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Serinda Swan

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Serinda Swan's Personality

Serinda Swan is fixated onto herself and has to learn to follow through with action after the impulse of desire has occurred. Whatever she tackles in life Serinda Swan enriches with the strong and magnetic power of her will. It may be that this desire will show only late in life due to a strong adaptation of conveying moral concepts, but then it shows with all might.

Serinda Swan possesses a practical, creative essential energy with an eccentric appearing desire for realisation. She strives for independence to transfer the original thinking and feeling. From the 15th birthday on this aspect furthers the working together with other people to realise common interests in the areas of invention and science.

The diligence and depth of the being create the need to dissolve old and used relationship patterns and habits. Thus, conflict and criticism are pre-programmed. Serinda Swan has to compensate for a changeable love life, whereas the yearning for transcendent fusion in a Tantric sense is the only constant.

She prefers to work alone but is also sociable. The male aspect is pronounced. Serinda Swan is a natural romantic with a touch of erotic. In her sexual life she likes to take the initiative and in relationships she is generally the leading part. It could be that Serinda Swan is too occupied with her own wishes.

Serinda Swan possesses far reaching insights but often overlooks the details. Sometimes she is too quickly ready to offer her service to others due to an inappropriate feeling of guilt. This also means that Serinda Swan is not always alerted to the people surrounding her. Serinda Swan loves to give herself but often has the feeling to not get anything in return. Serinda Swan is somewhat in love with love but if she is in a serious relationship she gives is best.

Serinda Swan possesses much energy which could quickly be wasted due to her diverse interests. She does not do everything to finish something she has started.

The analytical aspect is very pronounced in Serinda Swan. She is a thinker. Serinda Swan's inner strength rests on her objectivity. She does not like to talk much but possesses a lot of knowledge.

Serinda Swan is according to her nature introvert and contemplative and seeks peace and tranquillity in everything. One of her favourite past times is burying herself in a book.

Serinda Swan fears the loneliness most. In fact, she creates situations herself in which she feels lonely. From time to time Serinda Swan has to be alone to ponder the pro and contra of, for example, a decision to be made.

As a thinker, Serinda Swan is able to analyse situations in a way she only sees the details and loses the overall whole out of sight. Although Serinda Swan is very sensitive she "feels" more with her head instead with her heart. When her thoughts go round in circles, she can become depressed.

To get out of this dull mood, it is advisable to deliberately pronounce the feeling more than the thinking. Serinda Swan's attention is attracted by objects and people of former generations, to which charisma she is especially sensitive. Everything that is "old" fascinates her.

Perceived as extremely responsible, Serinda Swan does not spare money with her friends but is rather seen to be generous. This is dependent on the person with whom she is together, though. If others have a problem she carefully listens. Important things Serinda Swan keeps to herself. That is why others like to come to her to talk about anything. Some outsiders perceive Serinda Swan as cold and distanced.

Dancing, sports, travel and maintaining contact are vital to Serinda Swan. She is not afraid of change, is versatile and likes to meet new people. Serinda Swan tends to avoid confrontation and interprets the term freedom in a twisted way. In relationships, she does not want to feel bound. The physical aspect is important to her and Serinda Swan senses touch and affection as very pleasant.

Serinda Swan is extremely sensitive and vulnerable and guards her heart with great care. It takes a while before she fully trusts another person and may likely possess a talent for music. She has a great talent for tact and diplomacy because she dislikes confrontation. Serinda Swan's strength lies in the persistent but gentle persuasion. She worries too much, needs much love and understanding and thus, must work on her self-confidence. As a perfectionist, Serinda Swan adds beauty to everything she does. She likes company and companionship and therefore dislikes working on her own.

Serinda Swan possesses a calm and contemplative nature and tries to assess things as objectively as possible. She recognises what the motives are for other people’s acting. Sometimes Serinda Swan has the need to retreat and to shield herself from her surroundings.

Whether with the hands or with the mind, Serinda Swan understands to create order and regularity. She is honest and often sees matters calmly. Serinda Swan loves to surround herself with guests who she entertains with beautiful music and pleasant conversations. In relationships, security and balance are more important to her than a strong emotional connection. Due to a too composed attitude, Serinda Swan could suffer from few contact opportunities and moody outbreaks originating from hidden and stowed feelings.

She is keen on learning anything she is interested in and wants to get to the bottom of things. Serinda Swan loves to study whereas her attention is more drawn to intellectual matters and anything physical comes only in second place. From time to time Serinda Swan has to retreat with undergoing the danger of her feelings to become too intense to bear. Serinda Swan does not quickly fall in love and does not enter easily into a relationship. Since she wants to be on solid ground and is also afraid of losing it, Serinda Swan does not face the reality of the every-day-life, which can be highly problematic.

Serinda Swan radiates with a dynamic and efficient energy. She appears controlled and capable. She values courage and effort in the face of difficulties and these qualities show. Others can sense that Serinda Swan will not allow others to push her around.

Serinda Swan is perceived as a pioneer. She has a pretty good understanding of own ideas and how to do things. Serinda Swan is a risk-taker, original and highly creative.

Serinda Swan should be wary of appearing too aggressive or unreceptive. She can intimidate people if she doesn't soften her exterior somewhat. By doing this, the Serinda Swan will attract less confident people who will be more willing to approach her with their thoughts and suggestions.

Serinda Swan is never satisfied with a simple answer. She tends to delve into all the aspects of a question until she feels she understands the problem completely. Then she proceeds to solve it with clarity and without hesitation. Few people are able to compete with her when it comes to finding answers.

Serinda Swan recognizes the underlying fRichards in a problem situation before anyone else, and she is often able to analyse them in a unique and insightful way. Serinda Swan is a perfectionist and quickly frustrated when she works with people who like to take shortcuts. She appreciates quality more than quantity in any situation.

The Year 2020 for Serinda Swan

This is a year to be organized and practical. Serinda Swan should take care of the details and commit herself entirely to her goals. Serinda Swan's concentration and ability to focus will be much improved over last year. She will have an attitude of realism and determination.

There can be a sense of limitation and some frustration this year. However, it is a year of significant opportunities that must be seized. There can be considerable work-related travel. Serinda Swan must be flexible this year to make full use of the opportunities that present themselves. It will require a combination of perseverance, hard work, and versatility.

Serinda Swan will receive recognition for her efforts and support from her friends and family. It is a good year to buy real estate or remodel the home. It is also a good time to take care of projects which have been postponed for too long.

Serinda Swan should fulfil her obligations and should not be afraid to spend some of that hard-earned money. Selling and trading during this year usually are quite successful.

This is the year to work on the foundation and prepare for the many changes that will undoubtedly come next year. As a result of Serinda Swan's hard work, there will be much satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

January and February will bring some substantial change, a new opportunity perhaps. March requires self-reflection and reshaping of Serinda Swan's plans. It is an excellent time to meditate on what lies ahead. June brings a new and significant step - a breakthrough, perhaps - in Serinda Swan's work.

October brings changes and a sense of chaos. Serinda Swan may feel threatened by the changes that are on the horizon. But November brings assistance in the form of a promotion or additional financial support.

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