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Steve Martin

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Steve Martin - Leo Or Not?

The sun sign Leo is ruled by the Sun in its full manifestation. Steve Martin's horoscope is dominated by his sun sign's ruler the Sun, but instead of the Leo it is the Gemini prevailing. The Leo is his eighth strongest out of the 12 zodiac signs.

Steve Martin is aware of each of his actions. When he says something, it is not without knowing and his mind is fully concentrated on the matter at hand. A creative potential is given to him which can make him happy and enjoy his life to the utmost if he uses this potential. Steve Martin would make a good leader and is usually on the winning side of life. Negatively seen he could want to be the centre of attention or be an egoist.

Steve Martin is a person of intellect. The more confident and more active he deals with that, the more flexible, more receptive and more connectable his thinking becomes. However, that does not provide his thoughts with depths. This is something he must work on. On an emotional level, Steve Martin could undergo a constant change of feelings and the interest in new wishes may be awakened. Therefore, he experiences lively emotions, unburdened and quickly reactive. It is easy for him to talk about his feelings, but he is afraid of admitting deeper ones, too. In the daily life, Steve Martin is adaptable, sociable and quick and witty in his actions. In the profession, he shows to be a gifted mediator and strategist, he also like to take the primrose path and avoids open conflict.

Empathetic, Idealistic Demeanour

Steve Martin's demeanour is surrounded by a fine enchantment. Steve Martin's aura sounds to others like something anticipated, invisible and he, too, enjoys this quality because his intuition lets him undertake something at the right moment. Steve Martin has, for example, the impulse to go to the city. He feels a certainty, nearly a pull to have to do it now. What errands he has to run is of no importance. The main reason is to meet a particular person with whom Steve Martin has felt connected for quite a while. And this person has a particular message for him, he deliberately or unconsciously has looked for. Now Steve Martin knows that he can trust his intuition.

Of course Steve Martin will undergo disappointments on his way there but if Steve Martin feels himself, especially subtle physical signals he will learn over time to differentiate when his impulse is right and when it is not. The more Steve Martin trains, the better he is guided.

Likewise, Steve Martin also possesses the finest antennas in the direct contact with people. Steve Martin feels what is going on in-between the lines, the small, almost unnoticeable impulses; a gesture, a gaze, a movement. The more aware of his own perception Steve Martin is, the more he sees it in others, too and can differentiate between pretence and reality. And the more loving Steve Martin expresses his impressions, the more he will find a sympathetic ear.

Empathetic Thinking And Communication

Steve Martin is very well able to talk about his feelings, needs and experiences. His language is warm and vivid because his feelings slip in. Steve Martin's thoughts inspire his understanding of his respective moods so he can always talk about them in a sophisticated manner. His liberated feelings make his communication more colourful and livelier. People love to listen to him. Steve Martin's stories are like the real life. He dives in and is touched as if he had been there when it had happened.

Admitting his feelings is the most important requirement for a harmonious and satisfying communication. Anger and sadness belong to that as well as fear and shame. The positive feelings such as joy, love and lust are most of the time easier to speak about.

Imagine that all people have the same feelings and that it is nonsense to keep them hidden from each other. Everybody longs for showing them. If Steve Martin expresses his feelings, he helps his fellow men also to do. He could be a pioneer and will be richly rewarded with thankfulness and relief.

Free, Independent Will To Assert

Steve Martin has the needs to go entirely new, unconventional ways in his undertakings. He desires to experiment, to break up borders and turn the world upside down. The approved methods are good and helpful, but Steve Martin looks to the future, sways with the spirit of the time and wants to be present when new games are played. His urge for freedom is directed towards a gridlock with the always same experiences. He wants to make new experiences, get out of the known role behaviour and make his surroundings marvel with surprise or arouse them.

Sometimes Steve Martin tends to eccentric variations that seem just to be crazy. Or he puts his aggression in rebellious provocations and experiences the satisfaction with the shock he triggers. This may satisfy him for a time, but his eccentric revolutionary number is also exhausting and makes unfree. Steve Martin must misbehave and that is also a tough job.

Real freedom, however Steve Martin would find in constructive, innovative ideas and undertakings serving everyone. This aspect is about a new group conscience and a new definition of the role the individual plays in it. All he does have repercussions overall. Nobody is an island. It is about a quantum leap of the conscious in general and Steve Martin is an initiator and ally for the new, free mind.

Steve Martin takes part in a network singling out society of from old, limiting convictions and wanting to open new opportunities to contribute constructively and creatively to the way of life. The technical progress is one aspect, yet the mental evolution is more important because it founds the original level. Thoughts are real power and create the world. That is Steve Martin's message.

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To keep Steve Martin's birth horoscope as general as possible (after all a birth horoscope is a very private matter) only some planets & aspects are shown.

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Elements for Steve Martin

Percentage of Elements

Steve Martin is strongly impulsive and can easily be hurt. In an extreme case this may manifest into revengefulness and deviousness. The systematic thinking is here underdeveloped. Steve Martin is very subjective! Very daring he throws himself into life, takes risks and nearly does not know any self-restraint. Steve Martin lives under constant high pressure and must learn how to relax. Mood changes prevent continuity in almost anything Steve Martin does.

There is conflict between the ego (potential hybrid ego) and the altruism (even self-flight). Often Steve Martin has a pronounced reluctance to get help from other people. On the other side Steve Martin is very honest and understands anything that is human. Nothing human is foreign to him. He is caring and very protective.

