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Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Leo Or Not?

The sun sign Leo is ruled by the Sun in its full manifestation. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' horoscope is dominated by the Sun and Leo. That makes Jonathan Rhys Meyers a pretty authentic Leo.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is aware of each of his actions. When he says something, it is not without knowing and his mind is fully concentrated on the matter at hand. A creative potential is given to him which can make him happy and enjoy his life to the utmost if he uses this potential. Jonathan Rhys Meyers would make a good leader and is usually on the winning side of life. Negatively seen he could want to be the centre of attention or be an egoist.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is fun-loving, cordial, open, well-meaning, charming, generous and self-confident. He radiates with magnetism in his aura. Others perceive him as strong and invincible. On a mental level, Jonathan Rhys Meyers mostly uses creative energy. In thinking, he possesses the gift to see matters from an overall perspective. Jonathan Rhys Meyers believes in the positive outcome of all things. Thoughts are energised and can influence the surroundings quite firmly and he is entirely convinced of them.

Emotions And Mind In Harmony

Jonathan Rhys Meyers possesses the gift to talk about both his own and other people's feelings out of a harmonious and intellectual detachment. As a result, he facilitates a nice calm understanding and people like to confide in him.

However, he is also able to trick himself. He talks very elegantly and sophisticated about his feelings without going directly into consternation if he should be afraid of getting flooded by his emotions. His harmonious access to his reflecting mind, could then become an escape route from his affection.

If Jonathan Rhys Meyers admitted to the immediate emotional experience, he could use his thinking as a neutral observer who will be his constant companion. Jonathan Rhys Meyers can cry, laugh, love or be angry and at the same time talk about it without completely identifying with his feelings and drown in them.

If Jonathan Rhys Meyers should deal with people, he is a good advisor who can talk about emotional problems both warmly and understandingly and from a level-headed detachment. He can do that the better, the more he taps into his feelings and allows their immediate expression.

Relationship As A Lush Feast And Forum For Growth

Jonathan Rhys Meyers shows his affection and his love with great warmth and great enthusiasm. When he is thrilled, he shows spontaneously and openly his joy and infects others with his natural uninhibitedness. Jonathan Rhys Meyers likes to revel in love and beautiful situations. In such moments, life receives a colourful, vivid shine full of promise.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers' relationships are always ones of growth. In them, he seeks the knowledge and the development of his personality. And in his imagination he often runs ahead towards future horizons and sees the opening to new ranges of inspiring possibilities.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers does not seek a ready-made image for his relationship. He looks rather for the adventure. His relationships, thus are rather an expedition than an all-inclusive journey with a firm programme.

In his desire for expansion Jonathan Rhys Meyers could occasionally stumble over daily life matters since his gaze is directed to the distance. Somewhat not so gently he gets dragged back to the here and now with its concrete conditions. But he does not get discouraged.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers needs to be grounded to move and independence for his own undertakings and short trips because while being on his own he has great insights which awaken the desire to get in touch with other people.

He needs time to reflect to get the sense and the meaning of events. All becomes more interesting and beneficial, even conflicts and obstacles because Jonathan Rhys Meyers regards in them the positive purpose and message for his own progression. He sees the overall large. Jonathan Rhys Meyers should not get deceived though and have an objective look; otherwise he will presents the bill most likely with bossiness and a know-it-all attitude.

Energetic And Creative Expression

Jonathan Rhys Meyers possesses a lot of creativity and skill to realise his ideas and projects. He has the talent to understand his ideas practically. To only dream and follow vague possibilities is dissatisfactory for him. He wants to see action and concrete results and enjoy his talents.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very self-reliant in his actions. He tries something so long until he knows how it is done or he thinks about it beforehand until he has a good plan to execute his ideas. If he knows what he wants he acts and then does not like any delays.

