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Tilda Swinton

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Tilda Swinton's Personality

Tilda Swinton is very ambitious which shows in all areas of her life. The structuring and channelling of occult powers are furthered and, therefore, this personality type represents the magician. Tilda Swinton has an instant effect on her surroundings with her active energy and the wish to change the world.

Inside her, the creative and planning energy enters a liaison with the striving for power. Great ideas should have an impact on the general whereas Tilda Swinton approaches her activities with thought and care. She sees the large basis and educates and informs herself extensively and thus acquires aside of the esoteric knowledge a lot of practical worldly knowledge.

Tilda Swinton expresses her initiative to inner and outer change convincingly while being kind to her surroundings and other people. She strives for a compromise between own ideas, made experiences and the practically doable.

Tilda Swinton's sensitivity and intuition give her an instant insight into the needs of other people. Friendships are more important to her than her career and they develop normally and effortlessly. The ideal profession for Tilda Swinton lies in the therapeutic field.

Tilda Swinton is full of life. She is uplifting, inspiring, and charming and a fun person to be around. Tilda Swinton's wit and sparkling personality make her the life of a party. Tilda Swinton is a positive thinking and optimistic person. She appreciates fine clothing and jewellery and enjoys dressing up a bit. She likes glamour and the opposite sex is very much attracted to her.

Tilda Swinton is a romantic, falls in and out of love rather quickly and is affectionate and giving. Tilda Swinton has a distinct "lucky streak" that attracts many opportunities throughout her life. She also has a knack of promoting herself as well as inspiring others. When backed up by hard work and self-discipline, these qualities almost ensure Tilda Swinton's success.

Whether with the hands or with the mind, Tilda Swinton understands to create order and regularity. She is honest and often sees matters calmly. Tilda Swinton loves to surround herself with guests who she entertains with beautiful music and pleasant conversations. In relationships, security and balance are more important to her than a strong emotional connection. Due to a too composed attitude, Tilda Swinton could suffer from few contact opportunities and moody outbreaks originating from hidden and stowed feelings.

Tilda Swinton is creative, but her thoughts tend to be scattered. She jumps around inside her head without much focus. Tilda Swinton comes up with solutions that reveal an illogical approach, yet they often work. As it applies to her, rational thinking is a contradiction in terminus. Tilda Swinton projects, interprets, and analyzes her projects and problems in a manner that often leaves others flabbergasted.

However, Tilda Swinton is unbeatable when it comes to shining new and original light on issues; often coming up with unique answers. Tilda Swinton has this Rational Thought number in common with some famous and original thinkers - and the key word here is original - throughout history.

Dancing, sports, travel and maintaining contact are vital to Tilda Swinton. She is not afraid of change, is versatile and likes to meet new people. Tilda Swinton tends to avoid confrontation and interprets the term freedom in a twisted way. In relationships, she does not want to feel bound. The physical aspect is important to her and Tilda Swinton senses touch and affection as very pleasant.

Tilda Swinton possesses far reaching insights but often overlooks the details. Sometimes she is too quickly ready to offer her service to others due to an inappropriate feeling of guilt. This also means that Tilda Swinton is not always alerted to the people surrounding her. Tilda Swinton loves to give herself but often has the feeling to not get anything in return. Tilda Swinton is somewhat in love with love but if she is in a serious relationship she gives is best.

Tilda Swinton's inner strength is based on independence, leadership qualities and originality. Inventiveness is her biggest impelling force. Therefore, Tilda Swinton has many original ideas.

Often Tilda Swinton is on her own and only rarely accepts the help from others since Tilda Swinton wants to do everything herself. Probably Tilda Swinton quickly feels lonely and alone. The search for unity and frugality means a lot to her.

She prefers to work alone but is also sociable. The male aspect is pronounced. Tilda Swinton is a natural romantic with a touch of erotic. In her sexual life she likes to take the initiative and in relationships she is generally the leading part. It could be that Tilda Swinton is too occupied with her own wishes.

She is perceived as honest and trustworthy. Tilda Swinton is a person people can rely on entrusting her with their problems because she possesses somewhat of a teacher in her demeanour. Usually, Tilda Swinton knows everything and the world around her knows. People quickly trust her since Tilda Swinton makes the impression of a considerate and thoughtful human being. If others have a problem they cannot solve and which has to be dealt with thoroughly, Tilda Swinton is the right contact. She is quickly envied by others because of her expertise and her abilities. Taker as well as provider, Tilda Swinton loves her home and is often conservative although she may deny it.

She loves the entertainment and likes chance and versatility. Tilda Swinton sees challenges in problems which make her life truly exciting.

Tilda Swinton distrusts emotions and wants to control them. She loves order, which makes her dislike any sort of emotional situation or turbulence. However, this repression could cause much anger and even nervous tension in her. At times, there is a casual acceptance of unfavourable circumstances and relationships. At other occasions, Tilda Swinton uses her emotions like a catalyst to push the boundaries of her limitations. When that happens, Tilda Swinton is capable of making significant achievements.

Tilda Swinton possesses a cheerful and optimistic attitude towards life. Therefore, people love to be together with her. she has a particular kind of humour and is often the big talker at gatherings. It is hard for Tilda Swinton to listen to others carefully when they tell her their problems.

She prefers to work with her hands, even tiny and complicate things. To listen to music especially with others is one of Tilda Swinton's favourite tasks. She deals well with groups, and it can quickly happen that she confuses attraction with true love. In her relationships Tilda Swinton is rather passive. Sometimes she is moody and she is not always tactful.

The Year 2020 for Tilda Swinton

For Tilda Swinton, this is a year to carefully protect and nurture her plans. She will be like a mother watching over her children, conscious of every threat, real or imagined. Tilda Swinton needs tact and cooperation to keep her moving forward. There will likely be confrontations with others, requiring a subtle and gentle approach. Tilda Swinton will have to stay focused on her goals, yet use intelligent persuasion.

Being forceful may work against Tilda Swinton; compromises will work in her favour. Tilda Swinton will be unusually sensitive and may wonder at times what happened to the drive and momentum she felt last year. This year requires something else from her now -- a delicate sense of balance and a willingness to go around obstacles, without losing sight of her goal.

Tilda Swinton may experience some emotional depressions and frustrations. The year is marked by struggle, but there are many opportunities to advance her plans. This is a year of slow growth, requiring patience. Tilda Swinton should be discriminating in her associations and secretive about her plans. She should not talk too much about her ideas and be a bit secretive. Tilda Swinton must guard herself and her ideas.

Tilda Swinton is somewhat vulnerable this year. This is a good year to improve through reading and research. Tilda Swinton's growing awareness of the less visible and less obvious aspects of life will make her much stronger and better prepared for the future. Tilda Swinton must be wise in all her relationships and associations this year. Tilda Swinton is far more capable of establishing close, even life long relationships this year.

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