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Chinese Horoscope
Brian Tarantina

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Brian Tarantina & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Pig

Earth-Pig - The Year Sign

Direct Wealth
Chinese year sign for Brian Tarantina is the Earth-Pig If clarity is missing, ten thousand things are not at their place, confusion takes over the heart and the mind.

Earth-Monkey - The weak Day Master

Gracious Output
Chinese Day Master for Brian Tarantina is the Earth-Monkey
Earth Of The Road Foundation

The Yang-Earth day master is mounted on the Monkey. Brian Tarantina's universal energy is Illness.

Brian Tarantina has a talent for craftsmanship and is vocally and mentally gifted. He is a good listener and is able to very well talk himself out of hairy situations. He always worries about others but nearly never about himself. Being slower than other people he is constant and consequent and does not waste time with big plans. He just deals with the real world. Maybe that is why he is very much interested in real estate.

Brian Tarantina is able to organise and manage very well, concentrates on the practical and is persistent in the realisation of his goals, although he lacks flexibility and has to do everything one step after the other. Outwardly Brian Tarantina does not show his emotional side but he is sensitive and expects agreement.

Change is easily managed by him if it happens slowly and not rashly. Brian Tarantina is fair, incredibly stubborn, faithful, reliable, persistent, tough, traditional, conservative, practical and he likes to collect. To keep the peace, Brian Tarantina does not always tell the full truth.

His creativeness helps him to find solutions for the daily problems, but he lacks staying powers because he possesses a low self-esteem. Therefore, Brian Tarantina needs a suitable partner to become successful. Charming and optimistic Brian Tarantina wants to enjoy life but he has to take extra caution of addictions and treat carefully with alcohol and gambling.

Brian Tarantina possesses a powerful and imposing demeanour which enables him to put other people directly under his spell. A bit of arrogance he may ooze since he claims a priori bigger rights than he grants. Particularly challenging it becomes when you threaten his independence. Expect a fierce reaction! All in all, Brian Tarantina possesses an enormous happy, lively and passionate nature. With much optimism, he is always on the quest for new, existential experiences. That he sees much, you can quickly believe.

Brian Tarantina belongs to the eternal children, innocent and with wide open eyes and ears. He is kind-hearted and a bit naïve, cut from the same cloth as the real fool Percival. His strength is mostly unknown to him. Others like him and forgive him when he gets tempted to mischief or indiscretion, and he has many friends. He likes sex, romance is no foreign word to him, only a sense of responsibility will never be his strength.

Agile and always on the leap, blessed with brilliant intelligence but also a significant portion of calculus, Brian Tarantina moves through life. His great mental flexibility, his talent to perceive complex connections lightning fast, get him quickly up on the career ladder. A bit problematic is his volatility. Therefore, he needs much internal discipline for his talents to show. Those are available in abundance and would enable Brian Tarantina with any kind of career.


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The Important Role Of The Elements

The elements and respective signs by the teachings of Bazi Suan Ming give a more complete analysis of a person than the normally known only chinese year sign. In Bazi Suan Ming ("Four Pillars of Destiny = eight signs") the day sign is the one that represents the me, and thus the key personality of a person. Of course the interaction between the elements and signs play also a significant role. Going into the depth of how to calculate those elements and how they interact with each other would go a step too far on this page. Only a person can be defined by his or her 8 elements which are represented by four heavenly stems and four earth branches. The earth branches consist of one of the animal signs which in themselves also represent an element.

Each element (each phase) in the chart represents a specific person and your path in life. An optimal balanced element chart features each of the elements in the same strength, which of course, is seldomly the case. The interaction of the heavenly stems among each other as well as with the earth branches can create more elements.

Brian Tarantina's Heavenly Stem & Earth Branches
Element LevelHourDayMonthYear10Y-Luck
Heavenly StemYang EarthYin FireYin EarthYin Metal
Earth BranchBrian Tarantina's Chinese Day Sign is the Earth-MonkeyBrian Tarantina's Chinese Month Sign is the Fire-RabbitBrian Tarantina's Chinese Year Sign is the Earth-PigBrian Tarantina's Chinese 10-Year-Luck Sign is the Metal-Rooster
Hidden DominatingYang MetalYin WoodYang WaterYin Metal
Hidden RemainingYang WaterYang Wood
Treasure ChestYang Earth
Brian Tarantina's Element Distribution & Strength

As you see, I do not have Brian Tarantina's birth time, which makes the element analysis incomplete and unclear. Thus, the real strength for each of the elements cannot finally be calculated.


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate with parents.

The Day Pillar provides information on your relationship with your spouse or partner - whereas the Day Stem (the upper sign) is considered your "Self-Element" as it represents you within the chart.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.