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Chinese Horoscope
Anna Friel

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Anna Friel & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Dragon

Fire-Dragon - The Year Sign

God: Gracious Output
Chinese year sign for Anna Friel is the Fire-Dragon Trust in change. Happiness is with those who do not oppose the flow of life and pursue it with intuition.

Yi (Yin Wood): strong Day Master

Day pillar: Wood-Ox
God: Indirect Wealth
Chinese Day Master for Anna Friel is Wood
Gold On The Seabed

The Yin Wood day master is mounted on the Ox. Anna Friel's universal energy is Weakening.

Anna Friel beams at everything and everyone like a small, friendly sun and thus, provides the rather powerful and egoistic dragon with an attraction that could be called magnetic. Wherever she appears, Anna Friel instantly gains the sympathies of her fellow men. As a partner, too she conveys profound feelings of security and emotional safety. Caring and with great devotion Anna Friel stands by her partner. A career in a pedagogical field would suit her wonderfully since she is able to combine sound principles with warm cordiality.

Anna Friel is ambitious, goal-oriented, disciplined and oozes high strength. Anna Friel's volition can move mountains because she is inspired and down to earth at the same time. However, it becomes unpleasant when it comes to confrontation. You ought not to rattle her principles and should never question her opinions. If you do, it is the best guarantee to make your life hell at her side.

Anna Friel can be creative, is social and expresses very well, just not when it is about her feelings. Those, Anna Friel attempts to hide. She is profound and does not like to reveal herself which makes it difficult to understand her. Otherwise, Anna Friel is honest, trustworthy, loyal and generous, inquisitive, practical and factual.

Anna Friel only has a few close friends and often does not feel at par. Pressure is not a problem for her, but she is also capable of exploding. Anna Friel tends to keep issues to herself but can put the ideas of others into reality quite well.

Although the Anna Friel is creative, she does not follow the newest trends. She can transform the traditional and adapt it to changed circumstances.Anna Friel works a lot and can master challenging tasks. Since she is patient and persistent and does not care about obstacles Anna Friel makes a good leader.

Anna Friel has the tendency to hypochondriac actions and that not just in a health regard. She lives of her surroundings' energy, can be demanding in relationships and must sometimes be reminded that giving and taking should be equal. If her egotism does not run away with her, Anna Friel is a sensitive human being who also carefully and consistently works on her professional success.


Do You Match With Anna Friel?

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Anna Friel's BAZI (Four Pillars Of Destiny) Chart

Forget all about the Chinese Year sign you are born in. It doesn't say much about you. Chinese astrology is much more complex!

The following table lists the heavenly stems and earth branches of Anna Friel's BAZI chart at her birth. The day master (DM), first row of the day pillar, is the self-element. It represents the me, the key from which all stems and branches receive their strength. That makes Anna Friel a Yin Wood summer person. Wood is weak in summer.

However, the day master's strength can differ from the element's season strength. The reason is the interactions of the stems and earth branches with each other. Depending on the season and type of element interaction the elements can further, control or harm each other. They can also clash.

To make those element interactions graspable, there are 10 gods; 7 Killings (7K), Direct Officer (DO), Indirect Wealth (IW), Direct Wealth (DW), Indirect Resource (IR), Direct Resource (DR), Friend (F), Rob Wealth (RW), Eating God (EG) and Hurting Officer (HO).

I'm working on a Chinese Metaphysics blog which is not online yet. In the future all of the above will be explained into depth, so you will be able to understand the meanings. For now, you find the gods for Anna Friel listed in the respective table cells.

Anna Friel's BAZI Birth Chart
Yin Wood
Anna Friel's Chinese Day Sign is the 1-2
Yin Earth
Yin Water
Yin Metal
Yin Wood
Anna Friel's Chinese Month Sign is the 1-8
Yin Earth
Yin Fire
Yin Wood
Yang Fire
Anna Friel's Chinese Year Sign is the 2-5
Yang Earth
Yin Wood
Yin Water
Yang Metal
Anna Friel's current 10-Year luck is the Tiger
Yang Wood
Yang Fire
Yang Earth
Yin Earth
annual luck for 2019 is the Pig
Yang Water
Yang Wood


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate to your parents.

The Day Pillar provides information about your relationship with your spouse or partner.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.