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Amy Adams

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Amy Adams - Born on a Moon Cusp

Amy Adams was born on a moon cusp, a day during which the zodiac sign for the moon switched from Virgo to Libra. Since I do not have Amy Adams' birth time, I do not know which of both is correct. The following interpretation is, thus, not based on Amy Adams' star signs, but on the aspects the planets form with each other.

Amy Adams - Leo Or Not?

The sun sign Leo is ruled by the Sun in its full manifestation. Amy Adams' horoscope is dominated by her sun sign Leo and the Libra. However, instead of its ruler Sun it is Neptune prevailing. Of the ten planets, Sun is the second strongest planet in Amy Adams' horoscope.

Amy Adams possesses a great sense of the arts, has artistic talent and is able to fine-tune her emotional life. She is very sensitive and inspiring. An ingenious human being which shows in humanity, philanthropism, altruism and self-sacrifice. Amy Adams is able to have a healing effect on other people, not necessarily in a medical sense, but people feel good in her company. With her high altruism, Amy Adams conveys the better connection with all that is.

Amy Adams is fun-loving, cordial, open, well-meaning, charming, generous and self-confident. She radiates with magnetism in her aura. Others perceive her as strong and invincible. On a mental level, Amy Adams mostly uses creative energy. In thinking, she possesses the gift to see matters from an overall perspective. Amy Adams believes in the positive outcome of all things. Thoughts are energised and can influence the surroundings quite firmly and she is entirely convinced of them.

On the mental level, Amy Adams possesses the capacity of calmness up to silencing the mind. She thinks openly and just assessing different points of view equally. She is able to put several complex thoughts about each other to see the greater picture. Amy Adams wishes for harmony and is willing to approach others openly. She is ready to compromise and acts in a way where nobody does get hurt. Everybody feels treated fairly. She possesses tact, can mediate, is worldly and able to adapt. Often this energy shows itself in certain hesitation and a dependency on sympathy.

Sensitive, Devoted Ability To Love

Amy Adams possesses a very sensitive nature and looks for magic and devotion that touch the invisible in her relationships. Her intuition and inklings enable her to have a nearly telepathic contact with the people she is connected to in love. Amy Adams senses what is going on with them even if she is spatially separated. She looks at her relationships for levels going far beyond the daily experiences and she has a notion for the tender underlying tones, the unsaid, the atmospheric.

Beauty and music are the nutrition for Amy Adams' soul. Perhaps she uses her artistic talents in a creative way or she is just very receptive to the works others have created. In any case, Amy Adams can create an atmosphere full of beautiful aesthetics. Coarseness and noise do not suit her.

Sometimes, Amy Adams falls in love with dreams she only reluctantly wants to swap with the so-called reality. If she manages to get away from her standard daily life views she will have the talent to implement this dreamlike state and sharpen her awareness in the sense that each situation also always carries a beautiful enchantment.

Amy Adams should play with her imagination and make everything more beautiful with her visions! The reality is a lot more transparent and changeable than she may assume! Vision always stands at the beginning of new creation which is also valid for relationships.

Responsible, Methodical Acting

Amy Adams is very well able to carry out her undertakings in a planned and systematic way. She possesses the view for what is most important and can concentrate on it. As a result, useful results are generated because Amy Adams combines her impulses harmoniously with real conditions. She does not build castles in the air, but stable houses meeting the concrete requirements.

However, Amy Adams does not tackle the task grimly. She just acts one step after the other because she has long-term goals. On the way, Amy Adams allows herself to include inspiring impulses and use them if they serve efficiency.

Practicability and responsibility make Amy Adams a reliable person on whom people can count and one who people draw on. She possesses tenacity and patience and if she adds a little bit of humour and considers her personal needs, too she gets well ahead without losing the joy of life due to too much work. The motto is to combine business with pleasure for Amy Adams bears the consequences for the structures she creates in her life.

Structured Realisation Of New Possibilities

Amy Adams' quest for meaning and her needs for growth and expansion find a harmonious complementation and support in her sense of realism and her ability to give ideas a concrete, supportive structure. She can create a balanced relation of optimistic openness and the concentration on the essential.

