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Sweeney Todd Premiere

Johnny - Please hug me ...

Due to loading times only a few of the total 22 photographs I took at the Sweeney Todd Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

London (England), January 10th, 2008

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... said the backside of a fan sign, which lead to being noticed by the security people. The girl holding the sign was also from Germany and it was her first premiere.

It was 5 in the morning when I met her and another fan from Wales. Parents are truly fabulous beings. The young Welsh lady is such a big Johnny Depp fan that her parents drove her in the middle of the night from Wales to London. While she now was waiting like us for the premiere to begin, her parents killed time in London all day long.

From time to time they looked after us. The whole thing remembered me of my father driving his very young daughter to the rock concerts to Cologne, only to kill the time until a happy daughter could be picked up again.

The weather god wasn't nice to us. It was raining the entire day, some more, some less. It was cold and wet and many were freezing.

I put it to the bad weather and the search for motivation for the security people who had to control the fan masses. Because when the “Johnny, please hug me” sign was spotted, one came over, took a picture with his mobile, grinned at the girl and said he would now send it to his management who would send it to Johnny.

The face of the fan you should have seen. It was priceless.

As with any of the really big premieres there was again a setup in the Leicester Square garden. Red lampoons hung in the trees and part of the soundtrack came from the speakers. At the 500th repeat of the “Cut-through-the-throat” sound almost all of the fans started laughing.

I stood as usual at the Odeon cinema entrance. This time I was a little unlucky though since we had a pushing block. Add the darkness to the shoving it was close to impossible to get a picture that was not blurred.

Johnny Depp was great. It took him a great while to come to us and we were able to follow him through the garden by the moving loud cheering we could hear from the various parts of the garden while he was working the crowd. ;-)

He as well as Tim Burton wrote until their fingers bled. I think both were at every corner of Leicester Square where fans had gathered. Alan Rickman wasn't writing as well as the other two at least not in our corner. But while he was opposite our block Johnny had arrived and we had something like an emergency.

Beside me there was another fan who size-wise could barely look over the barrier. When Johnny started writing in our row said fan got pressed to the barrier so hard that the security people had to lift him out to prevent worse. In this entire chaos both Alan Rickman and Johnny went through.

Thank god my fan neighbour was okay. When I came out he was standing there. I think I asked him about 50 times if he really was okay, which he said yes to. He had been a bit jittery during the incident but now he was okay. I suggested he should bring a step the next time, so that he would be standing a bit higher.

Whether the German fan got her hug or not, I cannot tell. I hadn't seen her afterwards.

Yet it was all worth it. I cannot wait until the film finally has its release. I love the Burton / Depp collaborations.



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