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Eric Bana

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Eric Bana Birth Horoscopes

Eric Bana

Eric Bana was born on a Friday. The Leo is his star sign. The Monkey with the element Earth is Eric Bana's chinese year sign and his life path is the number 5.

Eric Bana's Leo horoscope

Eric Bana's emotional state of mind is connected to certain seriousness towards life. Therefore, it is perhaps hard for him to allow cheerful and happy moods. On the other hand, he does not treat feelings inconsiderately and superficially but seriously and responsibly. ... continue reading

Eric Bana's Earth-Monkey Horocope

Eric Bana needs the feeling to be powerful and thus, must decide all things alone. To influence him makes no sense. He reacts quite emotionally when he likes someone. ... continue reading

Eric Bana's Numerology-Report

Eric Bana is a notable leader personality with a high need for security and a sense of justice and spiritual development. To plan and organise are the strengths of him. As in any meeting this numerology-type values continuity and steadfastness also in love and relationships. The holiday is equally planned as a conference business. ... continue reading

Primary Biorhythm Chart for Eric Bana

Eric Bana's Primary BiorhythmPhysical 87 % Biorhythm Physical Sunny DayEmotional 29 % Biorhythm Emotional Cloudy DayIntellectual 85 % Biorhythm Intellectual Sunny DayIntuitive 87 % Biorhythm Intuitive Sunny DayOverall 72 % Biorhythm Primary Overall Overcast Day

Matching with Eric Bana

Your Birth Data

Biorhythm Explained

Our biorhythm starts with the day of our birth and is repeated in particular cycles in an up-and-down curve until our death. The upper half (above zero level) is the active phase. The one below zero is the passive phase.

The focus should indeed be put on words "active" and "passive" since none of the two halves is either good or bad.

The days where the rhythm changes from active to passive and vice versa are the critical days. During that time, the abilities associated with the curves are unstable.

You should be very careful on those days. Accidents may occur and they are also not good for exams, to sign contracts and the likes. The typical three primary curves are the physical cycle (red), the emotional cycle (green) and the intellectual cycle (blue).

Eric Bana Work

Deliver Us from Evil
Star Trek
Black Hawk Down

Deliver Us from Evil Eric Bana as Sarchie

The New York City police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of alarming and familiar acts of violence. A priest seeks his contact and suggests a diabolic background as the cause of the deeds, but Sarchie does not believe in ghost stories. Until he meets the veteran Santino, who had experienced in a subterranean chamber something that nearly had cost him his mind.


Note: The religiously interspersed horror thriller is loosely based on the book "Beware the Night" by the former New York police officer Ralph Sarchie, who writes about his experiences as an exorcist and demonologist.


The listed work of Eric Bana on this page makes no claim of being exhaustive. Especially television series are a constant work in progress, even if they are no longer on the air. I took the information from DVD opening and end credits and not from sources on the internet.