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Chinese Horoscope
Colleen Flynn

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Colleen Flynn & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Tiger

Water-Tiger - The Year Sign

God: Gracious Output
Chinese year sign for Colleen Flynn is the Water-Tiger Carefully pursue your true desires. The joy you carry in your heart guides you like a wise teacher to your goal.

Xin (Yin Metal): weak Day Master

Day pillar: Metal-Rooster
God: Friendly Parallel
Chinese Day Master for Colleen Flynn is Metal
Wood Of The Pomegranate

The Yin-Metal day master is mounted on the Rooster. Colleen Flynn's universal energy is Proposal Of Luck.

Colleen Flynn will take all hurdles on her way because she possesses double energy. Wild, free and independent she cannot be slowed down in her optimistic drive. No day is like the other, and no goal is too high. Colleen Flynn will never be convinced by reasonable advice. Whatever she must do, she does and if she fails it is not the end of the world because Colleen Flynn may fail ever so often, she would never stop to hope cheerfully for the best in the future.

Colleen Flynn lives of the abundance of the moment. Her drive and spirit, her cheerfulness and good mood are proverbial. Only rarely you find her in a bad mood. Everything she manages easily and playfully and if she should run a streak of bad luck, she will always find a way out. Whatever had been yesterday does not count for Colleen Flynn because today is the day to be lived. This positive energy makes Colleen Flynn quite popular with her fellow men. She only becomes stubborn when someone wants to take away her independence.

Colleen Flynn represents the emotional nature of mankind, is socially engaged and brave. She possesses a business sense and should concentrate on the fine arts. As a keen observer, she is unbiased and precise in her actions. Colleen Flynn has a sense of details, is a good host and entertainer. With her ambition, she is very much interested in the fruits of her success, fame and leadership, she wants to gain with the drive. While following her goals, Colleen Flynn is focused, emotional, intuitive and acts confidentially using her inner voice as a deciding factor, no matter whether it is right or wrong.

Colleen Flynn does not show her feelings and does not talk about her problems but is able to motivate others and lead them to success. Sadness, justice, truth, ruefulness and yearning may define her life. But she is also gentle, moderate, intelligent and possesses a moral perception. She loves company, is active, future-oriented, sensitive and mentally interested.

Blows of fate hit her very hard. She is stable, reliable, honourable, artistic and feminine with a personal firmness and determination. Once Colleen Flynn has accepted someone as a friend, she will do anything to stand at her friend's side. Outwardly she presents herself as strong and hides her personal weaknesses and real self behind an appealing appearance since she thinks that is the way to be loved and admired.

Colleen Flynn can absolute be the party lion. Always, she needs the alternation let it be of an intellectual or erotic kind, is an excellent customer at tourist agencies and furnishing stores and is fair and loveable. Without any problems, she manages to enthuse others with her ideas or her person and thus, will always land on her feet. Nothing for individuals in need of rest.


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Colleen Flynn's BAZI (Four Pillars Of Destiny) Chart

Forget all about the Chinese Year sign you are born in. It doesn't say much about you. Chinese astrology is much more complex!

The following table lists the heavenly stems and earth branches of Colleen Flynn's BAZI chart at her birth. The day master (DM), first row of the day pillar, is the self-element. It represents the me, the key from which all stems and branches receive their strength. That makes Colleen Flynn a Yin Metal summer person. Metal is dead in summer.

However, the day master's strength can differ from the element's season strength. The reason is the interactions of the stems and earth branches with each other. Depending on the season and type of element interaction the elements can further, control or harm each other. They can also clash.

To make those element interactions graspable, there are 10 gods; 7 Killings (7K), Direct Officer (DO), Indirect Wealth (IW), Direct Wealth (DW), Indirect Resource (IR), Direct Resource (DR), Friend (F), Rob Wealth (RW), Eating God (EG) and Hurting Officer (HO).

I'm working on a Chinese Metaphysics blog which is not online yet. In the future all of the above will be explained into depth, so you will be able to understand the meanings. For now, you find the gods for Colleen Flynn listed in the respective table cells.

Colleen Flynn's BAZI Birth Chart
Yin Metal
Colleen Flynn's Chinese Day Sign is the 4-10
Yin Metal
Yin Wood
Colleen Flynn's Chinese Month Sign is the 1-6
Yang Fire
Yang Earth
Yang Metal
Yang Water
Colleen Flynn's Chinese Year Sign is the 5-3
Yang Wood
Yang Fire
Yang Earth
Yin Earth
Colleen Flynn's current 10-Year luck is the Pig
Yang Water
Yang Wood
Yin Metal
annual luck for 2021 is the Ox
Yin Earth
Yin Water
Yin Metal


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate to your parents.

The Day Pillar provides information about your relationship with your spouse or partner.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.