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Aries Celebrities - Surnames Kh - Ma

Aries Celebrities / Surnames Kh - Ma

The Aries

In total, there are 538 celebrities in the database being an Aries star sign. To make it easier for you to find the actor, actress or other public figure the links to the respective birth horoscopes are split in chunks. They are sorted alphabetically by the first two letters of the surname.

Aries does not equal Aries

Not only the respective Ascendant but the other planets, houses and aspects of the respective celebrity birth chart make the difference. In short, there are a multitude of sign combinations making it nearly impossible for somebody to have the exact same birth disposition, unless of course, they are identical twins.

This is the reason why newspaper horoscopes for the Aries can never be right, unless it's a dominant Aries. For that to be true many aspects or planets pointing towards the 1. house, the house of vitality & willpower, and/or many planets in Aries must be a given. Since Mars is the Aries' ruler, its position plays a significant part in any Aries' birth chart, too.

Have a look for yourself.