Since Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so skilled it is perhaps sometimes hard for him to accept help. He does not want to miss the satisfaction to have done something on his own. But it would be worthwhile to experience the joy of good teamwork which does not take away from his independence. It won't hurt him to let a loveable fellow man share in his success and grant him the applause too. Jonathan Rhys Meyers would widen his heart while doing so.

Matching with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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To keep Jonathan Rhys Meyers' birth horoscope as general as possible (after all a birth horoscope is a very private matter) only some planets & aspects are shown.

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Elements for Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Percentage of Elements

Jonathan Rhys Meyers shows a direct and spontaneous reaction towards events before the situation has been inwardly recognised. Therefore, he may be perceived as some type of steamroller. However, on the other hand, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very much capable to wonderfully combine his creativity with productivity.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the embodiment of the doer philosophy and still works when others have already given in. Strongly vital and in younger years, often physical very healthy and resilient, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is alone most of the time happier than with a partner, since he wants and can meet all demands of the outside world.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers must learn to turn towards the more subtle levels of life in order not to get stuck in extraversions (exclusive interest in outer objects), which could also serve as compensation mechanism.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is impulsive since his planets in the fire signs outweigh the ones in the air signs. His polarity is positive and manifests in an expanding dynamic, excitement and vibrant activity.

He is also down to earth since his planets in the earth signs outweigh the ones in the water signs.

Elements Explained

Each of the star signs also correspond to one of the elements fire, water, air & earth, to the fixed, mutable & cardinal motivation and to activeness and passiveness. They are organized into groups according to their alignment in the zodiac.

Fire: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

A dominating element can be softened by other horoscope factors, all depending on how strong or weak they are in the birth chart.

Midpoints for Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Sun & Mercury Saturn
Jonathan Rhys Meyers' thinking is very concentrated, thorough and serious. It is not easy for him to make decisions and he can quickly fall into pessimism. Think positive!

Moon & Neptune Midheaven
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a sensitive, idealistic and imaginative human being with a dreamy nature. That makes him prone to getting influenced by others or he has unrealistic ideas. All of that could lead to disappointment in life.

Moon & Ascendant Midheaven
Jonathan Rhys Meyers senses his environment very emotionally and is able to also connect to others on an emotional level. Encounters with females do not come short.

Mercury & Venus Uranus
Jonathan Rhys Meyers possesses a wealth of ideas and is an inventive human being. He has a sense of rhythm and likes to move or even to dance. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is good at repartee and may have a mathematical talent.

Venus & Saturn Pluto
Jonathan Rhys Meyers undergoes massive tension when it comes to love and relationships. Nothing seems to run smoothly, which makes it hard for Jonathan Rhys Meyers not to get separated quickly. He rather stays alone than getting hurt again.

Jupiter & Saturn Pluto
Jonathan Rhys Meyers possesses enormous stamina and goes out of his way to achieve his goals. Jonathan Rhys Meyers faces difficulties when it comes to his own unfolding, which causes a lack of success in the experience for him. Jonathan Rhys Meyers loves simplicity and is willing to sacrifice himself.

Saturn & Uranus Ascendant
Jonathan Rhys Meyers feels as if he lived in dire or inhibiting circumstances and wants very much to liberate from limitations. His solutions usually are impulsive which can lead to tension, arguments and separation.

Midpoints explained

The direct midpoint involves a third celestial body that lies halfway between two others, making them interact with each other.

Sun at 15° Aquarius & Moon at 15° Scorpio. The midpoint is exactly 0° Capricorn. If there is now Mercury occupying this spot you have a direct midpoint linking the energies of the sun, the moon and the mercury with each other.

Birth Chart for Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Born: July 27 (birth-year not shown)
Time of Birth: 20:55 | Worldtime: 19:55:00 | Startime: 15:51:31

The Natal Wheel for Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The Birth Chart Explained

The birth chart reflects all celestial bodies in the sky at the time and place of the horoscope owner's birth.

The calculation of the houses is based on the birth time and starts with the rising sign (the pink-coloured line from the graphic's centre to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. Therefore, a correct birth time is mandatory!