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Sam Rockwell

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Sam Rockwell's Personality

Sam Rockwell is fixated onto himself and has to learn to follow through with action after the impulse of desire has occurred. Whatever he tackles in life Sam Rockwell enriches with the strong and magnetic power of his will. It may be that this desire will show only late in life due to a strong adaptation of conveying moral concepts, but then it shows with all might.

Sam Rockwell possesses a practical, creative essential energy with an eccentric appearing desire for realisation. He strives for independence to transfer the original thinking and feeling. From the 15th birthday on this aspect furthers the working together with other people to realise common interests in the areas of invention and science.

The diligence and depth of the being create the need to dissolve old and used relationship patterns and habits. Thus, conflict and criticism are pre-programmed. Sam Rockwell has to compensate for a changeable love life, whereas the yearning for transcendent fusion in a Tantric sense is the only constant.

Sam Rockwell is emotional and needs love, but has trouble expressing his feelings where he tends to hold back, rather than risk being hurt. This causes others to think Sam Rockwell is a bit cold or withdrawn. In fact, he is more likely to have powerful emotional experiences that build up inside him. He is vulnerable to emotional explosions. Sam Rockwell may be inhibited and needs to work on allowing emotions to show spontaneously. This requires high trust and courage on his part. Sam Rockwell has a very sharp mind and excellent intuition and performs best in a quiet place. He possesses self-control and dignity and may be too occupied with himself with the tendency to withdraw, especially when emotionally troubled.

He always seems to be occupied with doing anything others wish for. Since Sam Rockwell is quickly made insecure, it is vital for him that others do like him. Often he does understand the others but not himself. In many regards he shows a lot of endurance. Sam Rockwell's nature is being of a romantic and sometimes even a bit dramatic. In relationships Sam Rockwell is usually passive. But due to his insecurity Sam Rockwell can become dominating and determined.

Sam Rockwell possesses a very uncertain nature. He is either active, helpful and friendly or expects the help from others and is appalled if he does not receive it. Disharmony, Sam Rockwell dislikes very much because it makes him insecure. Therefore, he does everything to clear up conflict.

He prefers to work with his hands, even tiny and complicate things. To listen to music especially with others is one of Sam Rockwell's favourite tasks. He deals well with groups, and it can quickly happen that he confuses attraction with true love. In his relationships Sam Rockwell is rather passive. Sometimes he is moody and he is not always tactful.

He loves to attract cheerful people. Children and/or animals could be vital to him. Sam Rockwell is creative, artistic and full of energy. If he has not found his inner peace Sam Rockwell tends to direct his attention to several relationships at the same time instead of focussing on only one. Once Sam Rockwell has found the cheerful and understanding partner, his nervous restlessness is transformed into creative and productive energy.

With one leg, Sam Rockwell stands in the spiritual world, with the other in the material. Sam Rockwell is a dreamer, has a great imagination but does not always find an opportunity to express his imagination. Therefore, Sam Rockwell could suffer from strong nervosity from time to time. He likes to listen to music, is capable and loves to do many things at the same time. In relationships, Sam Rockwell can be demanding and his sexual expression is outward. He regularly suffers from intense feelings of insecurity.

He prefers to work alone but is also sociable. The male aspect is pronounced. Sam Rockwell is a natural romantic with a touch of erotic. In his sexual life he likes to take the initiative and in relationships he is generally the leading part. It could be that Sam Rockwell is too occupied with his own wishes.

Sam Rockwell is an illuminator and has answers and insights based on the proverbial light bulb. This number is the most magical and difficult to understand (for others). Sam Rockwell has the makings of an inventor or a spiritual guide and would do well to rely heavily on his intuition. He senses things more accurately than he analyses them.

Sam Rockwell is full of life. He is uplifting, inspiring, and charming and a fun person to be around. Sam Rockwell's wit and sparkling personality make him the life of a party. Sam Rockwell is a positive thinking and optimistic person. He appreciates fine clothing and jewellery and enjoys dressing up a bit. He likes glamour and the opposite sex is very much attracted to him.

Sam Rockwell is a romantic, falls in and out of love rather quickly and is affectionate and giving. Sam Rockwell has a distinct "lucky streak" that attracts many opportunities throughout his life. He also has a knack of promoting himself as well as inspiring others. When backed up by hard work and self-discipline, these qualities almost ensure Sam Rockwell's success.

Dancing, sports, travel and maintaining contact are vital to Sam Rockwell. He is not afraid of change, is versatile and likes to meet new people. Sam Rockwell tends to avoid confrontation and interprets the term freedom in a twisted way. In relationships, he does not want to feel bound. The physical aspect is important to him and Sam Rockwell senses touch and affection as very pleasant.

Sam Rockwell possesses far reaching insights but often overlooks the details. Sometimes he is too quickly ready to offer his service to others due to an inappropriate feeling of guilt. This also means that Sam Rockwell is not always alerted to the people surrounding him. Sam Rockwell loves to give himself but often has the feeling to not get anything in return. Sam Rockwell is somewhat in love with love but if he is in a serious relationship he gives is best.

Whether with the hands or with the mind, Sam Rockwell understands to create order and regularity. He is honest and often sees matters calmly. Sam Rockwell loves to surround himself with guests who he entertains with beautiful music and pleasant conversations. In relationships, security and balance are more important to him than a strong emotional connection. Due to a too composed attitude, Sam Rockwell could suffer from few contact opportunities and moody outbreaks originating from hidden and stowed feelings.

The Year 2020 for Sam Rockwell

For Sam Rockwell, this is a year to carefully protect and nurture his plans. He will be like a mother watching over her children, conscious of every threat, real or imagined. Sam Rockwell needs tact and cooperation to keep him moving forward. There will likely be confrontations with others, requiring a subtle and gentle approach. Sam Rockwell will have to stay focused on his goals, yet use intelligent persuasion.

Being forceful may work against Sam Rockwell; compromises will work in his favour. Sam Rockwell will be unusually sensitive and may wonder at times what happened to the drive and momentum he felt last year. This year requires something else from him now -- a delicate sense of balance and a willingness to go around obstacles, without losing sight of his goal.

Sam Rockwell may experience some emotional depressions and frustrations. The year is marked by struggle, but there are many opportunities to advance his plans. This is a year of slow growth, requiring patience. Sam Rockwell should be discriminating in his associations and secretive about his plans. He should not talk too much about his ideas and be a bit secretive. Sam Rockwell must guard himself and his ideas.

Sam Rockwell is somewhat vulnerable this year. This is a good year to improve through reading and research. Sam Rockwell's growing awareness of the less visible and less obvious aspects of life will make him much stronger and better prepared for the future. Sam Rockwell must be wise in all his relationships and associations this year. Sam Rockwell is far more capable of establishing close, even life long relationships this year.

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