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Tiger Celebrities - Surnames Sn - Wi

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Tiger Celebrities / Surnames Sn - Wi

The Tiger

In total, there are 481 celebrities in the database having the Tiger as a Chinese year sign. To make it easier for you to find the actor, actress or other public figure the links to the respective birth horoscopes are split in chunks. They are sorted alphabetically by the first two letters of the surname.

Tiger does not equal Tiger

Chinese Metaphysics are not based on the Chinese year sign. In fact, it's all about balancing the five elements represented in the heavenly stems and the earth branches of the four pillars of a BAZI birth chart. It's the hour pillar's heavenly stem that is considered to be the self-element of an individual (get yours calculated here).

Thus, the Tiger (Yin), which is in itself Yang Wood (Jia) could have any of the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water either yin or yang) as a heavenly stem. Aside of the year branch, it can appear in any other pillar's earth branch as well.

Similar to Western astrology, there are a multitude of the BAZI element/earth sign combinations making it nearly impossible for somebody to have the exact same birth disposition, unless of course, they are identical twins. However, to keep it simple, I use the sorting by Chinese year sign anyways because it is better known than the BAZI concept.

Have a look for yourself.