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Spiderman 3 Premiere

Handshakes for Everyone

Due to loading times only a few of the total 32 photographs I took at the Spiderman 3 Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Berlin (Germany), April 25th, 2007

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This time the Red Carpet was black. And once more the organisers either have no feeling for fans or are absolutely uninformed. While security people told us we could stay in a certain spot (see we are a polite bunch we ask before we place ourselves), a lady who seemed to be in charge of the event and after having asked us whether we had gathered for the premiere there only to have us removed from that place one hour before the event actually started. Great!

Fearing the worst the first celebrities started to arrive and for once we got lucky because due to the move we had them all on our side. The Sony Centre is sort of a round place with pedestrian walks coming in from four angles only to meet in the middle. This time the Red (I should say Black) Carpet was rolled out to the beginning of one of those pedestrian walks.

What was really strange was that the local celebrities had to walk the entire carpet while the main stars where brought in by cars directly to the middle of the Sony Centre. That is not strange in itself but the cars were driving over that very same Black Carpet while the locals were still walking it. I think that bears a great risk of accidents.

Although you could read in the newspapers the very next day that Mr. Maguire had given tons of autographs (where do have those journalists their eyes?) it wasn't like that. Almost apologetically Mr. Maguire's handler whispered to us: "Sorry but he doesn't give autographs." Well, it's not a problem, honestly because Mr. Maguire did something else. He shook the hands of the fans and even walked back the entire Black Carpet he was driven in on to greet the fans standing there. That's what I like. Showing a little bit of appreciation. The autographs are not so important. It's his principle and its okay.

There was one person though who stole everyone's show - Mrs. Rosemary Harris. What a classy lady. I think none of the officials, including Mrs. Harris' handler expected the reception this lovely lady received. With shiny eyes and a big smile she tried to give as many autographs as possible. Even her handler smiled. Now Mrs. Harris is almost 80 years old and what shall I say I smiled too. She deserved it!

Needlessly to say that I didn't care anymore that fans were now allowed standing where we were removed before. It was a lovely premiere.

Die Hard 4.0 Premiere


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