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Chinese Horoscope
Christian Serratos

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Christian Serratos & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Horse

Metal-Horse - The Year Sign

Direct Power
Chinese year sign for Christian Serratos is the Metal-Horse Courageous progressing clears the path. To speak up without being selfish leads to the true self. The path becomes free.

Earth-Ox - The strong Day Master

Indirect Power
Chinese Day Master for Christian Serratos is the Earth-Ox

The Yin-Earth day master is mounted on the Ox. Christian Serratos' universal energy is Grave.

Christian Serratos is kept from many rash decisions by her grounding. Her willingness to take risks is noticeably limited, and before she is tempted by anything, she will check everything thoroughly if the effort is worth it. In an ideal case, Christian Serratos combines speed, courage and tenacity. Yet, it is not always as harmonious because she combines many contradictions. While loving her freedom, Christian Serratos seeks the bondage at the same time.

Christian Serratos has many situations wonderfully under control. She perceives them, analyses them and forms a theory with which help she explains them to deal with them. Her sharp intellect provides her also with a good portion of dosage when dealing with others. The persons she deems unworthy of her attention, have no chance. When she loves, she will be faithful forever. She is not taken for a fool. However, it may take a while before Christian Serratos finds out whether her efforts are worthwhile or not.

Christian Serratos is a tad vain and loves to bathe in the praise and acknowledgement of her fellow men. Yet, it does not take away from her lovingness, particularly as she is always perceptive to the concerns of others. A bit problematic, however, is her inner life. Sometimes, she feels drawn between daring enthusiasm and the urge to create stable circumstances. At times, Christian Serratos works by a large pedantry seeking its own, at other times she throws herself into projects without future. Christian Serratos is much more committed than other horses and feels attached to single family members with loving care. She does not exclusively demand her personal freedom.

Christian Serratos tends to worry about others but not about herself and is slower than other people but the more stable and consequent. She does not waste time with big plans but deals with the real world. She is an excellent manager and organiser.

Christian Serratos could possess a peevish nature and easily explode but also quickly calm down. You can trust her. Her focus lies on practicability because she is not flexible and cannot do several things at the same time. She is not emotional but sensitive and expects agreement. Sudden change disturbs her whereas slow change is managed quite well.

She is reliable, steadfast, faithful, persistent, robust, traditional, conservative and practical and likes to collect. As a continuing worker Christian Serratos prefers tested methods and brings projects ahead with her patience and persistence. She believes in herself and is most of the time introvert. She likes to be indoors.


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The Important Role Of The Elements

The elements and respective signs by the teachings of Bazi Suan Ming give a more complete analysis of a person than the normally known only chinese year sign. In Bazi Suan Ming ("Four Pillars of Destiny = eight signs") the day sign is the one that represents the me, and thus the key personality of a person. Of course the interaction between the elements and signs play also a significant role. Going into the depth of how to calculate those elements and how they interact with each other would go a step too far on this page. Only a person can be defined by his or her 8 elements which are represented by four heavenly stems and four earth branches. The earth branches consist of one of the animal signs which in themselves also represent an element.

Each element (each phase) in the chart represents a specific person and your path in life. An optimal balanced element chart features each of the elements in the same strength, which of course, is seldomly the case. The interaction of the heavenly stems among each other as well as with the earth branches can create more elements.

Christian Serratos' Heavenly Stem & Earth Branches
Element LevelHourDayMonthYear10Y-Luck
Heavenly StemYin EarthYin WoodYang MetalYang Water
Earth BranchChristian Serratos' Chinese Day Sign is the Earth-OxChristian Serratos' Chinese Month Sign is the Wood-RoosterChristian Serratos' Chinese Year Sign is the Metal-HorseChristian Serratos' Chinese 10-Year-Luck Sign is the Water-Horse
Hidden DominatingYin EarthYin MetalYin FireYin Fire
Hidden RemainingYin WaterYin EarthYin Earth
Treasure ChestYin Metal
Christian Serratos' Element Distribution & Strength

As you see, I do not have Christian Serratos' birth time, which makes the element analysis incomplete and unclear. Thus, the real strength for each of the elements cannot finally be calculated.


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate with parents.

The Day Pillar provides information on your relationship with your spouse or partner - whereas the Day Stem (the upper sign) is considered your "Self-Element" as it represents you within the chart.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.