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Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt - Sagittarius Or Not?

The sun sign Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter in its full manifestation. Brad Pitt's horoscope is neither dominated by his sun sign's ruler Jupiter, nor by his sun sign Sagittarius. Instead it is the Venus and the Capricorn prevailing. Of the ten planets, Jupiter is the second strongest planet in Brad Pitt's horoscope. The Sagittarius is his fourth strongest out of the 12 zodiac signs.

Brad Pitt possesses the ability to love and to enter relationships to both the own person and other people. He has a desire for harmony and loves the beautiful things in his life. He is able to unify contrasts and to create peace. Brad Pitt radiates with sympathy, charm, friendliness, eroticism, grace, tact, style, aesthetics and thankfulness.

Brad Pitt values the precise assessment of effort and cost that has to be performed for certain achievement. He possesses endurance, humility, self-discipline, consequence, reliability and a sense of responsibility when it comes to the world of feelings. Good habits can manifest and give him fortitude. Generally Brad Pitt acts in a very practical and controlled way. There is barely anything that could get him down. He is also willing to accept detours if that is the only possibility to realise the goals he strive for. Brad Pitt should pay attention not to overdo the responsibility and put himself under constant pressure to achieve. Sometimes it is cleverer to ask for help and if a plan is not doable he should let it go.

Innovative, Group Orientated Impulses For Action

Brad Pitt possesses a relaxed manner to take the initiative and to tackle matters. His strivings for freedom and independence are harmoniously connected to his impulses for action. As a result, he creates a generous playground for his own actions and invites others to unfold within or take their own room, too.

Teamwork is Brad Pitt's thing. He can integrate his own will into the purposes and undertakings of a group he feels connected to. He desires to try out new kinds of togetherness and working together where everybody supports each other with the respective abilities. Brad Pitt is committed to the idea of networking no matter what type and makes the most diverse contacts for the benefit of all involved. Without effort, he breaks through old, conventional structures and gets to a new sense of community which rests on equality and the free, individual unfolding.

Brad Pitt's original ideas can be casually implemented and he finds unusual solutions for problems since he just pushes typical thought patterns and gets to a subordinate view of relations. He is able to pioneer a new model of freedom and, as a result, helps the overall conscience to make a quantum leap forward.

Tender And Caring Need For Love

Brad Pitt's emotional warmth and kindness are dearly connected to each other. He is very empathetic and deals sensitively and diplomatically with the feelings of other people. This is a very pleasant feature making him quickly popular.

However, it is much easier for him to express nice and positive feelings than to have a look at his dark emotions. Brad Pitt lays out much reliability and the readiness to adapt and to compromise to not disturb the emotional peace. Thus, he cuts off his other feelings. He does not dare to be sad or angry. Everything must be polished to a harmonious shining. Brad Pitt's emotional life and his relationships stand therefore on slightly clay feet.

Brad Pitt can get out of this dilemma by starting to have a look at his real feelings and to express them in a balanced manner. It is not necessary to have a fit of rage and to shatter all the cups. He simply can say that he is angry or sad. That does not take away from a good relationship. Quite to the contrary, it receives a real base on which he can live with all he is.

Intuitive Thinking And Communicating

Brad Pitt's imagination and his sensitivity fertilise his thoughts in a creative way. He not only possesses the access to the logical, rational mind but also to the barely perceivable levels of perception which are opened to him by his intuition. Brad Pitt's concrete thoughts and inklings go hand in hand and build a beautiful and new unit. He perceives the nuances in everything and feels what is said without words.

In communication with other people, Brad Pitt is rather sensitive and nearly mediumistic. Without words, he senses what the other inwardly deals with. The more he listens to his intuition, his inner voice, the more Brad Pitt hits the mark because he looks behind the defences with which some defend or hide fears and sensitivities.

Brad Pitt possesses the ability of visionary thinking with which he can create alternative realities. With his imagination he should try to step beyond the bare and current reality and allow for playing creatively with new possibilities. Brad Pitt's common sense protects him from illusionary, wishful thinking and self-deception by looking at the real things.

If Brad Pitt makes it his servant he is well advised but if he lets it be the master, it will limit him to the usual and ordinary. He should trust his intuition because all new things start with imagination!

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To keep Brad Pitt's birth horoscope as general as possible (after all a birth horoscope is a very private matter) only some planets & aspects are shown.

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Elements for Brad Pitt

Percentage of Elements

Brad Pitt shows a direct and spontaneous reaction towards events before the situation has been inwardly recognised. Therefore, he may be perceived as some type of steamroller. However, on the other hand, Brad Pitt is very much capable to wonderfully combine his creativity with productivity.

