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Return of the King Premiere

A Secret only Flashlight can tell

Two days before the movie premiere I sit in the cozy warmth in the restaurant from where you can view most of the Sony Center. Despite the freezing temperatures red carpet is rolled out and fixed with tape, banners are put onto staffs and set aside. Movie posters are attached to railings. Once in a while the work stops - curious tourists and bypassers want to know what's going on.

Right below the restaurant's window is a crew of five people working on a gigantic sized ring. All dark golden with odd looking brighter coloured seams it lies on the ground and a girl on a ladder carefully rids the ring of those disturbing seams with paint. Curious myself I go down to talk to the guys who now are applying the foil with the ring verse. Eager they want me to take pictures of their work and they point out "Use the flashlight. Only flashlight reveals the ring's secret." So I comply and start to smile when I discover the "glowing" secret. The flashlight sets the foil in its fluorescentic behaviour. The former a little dull looking ring shines now, just as if, according to J.R.R. Tolkien, someone had cast it into fire.

I'm even more impressed when I learn that the effect was not done on purpose and only discovered this morning by the crew itself. The writing is astoninglishly good when you know it was done by a facsimile with tiny letters as a pattern. I wander around to take more pictures when they heave the Ring to it's rightly position over the place itself. Nice location but ....

...the writing is upside down. Oooopppsssss. Too late to get it changed now. Maybe nobody notices....
...well, all the fans did. ;-)

Troy Premiere


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