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The Birth Horoscope - Your Personality

The birth horoscope is a snapshot of the stars at the time of your birth. It is a map of your soul and helps you realise what inner potential you want to unfold and who you are.

It is a reference to the newborn's first breath and shows with what quality of time your life path starts. In addition, the made insights give some indication of your future course.

Your birth chart shows your strengths, programmes, behaviour patterns and your goals. With it, you gain clarity about what you want. It can bring hidden talents and skills in the light of the day, and you can find your midst.

Personal weaknesses, too, become more transparent with the birth horoscope. This clarity enables you to deal confidently with such flaws, which, of course, we all have. If you know yourself, you can hone your talents and affirm life's challenges in an easier way.

The outside is always a mirror of the inside. Thus, the path to happiness and satisfaction must consequently always lead to the inside.

Discover your unique talents and gift the world!


I just read my chart analysis (all 79 pages) in one sitting. I could not stop. Simply put, I love you and thank you for this gift! This past year has been a particularly desperate search for meaning and answers, and specifically via astrology. I have been, at times, very disheartened with the results of my natal chart and feeling more misunderstood both in my depth and intentions. Even my mother thought I may be bi-polar growing up with my fluctuations in vitality and emotions. This shed a great deal of light on many tricky aspects and facets of my personality that were even a mystery to myself. I plan on putting this information to constructive use in my life immediately. Again, I am eternally grateful to your gentle and honest interpretation of the highly vulnerable content of my life.
Lindsay, Colorado, USA

...I have had numerous charts over the years and this was by far more in depth. At my age it is good to know I am embracing my "blueprint" and striving to live it well... Your comment about my father was a reality. Thank you again and may the Stars twinkle ever so brightly for you.
Saundra, South Carolina, USA

Partner (Composite) Horoscope

With the Partner Composite horoscope, all kinds of relationships can be described, no matter whether they are about a friend or an enemy, the profession or private sphere, family or love.

You receive a very helpful instrument to understand the anatomy of the respective relationship, the compatibility of the two people involved.

The Composite partner horoscope shows the quality of the relationship itself by the calculation of the respective midpoints of each of the partners' horoscope factors.

The new unit, the third element is formed by the dynamics of the two partner's energy patterns. The Composite horoscope shows symbolically the playground of the two personalities within a relationship and what roles each partner takes on in the togetherness.

Everybody has made the experience to show different behaviours and feelings in the company of different people. With some, we get inspired and come out of our shells, with others we experience ourselves as shy or even inhibited. Taken alone everybody has the very own behaviour pattern.


I have to say the other that I ordered was by far the best report I have ever ordered. It went deeper into the aspects of our relationship. It was pretty dead on. The one I sent now is us but in our secondary progression. The natal is part of me of course but the progression chart represents me now. Im curious to see what this one says. This is the probably one of the most complex passionate challenging relationships I've ever had but at the same time it has made me grow and make changes I needed to make. Thank you Stephanie.
Shari, Conneticut, USA

Thanks a lot. i just needed some guidance to know if this is the right relationship for me because it has been a struggle of late. Your composite horoscope helped tremendously x
Lynn, South Africa

Partner Synastry Horoscope

The Partner Synastry horoscope is the classic horoscope for couples describing the interaction between two individuals.

You want to be intimate and feel emotionally safe with your partner as the foundation of your relationship. Mutual attraction, love and harmony are the nice relationship aspects everyone wants to experience. However, no relationship is always sunshine and roses, as much as we want it to be.

Conflicts, outside obstacles and circumstances make or break couples. So, how does your couple cope when such things arise?

Do you talk to each other? Do you clear up misunderstandings without hurting each other? Do you assert the own individuality at any cost? Do you take on the responsibility for the relationship and the wellbeing of your partner?

The Partner Synastry Horoscope answers such questions. By putting your respective planets in relation to each other, you can see where problems may arise. And you get an idea about how you and your partner tick.

Best Match Single Horoscope

The partner attraction works by the affinity principle or the law of resonance. On the outside, you feel attracted to what is inherent inside you. Whether you are aware or not. This Perfect Match Single horoscope helps you to understand the connection between your inner structure and your choice of partner much clearer.