Steve Martin has a direct line with the pulse of life and is often unable to abstract. Therefore, he is often perceived as the dramatic actor on the stage that is called life.

Steve Martin is impulsive since his planets in the fire signs outweigh the ones in the air signs. His polarity is positive and manifests in an expanding dynamic, excitement and vibrant activity.

He is also emotional since his planets in the water signs outweigh the ones in the earth signs.

Elements Explained

Each of the star signs also correspond to one of the elements fire, water, air & earth, to the fixed, mutable & cardinal motivation and to activeness and passiveness. They are organized into groups according to their alignment in the zodiac.

Fire: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

A dominating element can be softened by other horoscope factors, all depending on how strong or weak they are in the birth chart.

Midpoints for Steve Martin

Sun & Moon Jupiter
Steve Martin finds happiness when he can expand his horizons. He is the perfect optimist, is satisfied with his life and leads harmonious relationships, which both make him happy.

Sun & Mercury Pluto
Steve Martin has the power to convince and he possesses good observation skills. Steve Martin's foresight and vigilance make his striving for acknowledgement quite successful. He is a human being driven by his intellect.

Sun & Mars Saturn
Obstacles Steve Martin overcomes with endurance and toughness and he finds it generally hard to unfold his life energy, which can result in resignation and inaction. Steve Martin feels quickly overwhelmed.

Sun & Saturn Uranus
Steve Martin is emotionally torn between freedom and obligation and he fights limitations. He is a fighter for individuality and independence and very much wants to break out of old structures. Steve Martin overcomes obstacles with tenacity.

Sun & Saturn Ascendant
Steve Martin is of a thoughtful and dutiful nature. He is very much reserved in the presence of other people and may have difficulties in unfolding his personality.

Sun & Neptune LunarNode
Steve Martin feels connected to sensitive or weak people and behaves rather passively and insecure when he meets other people. There may be times he feels misunderstood. False ideas may lead to disappointment in relationships.

Moon & Mercury Neptune
Steve Martin's thinking is marked by imagination and moods. He possesses great imagination and is receptive to the moods of other people. His empathy makes Steve Martin easily prone to get influenced. Steve Martin sees the world according to his vision.

Mercury & Venus Ascendant
Steve Martin possesses an entertaining and sociable personality, has good manners and a sense of tact. His interest in beauty and the arts is big and he loves to talk about the love and has artistic thoughts.

Mercury & Jupiter Ascendant
Steve Martin enjoys the exchange of thoughts, is sociable and possesses good conversational skills. His organisational talent and successful collaboration makes him see things through.

Mercury & Saturn Pluto
Steve Martin thinks thoroughly and possesses the drive of a researcher. He likes to occupy himself with serious subjects or problems and tends to be depressive at times. His general stance is one of being constantly sceptical and he may possess a strict view of things.

Mercury & LunarNode Ascendant
Steve Martin is of an outgoing nature and has the needs for the intellectual exchange and inspiration. Together with others he makes plans and realises his ideas.

Venus & Mars Pluto
Steve Martin is of a passionate nature and oozes a strong sexual attraction. His love life is passionate, but can also bear traumatic experiences.

Venus & Mars Ascendant
Steve Martin possesses a very passionate nature and projects charm and sensuality. It is easy for him to express feelings of love.

Venus & Uranus Ascendant
Steve Martin opens up his feelings for other people spontaneously and reacts instantly to sensory stimuli. He wishes very much for an obligation-free relationship.

Mars & Jupiter Ascendant
Steve Martin possesses an optimistic and energetic nature. His actions are quite successful and he is good at organising things. People like to collaborate with him and Steve Martin may gain advantages through others.

Mars & Neptune Pluto
Steve Martin uses his energies in creative, metaphysical or spiritual matters. Otherwise, he lacks the energy and the resilience in life, which creates dissatisfaction making him instable. As a result, Steve Martin may act irresponsibly or insincerely.

Jupiter & Uranus Ascendant
Steve Martin possesses an optimistic and sociable personality. Successfully he lends a hand to his environment and people like to work together with him. Steve Martin will be suddenly successful.

Uranus & Neptune Pluto
Steve Martin gets easily influenced by others, but also possesses great empathy. He is very much interested in marginal scientific fields and could make unusual experiences or discoveries. At times Steve Martin undergoes states of insecurity or weakness and feels subjected to collective influences.

Uranus & Ascendant Midheaven
Steve Martin values his freedom and is an individualist. He is a restless human being with the constant quest for new inspiration and new goals.

Midpoints explained

The direct midpoint involves a third celestial body that lies halfway between two others, making them interact with each other.

Sun at 15° Aquarius & Moon at 15° Scorpio. The midpoint is exactly 0° Capricorn. If there is now Mercury occupying this spot you have a direct midpoint linking the energies of the sun, the moon and the mercury with each other.

Birth Chart for Steve Martin

Born: August 14 (birth-year not shown)
Time of Birth: 05:44 | Worldtime: 10:44:00 | Startime: 01:45:21

The Natal Wheel for Steve Martin

The Birth Chart Explained

The birth chart reflects all celestial bodies in the sky at the time and place of the horoscope owner's birth.

The calculation of the houses is based on the birth time and starts with the rising sign (the pink-coloured line from the graphic's centre to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. Therefore, a correct birth time is mandatory!