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Chinese Horoscope
BooBoo Stewart

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BooBoo Stewart & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Rooster

Water-Rooster - The Year Sign

God: Slanted Seal
Chinese year sign for BooBoo Stewart is the Water-Rooster Only in the tight basic nature you find the safety that opens the door to wisdom. Trust in yourself and your path.

Ding (Yin Fire): very weak Day Master

Day pillar: Fire-Goat
God: Gracious Output
Chinese Day Master for BooBoo Stewart is Fire
Water Of The Milky Way

The Yin-Fire day master is mounted on the Goat. BooBoo Stewart's universal energy is Hat & Belt.

BooBoo Stewart is nearly never in a bad mood because his thinking is mainly directed to positive matters and driven by a pronounced urge for change. All that happens, he manages quickly and playfully with the unshakable belief, that all things will have a good outcome. Diligence, ambitiousness paired with a high sense of risk distinguish him. The fascination this eloquent, sympathetic type oozes is breath-taking. BooBoo Stewart being never short of a story is a given since he has experienced so much. BooBoo Stewart is just an attractive, entertaining human being.

BooBoo Stewart's sunny, warm and fun-loving nature supports all of those traits making him the beloved magnet of any gathering. As a loving and pleasant person, he has an impact on the consciences of his fellow men. However, he does by far not talk as much as one would expect from a Rooster. Instead, BooBoo Stewart is an attentive listener whose sensitive questions and empathy has a harmonising and calming effect on others. Yet, he shies away from getting fixated on anything. In his decisions, BooBoo Stewart is inconsistent but very tough in his endurance. Thus, he prefers to be guided because he just hates making decisions.

Striving for fame and honour, BooBoo Stewart is humorous and popular, charismatic, mentally agile, communicative and fond of travelling. Despite being popular he has only a few close friends and sometimes does not feel at par. He is interested in new trends and fashion and is active, dynamic, protective, seductive, beautiful, humble and patient.

BooBoo Stewart does not show feelings but loves children and nature. Possess a sharp mind, he should use it to be successful in the fitting profession (i.e. lawyer). He must not use tactics because that would disturb his personal development. If the frustration has become high enough, BooBoo Stewart gets angry. He is interested in music, the arts, literature as well as group activities. The family is important to him, and he does everything to make family life as comfortable as possible.

BooBoo Stewart wants to enjoy life, is sensitive and needs the support of his beloved ones. Since he is insecure, he always wants to look good and make a good impression as a compensation measure. Often BooBoo Stewart acts after the own well-defined rules which make him not an ideal partner for a strong person although usually he helps and promotes the partner.

BooBoo Stewart confuses others with his unusual manner to tackle things. He oozes eccentricity, is always good for a surprise and does not quickly get pressed into a corset. With the most people, he gets wonderfully along and since he can be proud of his achievements, he also does not suffer from unnecessary inferior complexes. BooBoo Stewart needs a demanding work at which he can deal with people in unusual situations. Here, he can use his abilities the best and the happiest.


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BooBoo Stewart's BAZI (Four Pillars Of Destiny) Chart

Forget all about the Chinese Year sign you are born in. It doesn't say much about you. Chinese astrology is much more complex!

The following table lists the heavenly stems and earth branches of BooBoo Stewart's BAZI chart at his birth. The day master (DM), first row of the day pillar, is the self-element. It represents the me, the key from which all stems and branches receive their strength. That makes BooBoo Stewart a Yin Fire winter person. Fire is dead in winter.

However, the day master's strength can differ from the element's season strength. The reason is the interactions of the stems and earth branches with each other. Depending on the season and type of element interaction the elements can further, control or harm each other. They can also clash.

To make those element interactions graspable, there are 10 gods; 7 Killings (7K), Direct Officer (DO), Indirect Wealth (IW), Direct Wealth (DW), Indirect Resource (IR), Direct Resource (DR), Friend (F), Rob Wealth (RW), Eating God (EG) and Hurting Officer (HO).

I'm working on a Chinese Metaphysics blog which is not online yet. In the future all of the above will be explained into depth, so you will be able to understand the meanings. For now, you find the gods for BooBoo Stewart listed in the respective table cells.

BooBoo Stewart's BAZI Birth Chart
Yin Fire
BooBoo Stewart's Chinese Day Sign is the 2-8
Yin Earth
Yin Fire
Yin Wood
Yin Wood
BooBoo Stewart's Chinese Month Sign is the 1-2
Yin Earth
Yin Water
Yin Metal
Yin Water
BooBoo Stewart's Chinese Year Sign is the 5-10
Yin Metal
Yang Water
BooBoo Stewart's current 10-Year luck is the Dog
Yang Earth
Yin Metal
Yin Fire
Yin Earth
annual luck for 2019 is the Pig
Yang Water
Yang Wood


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate to your parents.

The Day Pillar provides information about your relationship with your spouse or partner.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.