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Berlin Film Festival Snow Cake Premiere

Snow falling for Snow Cake

Due to loading times only a few of the total 38 photographs I took at the Berlin Film Festival Snow Cake Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Berlin (Germany), February 9th, 2006

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I made a vow after the King Kong premiere to never ever attend any event that takes place in winter again. I made the vow no matter how tempting an event might be. See, in winter you are outside all day long in freezing temperatures. Your feet go numb, your brain goes numb, your fingers cannot hold anything anymore and the main concern are the batteries that actually don't like the cold at all. And at some point you go why am I doing this to me?

I made a vow ... and spontaneity broke it the instant I read that Alan Rickman would come to his premiere of Snow Cake. Of course I told myself it's also a great opportunity to meet up with my friends again whom I met in 2003 at another movie premiere in winter; also with frozen feet and a bladder that didn't want to behave. The mind is a strange thing. It easily forgets unpleasant things. So yes, I had the hotel and the flight and I flew in from Cologne for one day to breathe Berlinale air.

As with any event of this size you never know how many people turn up at what time and if you want to get rather good photographs you have to be early to secure a spot. Thus I met up with my friend at 10 am at the Berlinale Palast (Theater am Potsdamer Platz).

Way too early!

We were the only ones. We were still the only ones at 3 pm when it slowly but steadily started to snow. The good thing, they had a big screen on which they aired the press conference for Snow Cake with audio and with interest I noted that some journalists seem to be deaf. Otherwise it’s not explainable why already answered questions were asked over and over again.

Snow Cake was very well received at the press screening. I’d love to do a little advertisement for it here on the page just because it is people related, emotion related and not just "another" blockbuster movie (which I admit I also like from time to time). Sadly enough the film has no official release date. I hope that changes very soon! I just don’t want to fly to London or Edinburgh again just because an intelligent film doesn’t find the right distributors because the cast may not appeal to young adults (yes, I’m bitter about this marketing strategies coming from the film industry. They rather spit out a handful of bad movies than give a smaller film a well deserved chance).

With so few fans standing around the media had no better thing to do than trying to coax us into interviews. First question? Why are you already here? Will you be here tomorrow? We are doing a George Clooney special. Arghghghghghghghg! In my mind I invented various ugly methods of torture for this reporter. I hate when journalists ask those questions with the answer already in their mind not respecting ones interests at all. I don't like being played and tricked. I'm a film fan and not a groupie. Sure, I stand on my ladder and take pictures but I don't have a screaming fit bordering on hysteria because one of my favourite actors is about to show up at a film premiere. I watch films because of content or simply to be entertained depending on the mood I'm in. Thus I answered George who? LOL, the face of that man was priceless. I like George Clooney and his work, especially his last two films, but I don't get weak knees. Actually, I think I'm the only woman on this planet that doesn't fancy him at all.

In general I acknowledge a good performance and Alan Rickman, like Sir Ian McKellen, is one of the actors who is able to make me believe in the characters he plays. I don't see Alan Rickman acting on the screen. I see the character he portrays and can identify parts of myself with it. If an actor is able to do that to me I have a high respect for him or her. That is why an actor becomes a favourite of mine, not how he or she looks like.

I noted with glee that at the time the premiere started tons of fans were standing at the Red Carpet and there were a lot of young fans, too. My spot wasn't the best but it was under a roof, and guess what, my feet were warm and the camera didn't die on me! I couldn't help but to smile about the fact how fitting the still snowing sky was for this premiere. Snow plays a big part in Snow Cake. Hhhmmm, maybe movie premieres in winter are not so bad after all. ;-)

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures of Sigourney Weaver. In my spot I had no chance to get a picture at all. I try to do better the next time.



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