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Leif Garrett

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Leif Garrett's Personality

Leif Garrett wants to overcome, sometimes only ignore, anything "just material" with imagination, spirituality and idealism in the wrong assessment of the given circumstances. He therefore either overestimates or underestimates his abilities enormously.

He is a dynamic person with often changing opinions, views of the world and moral concepts. The quest, one could also say addiction of change, often drives Leif Garrett to change his home, location and profession. According to his spiritual self-assessment, he is mystic without a fixed religious or worldly binding.

Leif Garrett has an interest in transformation methods such as Yoga, meditation, practical alchemy and breathing therapy - life under high mental voltage. The deciding factors for Leif Garrett's quality of life are pre-incarnate, education and parental home.

In these areas, the foundation for the spiritual realisation is laid out which is nearly impossible to reach without discipline and a sense of order, which are tough to achieve for Leif Garrett. Others find it hard to understand Leif Garrett because his stubbornness and egocentric let him already now proclaim the opinions and convictions of the year 2300, which are nearly impossible to retrace for other people.

Moreover, the permanent changing locations and views extract the basis for communication. The antipathy for the traditional lifestyle makes the following professions interesting for Leif Garrett; Journalism, show business, tourism, foreign languages, literature, a salesperson in trade. Leif Garrett needs to find a partner in which he can find himself in peace and harmony.

Dancing, sports, travel and maintaining contact are vital to Leif Garrett. He is not afraid of change, is versatile and likes to meet new people. Leif Garrett tends to avoid confrontation and interprets the term freedom in a twisted way. In relationships, he does not want to feel bound. The physical aspect is important to him and Leif Garrett senses touch and affection as very pleasant.

He always seems to be occupied with doing anything others wish for. Since Leif Garrett is quickly made insecure, it is vital for him that others do like him. Often he does understand the others but not himself. In many regards he shows a lot of endurance. Leif Garrett's nature is being of a romantic and sometimes even a bit dramatic. In relationships Leif Garrett is usually passive. But due to his insecurity Leif Garrett can become dominating and determined.

Leif Garrett loves the many and wants to dedicate to the service of those less fortunate than himself. He is willing to make great sacrifices for a worthy cause, and in fact, draws enormous satisfaction from knowing his life has made a positive difference to others. Conversely, Leif Garrett has difficulties in one-to-one relationships, especially relationships with the opposite sex. Others see him often as impersonal and sometimes a bit aloof and also hard to get to know. Leif Garrett is a person possessed by his dreams and has trouble with relationships that are not an integral part of those dreams.

To others he appears as self-sufficient, which can make close relationships a little more difficult since people want to be needed. Leif Garrett possesses enormous artistic talent, especially in a variety of arts, such as interior design, photography, acting, and writing. He possesses great compassion and idealism. In fact, Leif Garrett is so idealistic he can even be a bit impractical and quickly lose touch with the ground. Leif Garrett needs a practical, down-to-earth cause to be most effective.

Leif Garrett possesses far reaching insights but often overlooks the details. Sometimes he is too quickly ready to offer his service to others due to an inappropriate feeling of guilt. This also means that Leif Garrett is not always alerted to the people surrounding him. Leif Garrett loves to give himself but often has the feeling to not get anything in return. Leif Garrett is somewhat in love with love but if he is in a serious relationship he gives is best.

Whether with the hands or with the mind, Leif Garrett understands to create order and regularity. He is honest and often sees matters calmly. Leif Garrett loves to surround himself with guests who he entertains with beautiful music and pleasant conversations. In relationships, security and balance are more important to him than a strong emotional connection. Due to a too composed attitude, Leif Garrett could suffer from few contact opportunities and moody outbreaks originating from hidden and stowed feelings.

He prefers to work with his hands, even tiny and complicate things. To listen to music especially with others is one of Leif Garrett's favourite tasks. He deals well with groups, and it can quickly happen that he confuses attraction with true love. In his relationships Leif Garrett is rather passive. Sometimes he is moody and he is not always tactful.

