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Chronicles of Narnia Premiere

A Royal (Fan) Treatment

Due to loading times only a few of the total 81 photographs I took at the Chronicles of Narnia Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

London (England), December 7th, 2005

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This was my first premiere at the Royal Albert Hall. Staying at a hotel at Picadilly Circus I hopped into Bus No 9 as I was told by the hotel staff around 9 am.

Two stops later a lovely elderly lady said to me: "Honey, you have to get off. This is the last stop." Huh? This cannot be already the Royal Albert Hall and slowly but surely it dawned to me - right bus - wrong direction. Thus I went off only to discover I literally was surrounded by bus stops. Twenty minutes later after having met loads of very helpful Londoners a very familiar looking and broadly grinning bus driver opened the door for me. Hah! No 9, right direction this time.

It's funny when you are not sure where to get off you notice that all over the world the announcements in public transport is a catastrophe. Either there is none or it comes too late or in most cases you hear crackle something crackle and don't understand a single word. Out of fear I might miss the right stop (again) I chatted up half the people in the bus and when it was time the very same half yelled "Royal Albert Hall". Slightly red in the face I got off at the Royal Albert Hall which was clearly visible on the left-hand side. Duh, how much of an idiot can one be?

What followed was a true star treatment for the fans. One of the security guards came up to us asking whether we wanted to be in the grand stands and handed out coloured ribbons to be put around your wrist. Nice! No fighting for a spot, you could roam the surroundings (there is a park opposite the Royal Albert Hall and quite a few museums to visit) without the fear once gone your spot would go, too.

Around 4 pm I got in line to be let in into the grand stands. Everything went utterly smooth and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Fans chatted to security guards and each other while finding a seat in the grand stands. With the strict order not to get up the first thing that happened was we were treated to Turkish Delight. Yummy! Not very helpful for the figure but yummy! And I wonder whether the premiere had something to do with half of London sold-out of Turkish Delight the very next day. I tried to buy some.

The first guests arrived and the atmosphere stayed totally relaxed. Celebrities came over to the grand stands and gave autographs. Fans handed autograph wishes from the last row down to the first row and back again. Now if only every premiere could be like this. All of the stars came to us and it was only when Skandar Keynes showed up we learnt why. His grandfather was sitting in the first row right in front of me. Again, very nice!

The blue illuminated and into Narnia converted Royal Albert Hall did its own to add to the peaceful atmosphere. And the big screen in front of us showed us all the action we couldn't see from our place. All in all a royal treatment for the fans!

King Kong Premiere


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