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Stanley Adams

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Stanley Adams Birth Horoscopes

Stanley Adams was born on a Wednesday. The Aries is his star sign. The Rabbit with the element Wood is Stanley Adams' chinese year sign and his life path is the number 9.

Stanley Adams' Aries horoscope

Stanley Adams' inspirational mind and his striving for independence are stimulating connected with his deliberate creative vigour. Both contain many constructive opportunities to unfold his creativity and originality. As a result, Stanley Adams can extend his personal free space in a harmonious way and gives in to his need for unexpected and unconventional adventures. ... continue reading

Stanley Adams' Wood-Rabbit Horocope

Stanley Adams combines intense contradictions and not always will those create harmony in him. Generally, he can find consolation in the fact that this internal conflict will vanish over time. If Stanley Adams uses his energy, he will provide his initial shy and cautious nature with a strong will. ... continue reading

Stanley Adams' Numerology-Report

Stanley Adams wants to overcome, sometimes only ignore, anything "just material" with imagination, spirituality and idealism in the wrong assessment of the given circumstances. He therefore either overestimates or underestimates his abilities enormously. He is a dynamic person with often changing opinions, views of the world and moral concepts. The quest, one could also say addiction of change, often drives Stanley Adams to change his home, location and profession. ... continue reading

Stanley Adams Horoscopes

Biorhythm Explained

Our biorhythm starts with the day of our birth and is repeated in particular cycles in an up-and-down curve until our death. The upper half (above zero level) is the active phase. The one below zero is the passive phase.

The focus should indeed be put on words "active" and "passive" since none of the two halves is either good or bad.

The days where the rhythm changes from active to passive and vice versa are the critical days. During that time, the abilities associated with the curves are unstable.

You should be very careful on those days. Accidents may occur and they are also not good for exams, to sign contracts and the likes. The typical three primary curves are the physical cycle (red), the emotional cycle (green) and the intellectual cycle (blue).