About the horoscopes on this site

To know what is important at the moment. How does everything connect? My horoscopes are done professionally. Rest assured, I put a lot of value on quality. No matter what personal horoscope you chose, it is done individually.

Regardless of whether it is about a new love or a lost one, the career or other areas, you will find the answers to many questions. Does this relationship have a future? What flaws may you meet with the new partner? Or you are more interested in professional questions? If you are about to change professionally, the stars can often give you very helpful clues.

The horoscopes on this site are not only calculated down to the second (quite literally) but consider all the factors. They are precise and accurate, provided you entered the correct data.

It took me two years of studying because the horoscopes I had ordered for myself did not satisfy me. I did not understand what they were telling me, what to do with them and how to apply anything useful for the benefit of my own life.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to create something that is helpful and beneficial to anyone to integrate into the own life. You do not need to be esoteric to work on your own self-development. Perhaps you only need a little nudge and a guiding hand to do so!

It took me two years to actually study astrology, both in its correct calculation and interpretation, noticing for the very first time that horoscope software often come up with wrong calculations.

It took me two years to not only have a look at one of the astrology schoolings. I have had a look at all of them.

The horoscopes on this site are the result of combinations, philosophies and the testing on my own persona, friends and foes and some actors to determine its correctness. The positive feedback motivated me to continue because it was really hard work.

Why is it important to know the own strengths & weaknesses?
Imagine you were an actor. You are on a set of entirely different sound stages and scenes that are created through the various zodiac signs. The scene of Aquarius is differently decorated than the scene of Pisces, the colours differ, and the music differs.

The scene creates a very unique mood animating the audience to feel certain feelings and show certain behaviours.

Of course, there are also the actors portraying very different characters. They act before different backgrounds in the scenes of the star signs. Actor Venus behaves differently than actor Mercury and actor Venus behaves in the scene of Aquarius definitely different than in the scene of Taurus.

When the character of Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) is in his natural habitat of Middle Earth, he appears to be very natural, confident and authentic. That is because he is in the appropriate scene of his character.

But what happens if Gandalf would suddenly be confronted with spaceships. That would be quite interesting because that Gandalf had to change respectively develop to be at peace with himself and the world in this scene he now has to live in.

That is precisely why it is so important to be aware of what strengths and weaknesses we were given to find our roles in our scenes. With self-awareness, we are able to become a self-confident person and thus are strengthened to act authentically out of the newly found active balance. The result is happiness.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"It is not enough to know,
we must also apply.

It is not enough to want,
we also must do."

Do not fear change! Adjust to better your life!
If you are willing to work on yourself, you may perhaps even overcome things in your life you have been considering as a hindrance to your own development of your personality.

That could be both in the professional and private area. Ultimately you improve your very own private happiness and acceptance of yourself.

It is important you realise that you are one kind of a person. You are unique with all your flaws and features. You are an asset to the world in the very own way like everyone is in fact and simply because you just are!


All horoscopes are done manually. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery!