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FedCon 2009

We are not the brightest bunch, we're in Showbiz

Due to loading times only a few of the total 275 photographs I took at the FedCon 2009 are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Bonn (Germany), May 1st - 3rd, 2009

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Sarlacc Survivors Band

...said a grinning Robert Picardo to me when I stood totally perplexed in front of the elevator and helpful as I am, got involved into their discussion whether they were at the right floor. Going in was impossible. It was packed with actors on the search for the Green Room

But let's begin at the beginning. This time was my second FedCon. After I attended last year with a broken ankle and on crutches I enjoyed being mobile already on Thursday evening and registered for the Con. This is a new service which is ingenious. It makes the long Friday queues more tolerable.

Nonetheless it meant getting up early to get one of the hotly requested tickets for next year.

And already the Con started with the first panel. I was quite curious of Richard Hatch, being a fan of the old and the new Battlestar Galactica series and I was not disappointed; open, fresh and free talking his panel, although it was the first, was well visited and received a lot of applause.

I had great difficulties this time to decide what to do. Panels opposite of Photo-Ops and autograph sessions and with 18 actors one could really use a clone. Some of the panels I did not visit - much too my misery. There were simply too many actors for the weekend, too much program and I think many others think alike.

My second panel on Friday was the one of Max Grodénchik. What a funny person and he speaks German; truly and really German. He is married to an Austrian and I bet that in preparation for his panels he had asked her for support. Funny anecdotes how someone like him gets an acting job paired with singing of German songs with new funny texts brought great entertainment for everyone.

A special highlight came with the Opening Ceremony. Marc B. Lee enters the stage and asks all mobile (cell) owners to hold their devices up. Then the command: switch them off and put them away. All photo camera owners were asked to hold their cameras up. Then the command: Switch them off and put them away. All owners of video cameras were asked to hold them up - which was of course nobody because to film is prohibited at FedCon. LOL Then also the command: Switch them off and put them away!

What followed was the very clear threatening of the own existence in case of getting caught switching the devices back on within the next 28 minutes. There were security people wearing night vision goggles in the audience and everybody getting caught would die a terrible death.

We were wished loads of fun and the room got dark. From the corner of the eye I could see Richard Hatch running from backstage to the front to also enjoy what we would.
With great cheering the 28 minutes out of the new Star Trek movie were started. It was all the time interrupted by applause and laughter. The appetizer made us crave for more and I bet that almost everyone in the room, and I really mean everyone went to the cinema the following week.

The mood was ecstatic now for the remainder of the Opening Ceremony. Robert Picardo gave a speech in German about his actor's destiny to ruin TV shows.

Do you know another Sci-Fi show I could ruin?"
"I would have loved to ruin Battlestar Galactica. But it was too late!"
"I would have loved to be the last cylon!"
And much to the audience enjoyment he asked at the end:
"Do you have a Sci-Fi show in Germany I could ruin? No? Then I can stop kissing your a****."

John Billingsley stripped onstage to get his T-Shirt to Marc B. Lee. And someone must have told Michael Hogan to try "So say we all" with the German audience. Hi did, I mean try, and was flabbergasted when 5,000 people throw it loudly back at him. Much shyer were Colin Ferguson, Jordan Hinson and James Callis; although the latter hat a fabulous dry dark humor.

I had to grin when Mark Sheppard came onstage. Being the die-hard X-Files fan I only thought: "Well, I get you all", seen from a camera and autograph perspective.

I was most impressed by Edward James Olmos who answered questions at the panels with thought and conscientiousness. And questions did not only come regarding Battlestar Galactica, no, it was about his invitation to the United Nations, his engagement with charities and about movies such as Wolfen. Since Germany has not aired the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica yet he tried very hard to avoid spoilers. So he talked about the last scene between Adama and Roslin: "and she can't move because…of the situation that we're in…"

The question whether he could play Col. Tigh and Michael Hogan could play Adama:
Edward James Olmos: "Oh yes, I can do Colonel Tigh: starts to snore loudly
Michael Hogan: (as Adama) starts to sob loudly.

