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Wil Wheaton

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Wil Wheaton Birth Horoscopes

Wil Wheaton was born on a Saturday. The Leo is his star sign. The Rat with the element Water is Wil Wheaton's chinese year sign and his life path is the number 1.

Wil Wheaton's Leo horoscope

Wil Wheaton is a fighter with words. He uses his assertiveness via his talk and loves word fights in which he can cross the verbal blades with others. Disputes and discussions are Wil Wheaton's Eldorado. ... continue reading

Wil Wheaton's Water-Rat Horocope

Wil Wheaton is very temperamental, venturesome and elated with a guaranteed maximum of flexibility and drive. When he tackles something, he does not hesitate for long but directly starts. Most of the time, Wil Wheaton knows all the tricks leading to success and also has no qualms to use them because he wants to put his ideas into reality and see results. ... continue reading

Wil Wheaton's Numerology-Report

Very creative vibration, freedom-loving and often under time pressure since many ideas for functional improvement in the technical or spiritual area are invented. Wil Wheaton's is an ambition accented strong, vital type. Leadership qualities are combined with high, ambitious goals. The deliverance imagination of humanity is shown in the personal life as an unconventional style and not wanting to adapt to society. ... continue reading

Primary Biorhythm Chart for Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton's Primary BiorhythmPhysical 91 % Biorhythm Physical Sunny DayEmotional 2 % Biorhythm Emotional Rainy DayIntellectual 77 % Biorhythm Intellectual Sunny DayIntuitive 20 % Biorhythm Intuitive Rainy DayOverall 48 % Biorhythm Primary Overall Cloudy Day

Matching with Wil Wheaton

Your Birth Data

Biorhythm Explained

Our biorhythm starts with the day of our birth and is repeated in particular cycles in an up-and-down curve until our death. The upper half (above zero level) is the active phase. The one below zero is the passive phase.

The focus should indeed be put on words "active" and "passive" since none of the two halves is either good or bad.

The days where the rhythm changes from active to passive and vice versa are the critical days. During that time, the abilities associated with the curves are unstable.

You should be very careful on those days. Accidents may occur and they are also not good for exams, to sign contracts and the likes. The typical three primary curves are the physical cycle (red), the emotional cycle (green) and the intellectual cycle (blue).

Wil Wheaton Work

Star Trek: Next Generation

Star Trek: Next Generation Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher

Two generations after Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy went out to explore strange new worlds with the Enterprise a new crew under the leadership of Captain Picard sets out to explore the galaxies. It is in the meantime star time 41242.

6. Over mighty opponents and alien beings demand for Captain Picard's ability to find compromises and the braveness of the Enterprise's crew. .

Wil Wheaton is Wesley Crusher
in 35 of 178 episodes.

7 Seasons
1987 - 1994


The listed work of Wil Wheaton on this page makes no claim of being exhaustive. Especially television series are a constant work in progress, even if they are no longer on the air. I took the information from DVD opening and end credits and not from sources on the internet.