Leif Garrett possesses a calm and contemplative nature and tries to assess things as objectively as possible. He recognises what the motives are for other people’s acting. Sometimes Leif Garrett has the need to retreat and to shield himself from his surroundings.

With one leg, Leif Garrett stands in the spiritual world, with the other in the material. Leif Garrett is a dreamer, has a great imagination but does not always find an opportunity to express his imagination. Therefore, Leif Garrett could suffer from strong nervosity from time to time. He likes to listen to music, is capable and loves to do many things at the same time. In relationships, Leif Garrett can be demanding and his sexual expression is outward. He regularly suffers from intense feelings of insecurity.

He loves to attract cheerful people. Children and/or animals could be vital to him. Leif Garrett is creative, artistic and full of energy. If he has not found his inner peace Leif Garrett tends to direct his attention to several relationships at the same time instead of focussing on only one. Once Leif Garrett has found the cheerful and understanding partner, his nervous restlessness is transformed into creative and productive energy.

He is keen on learning anything he is interested in and wants to get to the bottom of things. Leif Garrett loves to study whereas his attention is more drawn to intellectual matters and anything physical comes only in second place. From time to time Leif Garrett has to retreat with undergoing the danger of his feelings to become too intense to bear. Leif Garrett does not quickly fall in love and does not enter easily into a relationship. Since he wants to be on solid ground and is also afraid of losing it, Leif Garrett does not face the reality of the every-day-life, which can be highly problematic.

Leif Garrett is never satisfied with a simple answer. He tends to delve into all the aspects of a question until he feels he understands the problem completely. Then he proceeds to solve it with clarity and without hesitation. Few people are able to compete with him when it comes to finding answers.

Leif Garrett recognizes the underlying fRichards in a problem situation before anyone else, and he is often able to analyse them in a unique and insightful way. Leif Garrett is a perfectionist and quickly frustrated when he works with people who like to take shortcuts. He appreciates quality more than quantity in any situation.

Leif Garrett has an impressive and aristocratic bearing. No matter how tall he is, he appears noble and upright. Leif Garrett is very much in control of the image he sends out to others. Many Richards, dancers, and other performers have those attributes. Leif Garrett is elegant, graceful, and charismatic. Many admire him.

Leif Garrett has the kind of stature that pulls people to him or repels them intensely. Some are jealous of him and may seek to belittle him. He may encourage this to some extent by the amount of arrogance he radiates.

Conversely, Leif Garrett has a great compassion for humanity and wants to dedicate himself to improving the lot of others. He is better when dealing with the trials of the many than the troubles of a single person. He is more capable of working on the grand scale, addressing the needs of society, than on a one-to-one basis.

Leif Garrett is kind and sympathetic, helpful and compassionate. Behind the controlled and calm facade, he is sensitive, vulnerable and emotional. Leif Garrett has excellent taste. There is a good deal of artistic talent in him that shows in his home environment and his clothing. Leif Garrett tends to see himself as a guardian of society, a benevolent leader, guiding and directing his community toward a better world.

The Year 2020 for Leif Garrett

This is a year of dynamic change for Leif Garrett. Many surprises will come his way. Leif Garrett should be open and ready to embrace new opportunities and should not be overly careful this year. This is a year in which a major step forward can take place if Leif Garrett is willing to take some calculated risks and do a little gambling.

Wisdom and prudence are the keys, but Leif Garrett will undoubtedly be faced with choices that require fast action and a willingness to act before all the facts are in. This is an exciting year in which Leif Garrett will be needed to promote himself to take full advantage of the opportunities that await him.

There will be increased opportunity to travel and possibly a change of residence. Leif Garrett may be tempted by the desires of the flesh; too much food, alcohol, sex, and drugs.

He should be careful and discriminate. Leif Garrett could make mistakes in these areas. He will have some unexpected adventures and lucky breaks this year.

This can be an unsettling year if Leif Garrett tries to cling to outmoded methods or characteristics. This is a year to throw off the old and adopt the new. It is a rebirth and a release after last year's struggle.

This is a year in which change takes place consistently, and particularly so in April and May. July is a breakthrough, time to enjoy life. September can be intense while October requires tact and balance in relationships.

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