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Hancock Premiere

Hancock to support German Team

Due to loading times only a few of the total 56 photographs I took at the Hancock Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Berlin (Germany), June 17th, 2008

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was the motto of this premiere; at least according to presenter Kai Pflaume. Meant is the currently running European football (soccer) championship. Also meant was that the German team could really use some help. Although I'm not quite sure Mr. Pflaume knows about the film, it's quite obvious that Hancock might do more damage than good or maybe that is why he would exactly fit into the team.

However, this was a good premiere from my point of view. Of course, there were the usual quarrels between fans and officials. "Can we stand here?" If you're first then you are first. Okay, thus we thought we could stand there. 2 hours before the premiere began. "Sorry, guys but you have all to come out of the box. You'll be let in again a bit later." "Just a few more seconds and you'll be let in." "Sorry guys, but this box probably won't be opened again. You have to move to the other side's box." Duh, the latter caused a stir-up, especially among the fans that had been queuing early and now feared to lose their good spots.

Luckily there weren't exactly masses of fans queuing and thus it went rather smoothly. To my utter surprise: "You can move up to the podium, even behind the photo screen. Just don't stand behind the screen." Huh? Since when are fans allowed onto the podium where on the other side press is standing? And this was not the only improvement for a German premiere. Not only were we allowed to stand where no fan has stood before but also the posters covering the barriers were given away to the fans and there were loads of free tickets.
My personal highlight was the head of security (I think it was the head of security) coming over, staring at my Canon EOS 5D with the attached flash telling me: "You know, this looks like a professional camera."
"Uhuuu", (what's coming now, I was thinking). "It would be nice if you could not use the flash."

"Oh, no problem, I know the premieres are held for the media and if I use the flash I might destroy a picture taken from the other side by the professional photographers, right?"

He started to grin and nodded. "At least, you are telling me in a friendly manner. That is not always the case at such an event." He went seriously and said: "You can talk about anything in a friendly manner." I agreed.

I totally understand this. But what I do not understand is why then, at least in Germany, the media is not able then, to do a good coverage of such an event. I think it is all promotion for the film, isn't it? As a fan, in order to get information about a film, it's not watching television or reading the papers. Usually I need to research my information on the internet on the English spoken websites; except the magazine Cinema which naturally is about films. On the telly you get the usual who is wearing what and if a half-naked wannabe-celeb is showing up, they are usually more important for coverage than the actual actors of the film. In general producers and directors are completely cut from the coverage unless you get a featurette.

Now, back to the stars of the film. The entire bunch was great. I think everyone enjoyed their time on the Red Carpet. Charlize turned out to be a very approachable star. She wrote loads of autographs. Will Smith did the same, but with him you expect it somehow. Nonetheless, it's always nice. And the rest did the same, too.

At this premiere they had set up the balcony of the premiere cinema, which is a rare occasion. And thus everyone was up there, some with a glass of champagne in hand, others without.

Although Will Smith didn't do any music this time around, he was game enough to put an especially for this occasion manufactured official German soccer shirt on. On the back the name Hancock. They had a few of them the stars signed. Two were thrown into the crowd, which turned out to be a mistake since, and I couldn't see it from my spot only see the reaction on the balcony, some fans seem to fight for it. The other shirt went flying into a group of Oranges. The latter is the nickname for the Dutch football fans, which are usually clad in orange clothes, wearing orange wigs etc.

Presenter Kai Pflaume joked: "I think this is the only time that Dutch fans are screaming for a German shirt." LOL, who is into football, knows that the German and the Dutch team does not always see eye to eye and so do the fans.

Nice Gag: If you look closely at the film poster you will see the Brandenburg Gate in the left glass of Hancock's glasses and in the right the Berlin radio tower. I bet that at the premieres in London, Moscow and Japan the poster is manipulated accordingly.

All in all it was a great premiere.

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