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Inglorious Basterds Premiere

Don't be shy

Due to loading times only a few of the total 80 photographs I took at the Inglorious Basterds Premiere are shown below. Chose from the sub galleries below to see more photographs. Clicking on any of the shown thumbs gets you to the respective subgallery.

Berlin (Germany), July 28th, 2009

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One would have loved to yell at the German actors. Where a Quentin Tarantino and a Brad Pitt started to write autographs at the furthest away corner of the fan mile and proceeded to methodically work through the line, Daniel Brühl and Til Schweiger were very shy to do so. Mr. Schweiger did autographs on the side where he had climbed out of the car but to turn around was obviously impossible. Daniel Brühl literally fled directly to the media although the two girls from Switzerland who are big fans of his stood beside me and my friend, hoping to gain an autograph.

Only Christoph Waltz (and he does not count as German since he is from Austria) wrote calmly away and obviously was happy that fans had called for him, as well. After all, he was awarded best actor at Cannes. Being a cineaste one knows such things.

Always when a big name comes to a movie premiere often the German actors believe that nobody wants them. By no means! Fans come in the most versatile colours and many standing at the barriers are cinema goers or are simply curious because by pure accident they learnt about a movie premiere to take place and are interested in anyone, okay, almost anyone walking the Red Carpet (okay, this time it was grey).

Conclusion; the next time, please look what pictures the fans hold out or what names are called. You are wanted, too!

Both, Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt arrived in a very good mood. Many Quentin Tarantino fans thanked him for his previous works and he answered with a German Yes, Thank you and please while signing autographs and grinning broadly. He only had a street at the Babelsberg Studios named after him. “This is a great honour for me”, he said and gushed about shooting the movie in Germany.

Brad Pitt was like always, at least like I experienced him during the now three movie premieres I attended and where he was as well. Very fan friendly, game to write lots of autographs and ready to throw a little chitchat with the fans. While doing the fan mile he got ordered to do the obligatory group photo shoot only to instantly return to autograph writing where he had stopped.

Steven Gaetchen was funny this time moderating the premiere and to make fun of the fans. Interviews with the Fans could be heard over the speakers, so that everyone actually knew what was being said, and somehow he managed to get all the crazy fans; certainly entertaining for the media but a lot of embarrassment for the rest of the fan community.

When it came to premiere ticket giveaway he had a girl at the microphone yelling into it as if she needed to be heard without using it despite being told several times that screaming was not really necessary. Two tickets went to the two extras who were standing among the fans and who could prove to have been working on the movie. I thought that was very nice of Steven to do so. I only ask myself why those two extras didn’t receive an official invitation as well. The cinema is certainly big enough.

It was once more a good premiere for me. Taking pictures was easy, security left us completely alone, the actors who wanted were very fan friendly and a moderator who included the fans. Fan heart what else do you want?



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