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Henry Winkler

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Henry Winkler & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Rooster

Wood-Rooster - The Year Sign

God: Indirect Power
Chinese year sign for Henry Winkler is the Wood-Rooster If you like yourself too much, you seldom appeal. The appearance only blinds those who are naive - the true being is what gets lost.

Ren (Yang Water): weak Day Master

Day pillar: Water-Monkey
God: Slanted Seal
Chinese Day Master for Henry Winkler is Water
Metal Of The Sharp Blade

The Yang-Water day master is mounted on the Monkey. Henry Winkler's universal energy is Growth & Flourish.

Henry Winkler's ability to adapt is not particularly pronounced, although he makes his victorious call to be heard. With all bonhomie and tolerance, he is a great individualist who does not like interference in his personal matters. Henry Winkler is an emotional, passionate type and can barely withhold his feelings. All that moves him, Henry Winkler must talk about instantly. He is a generous, individualistic but also very philosophical human being. Despite all the uncompromisingness, Henry Winkler appears very attractive to his fellow men and probably has an enormous and diverse circle of acquaintances.

Henry Winkler is an extremely colourful and cheerful human being, who oozes vitality. He also possesses the tendency to be very open. To confide in Henry Winkler means, therefore that the message has made the rounds within the shortest of time. In this regard, he acts like a talking drum. But because he has so many loving traits, his popularity will not suffer from that. It is crucial for Henry Winkler to find a middle path between his impulsiveness and the tendency to concentrate on details too pedantically.

Henry Winkler communicates very well whereas he often prefers the indirect manner but is also able to intervene with a sharp tongue and skilled speech. He appears very well clothed and presents himself well. He trusts his intuition and uses flexibility and endurance to be successful.

Henry Winkler is able to motivate himself and he wants to communicate. Possessing a sharp mind, he is able to combine and argue quite well. Henry Winkler's perception is extraordinary, and he can make a career quite fast because he tackles tasks with a passion. Henry Winkler wants an emphasised position. He is able to talk himself out of things and is a good listener. To save the peace he does not always tell the truth. Charming, optimistic and adventurous Henry Winkler always appears a bit cold.

With his imaginativeness and creativity Henry Winkler produces surprising solutions for the daily life's problems, but he lacks staying powers. He influences others emotionally and is as well easily affected. Often Henry Winkler is restless and moody. Henry Winkler could have a well sounding voice and possesses a craftsmanly talent. To be successful, he needs a suitable partner. He also has to watch addiction. Drugs, alcohol and gambling could be dangerous to him.

Henry Winkler is aware of his power and wants to be noticed and win on all levels. He rules the chicken-run also by combining sex with power but his hens will never be bored. A grand master of endurance he is not, but successful when it comes to achieving something with much effort. That, what he says mostly makes sense and what he cannot reach with wit and repartee, he manages with his spur.


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Henry Winkler's BAZI (Four Pillars Of Destiny) Chart

Forget all about the Chinese Year sign you are born in. It doesn't say much about you. Chinese astrology is much more complex!

The following table lists the heavenly stems and earth branches of Henry Winkler's BAZI chart at his birth. The day master (DM), first row of the day pillar, is the self-element. It represents the me, the key from which all stems and branches receive their strength. That makes Henry Winkler a Yang Water autumn person. Water is strong in autumn.

However, the day master's strength can differ from the element's season strength. The reason is the interactions of the stems and earth branches with each other. Depending on the season and type of element interaction the elements can further, control or harm each other. They can also clash.

To make those element interactions graspable, there are 10 gods; 7 Killings (7K), Direct Officer (DO), Indirect Wealth (IW), Direct Wealth (DW), Indirect Resource (IR), Direct Resource (DR), Friend (F), Rob Wealth (RW), Eating God (EG) and Hurting Officer (HO).

I'm working on a Chinese Metaphysics blog which is not online yet. In the future all of the above will be explained into depth, so you will be able to understand the meanings. For now, you find the gods for Henry Winkler listed in the respective table cells.

Henry Winkler's BAZI Birth Chart
Yang Fire
Henry Winkler's Chinese Hour Sign is the 2-7
Yin Fire
Yin Earth
Yang Water
Henry Winkler's Chinese Day Sign is the 5-9
Yang Metal
Yang Water
Yang Earth
Yang Fire
Henry Winkler's Chinese Month Sign is the 2-11
Yang Earth
Yin Metal
Yin Fire
Yin Wood
Henry Winkler's Chinese Year Sign is the 1-10
Yin Metal
Yin Earth
Henry Winkler's current 10-Year luck is the Rabbit
Yin Wood
Yin Earth
annual luck for 2019 is the Pig
Yang Water
Yang Wood


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate to your parents.

The Day Pillar provides information about your relationship with your spouse or partner.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.