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Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire Premiere

Wet, Exciting and a Fan Battlefield

Due to loading times only a few of the total 52 photographs I took at the Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

London (England), November 6th, 2005

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This was by far the wettest premiere I've attended so far. Well, rain wasn't really the problem here. The problem was that anti-fans (that's what I like to call them) coming late with the goal to get from row 15 into row one. What started to be a civilised and ordered being in line and friendly atmosphere soon became nasty and aggressive. Fans pushing from behind so that younger people got squashed to the barriers. In my block two people fainted way before the premiere actually happened.

I really don't mind a push when the excitement rises when one of the main cast is coming to give autographs. But the pushing began 4 hours before that. The so called non-fans don't care for the actors. They don't even know their names let alone having seen the films. They come unprepared, no photographs they want autographs on. A shitty (sorry for being that direct) piece of paper they have and with glee I noticed many of the actors had noticed it too and bypassed those papers.

Talking sense into them equaled in being fruitless. "We have the right to be here" was what we got and "It's not us, we are not pushing. Those behind us are doing this". They didn't care one bit about the people that had lined up from 8 or 9 pm the night before. They simply used force to get what they wanted. Sadly enough those people always win. Very unpolitely they yelled at local celebrities "We want pretty people." And "We want famous people".

This is not the actors' fault. This is not the studio's fault. This is simply the me, myself and I attitude of a lot of people nowadays. Tolerance and helping each other are foreign words to them. Security was non-present from 1pm onwards. It would have been so easy to set this up. Of course with a premiere like this thousands of people come.

This is known beforehand. All what was needed were wave breakers, barriers between 5 or 6 rows of fans and it would have been tolerable. Instead the fans got "you've known it'd be like this, so don't complain". Hello? People got injured! At any football match barriers are set up. And a "if you push you'll be pulled out" threat is meaningless when no action follows.

Aside of that the setup was very nice. They transformed the Leicester Square mini park into Hogwarts ground with a big bluish display I'd love to have a picture taken of but because we were rushed out right after the arrivals were over and nobody was allowed back in afterwards. It was a hopeless undertaking. Of course you cannot take a decent picture before because the media is running around blocking the view. I really liked the fire dragon they had below that display.

Once they uncovered it and people realised it was moving and actually breathing fire it was a big hit. I was tempted to make a sign then and there that doesn't display a "Dan please marry me" but instead "Free the dragons - don't fence them in". LOL

Being in the push block I tried my best to get some decent pictures, which you'll find above.

The Chronicles of Narnia Premiere


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