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Chinese Horoscope
Pamela Adlon

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Pamela Adlon & The Chinese Year Sign Of The Horse

Fire-Horse - The Year Sign

Indirect Wealth
Chinese year sign for Pamela Adlon is the Fire-Horse Courageous progressing clears the path. To speak up without being selfish leads to the true self. The path becomes free.

Earth-Snake - The very strong Day Master

Correct Seal
Chinese Day Master for Pamela Adlon is the Earth-Snake
Wood Of The Forest

The Yin Earth day master is mounted on the Snake. Pamela Adlon's universal energy is Imperial Glow.

Pamela Adlon combines interesting but not easy features. While she strives for constant action and cannot be slowed down, she prefers at the same time a contemplative and meditative way of living in which action does not count as much as the silent thinking. These opposites lead to a great rift because Pamela Adlon's creativity does not find much realisation due to her chaotic nature. In the best case, she is like a reformer. However, Pamela Adlon is overly loveable, warm and perceptive when it comes to helping other people.

Pamela Adlon possesses an incredible charming demeanour, is a flexible and pliable hedonist and instantly wins the hearts of her fellow men. The other way around, she is extremely vulnerable and resentful. Her memory works then with high precision and she remembers every tiny detail. Even the stranger it seems that Pamela Adlon tends to commit to overly complicated relationships making life hard for herself despite her charm. Her organisational talent is proverbial, and she deals with money relatively well because Pamela Adlon does not put impulsively highest amounts of money into insecure projects.

Pamela Adlon does not like to be forced to do something. It makes her restive. If you let her do the things her way and do not go crazy when she needs half an hour to wrap a book, you have a friendly, for a horse sensitive human being at your side appreciating the cozy hearth although she may sometimes depart on exotic adventures. A rather more calm and earnest horse.

Pamela Adlon may like farming or gardening, is fair and consistently concerned about others but does not worry about her own life. She can be irresistible, is resilient and stable, not very quick but consequent. Pamela Adlon does not waste time with big ideas but takes care of the real world. Being an excellent organiser and manager, she sometimes is too practical and persistent and forgets that flexibility could be the key to progress.

Pamela Adlon can only poorly tackle two things at the same time. Everything has to be done in sequence and change is only accepted and done if it can be done slowly. Faithful, reliable, trustworthy, persistent, tough, conservative and practical Pamela Adlon expects others to see the world as she does. In secret, she feels superior and sometimes she is even somewhat mystical.

Pamela Adlon is a good listener, has a talent for languages and possesses great intuition making her like to hunt up secrets. The appearance of her is cultured and elegant but not demonstrative, and she can be vain and become arrogant. Pamela Adlon wants to make a decision for everything on her own and goes her own way. Rudeness and confrontation Pamela Adlon does not tolerate. To her, the first impression is imperative, no matter if right or wrong.


Do You Match With Pamela Adlon?

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The Important Role Of The Elements

The elements and respective signs by the teachings of Bazi Suan Ming give a more complete analysis of a person than the normally known only chinese year sign. In Bazi Suan Ming ("Four Pillars of Destiny = eight signs") the day sign is the one that represents the me, and thus the key personality of a person. Of course the interaction between the elements and signs play also a significant role. Going into the depth of how to calculate those elements and how they interact with each other would go a step too far on this page. Only a person can be defined by his or her 8 elements which are represented by four heavenly stems and four earth branches. The earth branches consist of one of the animal signs which in themselves also represent an element.

Each element (each phase) in the chart represents a specific person and your path in life. An optimal balanced element chart features each of the elements in the same strength, which of course, is seldomly the case. The interaction of the heavenly stems among each other as well as with the earth branches can create more elements.

Pamela Adlon's Heavenly Stem & Earth Branches
Element LevelHourDayMonthYear10Y-Luck
Heavenly StemYin EarthYin WoodYang FireYin Earth
Earth BranchPamela Adlon's Chinese Day Sign is the Earth-SnakePamela Adlon's Chinese Month Sign is the Wood-GoatPamela Adlon's Chinese Year Sign is the Fire-HorsePamela Adlon's Chinese 10-Year-Luck Sign is the Earth-Ox
Hidden DominatingYang FireYin EarthYin FireYin Earth
Hidden RemainingYang EarthYin FireYin EarthYin Water
Treasure ChestYang MetalYin WoodYin Metal
Pamela Adlon's Element Distribution & Strength

As you see, I do not have Pamela Adlon's birth time, which makes the element analysis incomplete and unclear. Thus, the real strength for each of the elements cannot finally be calculated.


The Year Pillar shows the relationship with family and society at large.

The Month Pillar represents the childhood and how you relate with parents.

The Day Pillar provides information on your relationship with your spouse or partner - whereas the Day Stem (the upper sign) is considered your "Self-Element" as it represents you within the chart.

The Hour Pillar refers to career and/or the relationship with children.