Moreover Michael Hogan has a true problem being a cylon. Edward James Olmos grinned broadly when he explained to us that up to now Michael refuses to accept being a cylon and the best insult would be to call him one.

Christopher Judge could not believe on Sunday morning that he ran into party people at 5:45 am and asked everyone asking a question whether he/she was hung over and / or married. Moreover he asked how much sleep we had gotten only to discover that the attending audience are not the real die-hard party people and those would be in bed right now. When at the end of his Sunday panel an entire group of SG1 soldiers in complete outfit walked the stage he greeted every single one of them with handshake accompanied with the SG1 music. Small insider joke: Last year Michael Shanks attended FedCon and a group of SG-1 soldiers lined up in front of the stage. After the command to turn right one half went to the right the other to the left. Michael Shanks dry comment: "Well…that happened." And we were lying on the floor laughing. This year the command worked fabulously.

The entire weekend went by too quickly. On Saturday I entered the constant queue for the Photo-Ops since three actors I wanted to take a picture with were after the other. Thus I went in only to get back in queue again for the next. Thus I missed some panels.

In no particular order here are some of the Highlights I can remember:

James Callis:

  • Opening Ceremony: "In my panel, I will answer your questions... or lie very effectively."
  • James Callis to a fan whose microphone did not work and who was chased to another one: "Run, Forrest Run!".
  • While Jamie Bamber had to prepare an especial emotional scene he asked James for advice:
    "So I told Jamie: You know that your name backwards is Eel, right?"
    And he just responded: "Well, yours backwards is 'Ratlab'!"

Mark Sheppard

  • Mark Sheppard was surprised when I chose an X-File picture of him to get signed:
    Me: "Shows my age."
    He laughed: "Mine, too!"

Michael Hogan, Battlestar Panel:

  • Michael Hogan: "Hey, he's got arms on his chair!"
    Edward James Olmos: "Well, I'm the Admiral..."

Eureka Panel:

  • Colin Ferguson: "When you have kids you shouldn't make a fuss over minor problems like when they dye their hair..."
    Jordan Hinson: "...says a man who only owns a CAT!"
  • On the question where she hopes her character would go, what she would love to do:
    Jordan: "I would love to have a drug problem."
    Colin: "Really?" and gets from his pocket a small bottle of Jägermeister he had received from someone during the autograph session offering it to her.

Max Grodénchik:

  • Max Grodénchik about people always telling him that he looks like Rom: "This is not a compliment. Kein Kompliment. You can lie to me! Tell me I look like Jonathan Frakes!"
  • Max Grodénchik told that Shimermann had told him he knew they both would get the job as Ferengi. On his questioning why: "Well, we are the only short people here."
  • Max Grodénchik about his roommate and his brother showing him how a Ferengi would act and that he told the producers about it: "Tell your roommate and your brother we have jobs for them."
  • Grodénchik about the shooting of "Captain's Holiday" and about the fight scene:...and I told Patrick: this is a false nose and the real nose is directly behind it."
    Patrick Stewart: "Yes, Max, I know that..."

John Billingsley

  • Singing to the tune of Eh Oh Eh Oh: "Daaay off! Daaaaay off! Five days off and the checks still come!"

Nichelle Nichols

  • ...when Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek rudely interrupted my career.

The guests were all extremely nice and open and were not shy to approach the fans. They mixed with the crowed and as a counter favour they were left alone. Truly to the FedCon motto: If the star is not on stage, at the autograph session or at the Photo-Ops, then its leisure time. Bother him / her and you die.

Of course not everything is running smoothly. But with the size of this event you have to expect that. So do not complain about queuing! It's part of the fun!

The weekend was intermixed with highlights and I already look forward to next year. But first it is RingCon time in October with loads of vampires. ;-)

Tickets for FedCon can be ordered directly at their website.

Inglorious Basterds Premiere


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