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Martin Freeman

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Martin Freeman Birth Horoscopes

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman was born on a Wednesday. The Virgo is his star sign. The Pig with the element Metal is Martin Freeman's chinese year sign and his life path is the number 8.

Martin Freeman's Virgo horoscope

Martin Freeman possesses a relaxed manner to take the initiative and to tackle matters. His strivings for freedom and independence are harmoniously connected to his impulses for action. As a result, he creates a generous playground for his own actions and invites others to unfold within or take their own room, too. ... continue reading

Martin Freeman's Metal-Pig Horocope

Loudly and colourful, Martin Freeman marches through life and is gifted with a large portion of confidence when it comes to his outfits and the impact of his appearance. Martin Freeman is namely a tad vain and likes to be marked by a striking appearance. Also quite talkative, he must comment on anything. ... continue reading

Martin Freeman's Numerology-Report

Martin Freeman strives for new educational ideals and forms of relationships. He is a person who wants to reform love, marriage, the environment and politics with his ideals. This aspect has great development possibilities in the professional as well as the spiritual area. In some cases, it is even possible to combine both with each other. ... continue reading

Primary Biorhythm Chart for Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman's Primary BiorhythmPhysical 0 % Biorhythm Physical Rainy DayEmotional 99 % Biorhythm Emotional Sunny DayIntellectual 7 % Biorhythm Intellectual Rainy DayIntuitive 42 % Biorhythm Intuitive Cloudy DayOverall 37 % Biorhythm Primary Overall Cloudy Day

Matching with Martin Freeman

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Biorhythm Explained

Our biorhythm starts with the day of our birth and is repeated in particular cycles in an up-and-down curve until our death. The upper half (above zero level) is the active phase. The one below zero is the passive phase.

The focus should indeed be put on words "active" and "passive" since none of the two halves is either good or bad.

The days where the rhythm changes from active to passive and vice versa are the critical days. During that time, the abilities associated with the curves are unstable.

You should be very careful on those days. Accidents may occur and they are also not good for exams, to sign contracts and the likes. The typical three primary curves are the physical cycle (red), the emotional cycle (green) and the intellectual cycle (blue).

Martin Freeman Work

Captain America: Civil War
The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies
The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
Hot Fuzz

Captain America: Civil War Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross

After an incident with the Avengers has created high collateral losses, the politicians of the world decide to have more control over superheroes in the future. Iron Man supports the plan while Captain America makes a stand against a strict use. The dispute causes a fall out of the two Avengers all the while a new, eerie threat appears.


Note: The in 2006 and 2007 published seven Civil War books belong to the most sold comics of all time.


The listed work of Martin Freeman on this page makes no claim of being exhaustive. Especially television series are a constant work in progress, even if they are no longer on the air. I took the information from DVD opening and end credits and not from sources on the internet.