When Amy Adams excites about new possibilities and perspectives and gives room to her desire for adventure, she keeps one eye on the concrete conditions and on the aspect of realisation. She does not rush things but acts with calmness and systematization. She combines her energy with seriousness and checks factually her convictions about realisation. Something makes sense to her if it is also useful and efficient.

To find the truth Amy Adams brings up determination and endurance. She does not quickly give in. First, she looks at sweet promises with calmness and checks them about their degree of reality. Her sense of responsibility and the standards she feels obliged to is, on the other hand, not rigid, but connected to idealism and the openness of the possibility of growth.

Amy Adams' building of standards is thus based on living convictions, which she dares to question from time to time. Thus, her way of development receives something organic and at the same time something stable.

Matching with Amy Adams

Your Birth Data
Birth City

Since the birth time for Amy Adams is unknown, this horoscope interpretation does not feature the elements, the motivation, the polarity, the houses, the ascendant and the midheaven. As common, when a birth time is unknown, the calculation is based on 12pm. The birth chart is, thus, also generalised.

To keep Amy Adams' birth horoscope as general as possible (after all a birth horoscope is a very private matter) only some planets & aspects are shown.

You can get your own birth horoscope here.

Midpoints for Amy Adams

Sun & Moon Mars
Amy Adams has a very strong will, is decisive and pursues her goals with vigour. She is very much attracted by the opposite sex.

Sun & Venus Mars
Amy Adams is a very passionate human being and possesses a lot of creative energy.

Sun & Venus Saturn
Amy Adams' seriousness and her sense of obligation regarding relationships is very pronounced. As a result, she is inhibited and shy when it comes to eroticism and the love life. Amy Adams rather accepts dissatisfaction, being alone and is very much restrained when it comes to commit to a partner. She possesses an artistic disposition.

Sun & Mars Pluto
Amy Adams is able to set free enormous energy and she strives for achieving peak performances. The result could be overexertion and recklessness.

Sun & Jupiter Neptune
Amy Adams possesses imagination, idealism and a sense of mysticism and spirituality. She tends to build castles in the sky and gets easily tempted. At times Amy Adams could lose her cool.

Moon & Mars Uranus
Amy Adams possesses a very pronounced will, ambition and decidedness. At the same time, she can be quite impatient and impulsive which leads to emotional outbreaks.

Mercury & Venus Saturn
Amy Adams is very serious and thorough when tackling any subject. She loves to be alone and to ponder and experience everything thoroughly.

Mercury & Jupiter Neptune
Amy Adams has a wealth of imaginative ideas at her disposal and her thinking is marked by her imagination and inspiration. Amy Adams has high hopes and unrealistic expectations.

Venus & Mars Uranus
Amy Adams loves to express her love and sexuality and gets quickly enthusiastic about a potential partner.

Mars & Uranus Neptune
Amy Adams follows her intuition spontaneously and is very well able to put her visions into reality. Her energy may sway from time to time, which makes Amy Adams suddenly weak, ill or lets her fall into a crisis.

Mars & Uranus Pluto
If necessary, Amy Adams is able to develop extraordinary energy to tackle matters. She is strongly independent and loves to face strains and stress, which can make her act recklessly at times.

Midpoints explained

The direct midpoint involves a third celestial body that lies halfway between two others, making them interact with each other.

Sun at 15° Aquarius & Moon at 15° Scorpio. The midpoint is exactly 0° Capricorn. If there is now Mercury occupying this spot you have a direct midpoint linking the energies of the sun, the moon and the mercury with each other.

Birth Chart for Amy Adams

Born: August 20 (birth-year not shown)
Time of Birth: 12:00 (unknown) | Worldtime: 10:00:00 | Startime: 08:43:50

Since the birth time is mandatory to calculate the birth houses and it is unknown for Amy Adams, the birth chart does not include any houses and starts with the first sign of the Zodiac, namely Aries at 0°.

The Natal Wheel for Amy Adams

The Birth Chart Explained

The birth chart reflects all celestial bodies in the sky at the time and place of the horoscope owner's birth.

The calculation of the houses is based on the birth time and starts with the rising sign (the pink-coloured line from the graphic's centre to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. Therefore, a correct birth time is mandatory!

Since Amy Adams' birth time is unknown the birth chart does not show any houses and starts with the first sign of the Zodiac, namely Aries at 0°.