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Ring*Con 2008

The Cursed 7th Year

Due to loading times only a few of the total 211 photographs I took at the Ring*Con 2008 are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Bonn (Germany), October 3rd - 5th, 2008

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Brad Dourif
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Paul Norell
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Seven Ring*Cons - seven times attended. And although I didn't break a mirror or hadn't seen a black cat crossing my way this time was somehow fishy. My dilemma started on Thursday. Super, the con is at Bonn. You can be at the last minute without problem. As soon as I had arrived at Bonn and checked into the Maritim I discovered I had forgotten my Laptop. Okay, no problem, I only live an hour from here.

The Charity dinner: What an atmosphere! The castle we were brought to is packed with antiquities, which, if your purse should allow, can be all bought. The dinner itself was also attended by Paul Norell, Brad Dourif, Jed Brophy and Lori Dungey. After I had chatted away with Paul Norell I now took my place opposite of Brad Dourif.

What a great human being he is! We talked at our table about anything and everything: health insurance systems, good and bad horror movies, books of Asimov, idiotic studio boss decisions, cancelled television series and why you cannot buy as non-US resident TV episodes from and iTunes, about growing old, travel and meeting great people and a lot more. He is not only interested but also a good listener. It felt as if we would know each other for a long time.

In a good mood and well fed we all went back to the Maritim where I instantly hopped into the car to get my laptop. Great time of day to drive a car and I got promptly caught by an over speed camera. At present I pray that I was within the 20 km/h allowed tolerance. Otherwise…I am about to walk by foot for some time. On my way back I got lost in Bonn and when I arrived at the Maritim my car electronics informed me that I still had gasoline for 10 km left. It was 1:30 am when I fell into my bed.

Saturday morning's first stop was the panel of Emily Jane Sturrock and Matt Appleton from Weta. I love the Weta panels because they always give you new insights into the production process of the Lord of the Rings although you think you might have seen it all before. I only say losing elves. LOL

The newly invited Harry Potter actors are a true enrichment for the Con. The three were so open and nice and entertaining that I can only recommend to those that had screamed bloody murder beforehand, please go and watch first before you judge. Contrary to beforehand believe the con wasn't packed with Harry Potter fan kiddies.

Also Lee Arenberg couldn't have been nicer. A true enrichment because he was funny and patiently answered the fans' questions even about Johnny Depp. Moreover it stood out how cool all of the guests mixed with the ordinary fan crowd, let it be in front of the Maritim to have a smoke or in the party zone or simply on the con area.

There were admiring gazes for the fan costumes and some did take pictures with the fans. I think of the great Davey Jones fan group or the girl that came as the Golden Snitch and of course the one isolated Stargate SG-1 fan. Even the Joker and Catwoman were attending. Great stuff what was offered at this year's con.

My especial thank you goes to our Kiwis. It is incredible what work they put into their preparations. Lori Dungey with her wonderful film "Mrs. Bcracegridle's Journey to Sanctuary" in which besides Paul Norell and many others even Craig Parker had a small role; or Mark Ferguson's "Live satellite transmission" to New Zealand to a sleeping Craig Parker. You notice that not only an effort was made bout it was made coming from the heart. It is also incredible how Craig Parker is present even if he is not attending. The guys and gals are game for anything. True world class!

Equally ingenious was Mark's "talk round" with Lee Arenberg and Chris Rankin on Friday night. It was not only funny (I only say "Slash Fanfiction") but he had simply integrated those two "other fandoms" in a minute.

On Friday morning my cursed 7th year went into its second round. My flash died a quick but peaceful death. Exchanging batteries and cleaning the contacts, nothing helped. Photos had simply to be done without a flash now.

The cursed 7th year round 3 on Friday night: Two 4 Gigabytes filled chips with photos wanted to be downloaded onto the laptop and I had forgotten to bring the connection cable. Okay, move it to tomorrow and off I go to party.

Saturday morning very early: The conclusion was to either buy a connection cable or a USB card reader. Only who has opened early on a Saturday morning? My choice was either a DIY store or a well assorted supermarket. I went to the taxis place in front of the hotel (you do not want to give up your parking lot in the garage and of course I had only gasoline left for 10 km). The very friendly and helpful taxis driver shook his head and explained that the stores would not open until 9:30 am on a Saturday. Desperately I explained my problem and he spontaneously told me to give me his card reader for free. For free? Thus I drove with this so nice man from Iraq to his home got the card reader and drove back to the Maritim. Of course I paid for it. It is unbelievable how you meet the nicest people when you least expect it. Moreover my Iraqi turned out to be a comedian. During his waiting times he writes jokes in his taxis in Arabian and German. The booklet is his constant companion. This screams of publication I told him. He considers it.

After a finally smoothly running Saturday, round 5 of my cursed 7th year approached. A call from one of my customers ended my con time rather rudely and early. On Sunday morning I had to leave.

My registration for 2009 is filled in and submitted and I dearly hope that year 8 will run a lot smoother than this year.

Star Trek Premiere


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