Your own maturity and awareness decide on what maturity level you will meet your partner. If you have difficulties with some aspects of your personality, your partner will trigger those with his or her behaviour. He may not match your conscious ideal but ultimately helps you to get to know yourself better.

Maybe you already have experienced a change of partners but meeting the same problems. Only the conscious self-study contributes to looking through your own projective mechanisms which origin you find in the experience with your mother and father. In the mirror of your partner, you eventually discover your unconscious sides both the strengths and the weaknesses.

Know yourself to find the right partner!


I'm very happy with the report! It makes a lot of sense to me. I've been studying astrology on and off for a few years, and this report went into more depth about the positives and challenges that are in my chart than I've had in a written report before. I have never seen my Neptune placement and aspects described so well, for example. Also, it completely makes sense to me that a match could be found in the various options that the report goes into, to get similar energy. For example, it was useful for me to read that Virgo and 6th house placements can be good in a partnership for me. I've seen that come about in different ways in some of my closest friendships and romances, including an affinity with several people with Virgo moon and/or Venus in Virgo.
Anonymous, Vancouver, Canada

Age of Aquarius Horoscope

More and more people feel that our earth undergoes change. And I do not mean the climate change with that. On many levels, clear changes can be felt and seen.

Some call it the rise of Gaia (our mother earth). Others call it the golden age. And astrologers call it the age of Aquarius. It is a time lasting for the next 2,000 years.

Since we are just at the beginning of this new era, the old energies and the new ones can be felt at the same time. A reform of this extend does not go unnoticed and can create much confusion.

Since the human being is a creature of habit and, therefore, likes to stick to what is familiar, he will always try to walk the known paths. Since those lead more and more to dissatisfaction, many start to look for a new way.

Now we get the opportunity to make this dream of paradise on earth a reality. Slowly we begin to understand that every single one of us is the creator of the own reality and that many difficulties in our lives can already be changed by viewing things from a different perspective.

What used to be valid is slowly dissolving. The times are changing and so you will, too.


Thank you so much Stephanie! This is amazing! I'm glad I purchased :)
Alison, Virginia, USA

About the horoscopes on this site

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"It is not enough to know,
we must also apply.

It is not enough to want,
we also must do."

To know what is important at the moment. How does everything connect? My horoscopes are done professionally. Rest assured, I put a lot of value on quality. No matter what personal horoscope you chose, it is done individually.

Regardless of whether it is about a new love or a lost one, the career or other areas, you will find the answers to many questions. Does this relationship have a future? What flaws may you meet with the new partner? Or are you more interested in professional issues? If you are about to change professionally, the stars can often give you very helpful clues.

The horoscopes on this site are not only calculated down to the second (quite literally) but consider all the factors. They are precise and accurate, provided you entered the correct data.

It took me two years of studying because the horoscopes I had ordered for myself did not satisfy me. I did not understand what they were telling me, what to do with them and how to apply anything useful for the benefit of my own life.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to create something that is helpful and beneficial to anyone to integrate into the own life. You do not need to be esoteric to work on your own self-development. Perhaps you only need a little nudge and a guiding hand to do so!

It took me two years to actually study astrology, both in its correct calculation and interpretation, noticing for the very first time that horoscope software often comes up with wrong calculations.

It took me two years to not only have a look at one of the astrology schoolings. I have been having a look at all of them ever since.

The horoscopes on this site are the result of combinations, philosophies, and the testing on my own persona, friends and foes and some actors to determine its correctness. The positive feedback motivated me to continue because it was really hard work.

Do not fear change! Adjust to better your life!
If you are willing to work on yourself, you may perhaps even overcome things in your life you have been considering as a hindrance to your own development of your personality.

That could be both in the professional and private area. Ultimately you improve your very own private happiness and acceptance of yourself.

It is important you realise that you are one kind of a person. You are unique with all your flaws and features. You are an asset to the world in the very own way like everyone is in fact and simply because you just are!


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