Brad Pitt is the embodiment of the doer philosophy and still works when others have already given in. Strongly vital and in younger years, often physical very healthy and resilient, Brad Pitt is alone most of the time happier than with a partner, since he wants and can meet all demands of the outside world.

Brad Pitt must learn to turn towards the more subtle levels of life in order not to get stuck in extraversions (exclusive interest in outer objects), which could also serve as compensation mechanism.

Brad Pitt is impulsive since his planets in the fire signs outweigh the ones in the air signs.

He is also down to earth since his planets in the earth signs outweigh the ones in the water signs. His polarity is negative and manifests in a contracting dynamic, excitement and passivity.

Elements Explained

Each of the star signs also correspond to one of the elements fire, water, air & earth, to the fixed, mutable & cardinal motivation and to activeness and passiveness. They are organized into groups according to their alignment in the zodiac.

Fire: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

A dominating element can be softened by other horoscope factors, all depending on how strong or weak they are in the birth chart.

Midpoints for Brad Pitt

Sun & Moon Mars
Brad Pitt has a very strong will, is decisive and pursues his goals with vigour. He is very much attracted by the opposite sex.

Sun & Moon Saturn
Brad Pitt sense of obligation is very pronounced and he shows endurance and seriousness when pursuing a goal. His relationships may not run smoothly due to probable inhibitions and inferiority feelings.

Sun & Venus Mars
Brad Pitt is a very passionate human being and possesses a lot of creative energy.

Sun & Venus Saturn
Brad Pitt's seriousness and his sense of obligation regarding relationships is very pronounced. As a result, he is inhibited and shy when it comes to eroticism and the love life. Brad Pitt rather accepts dissatisfaction, being alone and is very much restrained when it comes to commit to a partner. He possesses an artistic disposition.

Sun & Mars Ascendant
Brad Pitt's personality is energetic. Most of the time, he approaches the world with a combative attitude and knows how to assert. Brad Pitt loves to work together with others, but there is also commotion and arguing.

Moon & Mercury Mars
Brad Pitt's thinking is guided by his feelings. He acts decisively and is quickly enthused. Brad Pitt must be careful for the latter not leading to permanent nervousness.

Moon & Uranus Neptune
There are deeply hidden problems, which often cannot be determined and which may have the cause in prenatal traumata. At times Brad Pitt is like dazed and pursues unclear goals, which exhaust him quickly. Brad Pitt possesses a sense of perceiving the finest vibes and is very much interested in mysticism and marginal fields of science.

Mercury & Venus Mars
Brad Pitt possesses a lot of creative energy and passion and loves the aesthetical things in life. When it comes to love, Brad Pitt quickly makes decisions and he is also very much influenced by sexuality and love in his thinking. There may be quarrels and arguing when it comes to love.

Mercury & Saturn Ascendant
Brad Pitt is of a restrained, introvert nature and thinks thoroughly before he acts. His contact with his surroundings is not always easy for Brad Pitt and other people may cause difficulties for him as well. Brad Pitt likes to retreat when the hustle and bustle of the world becomes too much.

Venus & Uranus Neptune
Brad Pitt has an infatuated idea of love and relationship and perhaps even unusual sexual fantasies or sexual practices. He gets easily influenced and seduced, but, yet, his strong longing for love remains most of the time unfulfilled. The disappointment could make him want to stay alone. Brad Pitt rather foregoes love before he gets hurt again.

Jupiter & Saturn Pluto
Brad Pitt possesses enormous stamina and goes out of his way to achieve his goals. Brad Pitt faces difficulties when it comes to his own unfolding, which causes a lack of success in the experience for him. Brad Pitt loves simplicity and is willing to sacrifice himself.

Neptune & Pluto LunarNode
Brad Pitt makes unusual experiences with other people and has a lot of difficulties when living together with a partner. There may be phoniness or disappointment when it comes to relationships.

Midpoints explained

The direct midpoint involves a third celestial body that lies halfway between two others, making them interact with each other.

Sun at 15° Aquarius & Moon at 15° Scorpio. The midpoint is exactly 0° Capricorn. If there is now Mercury occupying this spot you have a direct midpoint linking the energies of the sun, the moon and the mercury with each other.

Birth Chart for Brad Pitt

Born: December 18 (birth-year not shown)
Time of Birth: 06:31 | Worldtime: 12:31:00 | Startime: 11:48:52

The Natal Wheel for Brad Pitt

The Birth Chart Explained

The birth chart reflects all celestial bodies in the sky at the time and place of the horoscope owner's birth.

The calculation of the houses is based on the birth time and starts with the rising sign (the pink-coloured line from the graphic's centre to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. Therefore, a correct birth time is mandatory!