeon but he came back out again. I'm sure his fans like him now even the more.



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