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  • The Partner Composite Horoscope

    While the partnership analysis (Synastry) puts the positions and aspects of the two partner's birth charts into relation to another and thus describes the interaction between the two personalities the Composite horoscope shows the quality of the relationship itself; the new unit, the third element which is formed from the dynamics of the two partner's energy patterns. The Composite horoscope shows symbollically the playground of the two personalities within a relationship and what roles they take on in being together...

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    The Best Match Horoscope - Who fits really?

    The partner attraction works by the affinity principle or the law of resonance. On the outside, you feel attracted to what is inherent inside you. Whether you are aware or not. Get an insight into whom you are really looking for. This "Best Match" analysis helps you to understand the connection between your inner structure and your choice of partner much clearer...

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  • The Birth Horoscope

    The birth horoscope or better said the personality horoscope is a map of your soul and helps you to realise what inner potential want to unfold and who you really are...

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    The Age Of Aquarius Horoscope

    More and more people feel that our earth undergoes change. And I do not mean the climate change with that. On many levels clear changes can be felt and seen. Some call it the rise of Gaia (our mother earth); others call it the golden age; and we astrologers call it the age of Aquarius...

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    The Daily Transits

    Transits are the bridges of a planet to a star's location or to a certain sensitive point within the horoscope, like the rising sign or the Midheaven. Transits describe most of all the outside effective trends. Transits trigger typical behaviour or tendencies. Thus, the transits of the big planets, especially of Saturn and Uranus, express the characteristics of the time in which they become activated.

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  • The Chinese Element Analysis

    The elements and respective signs by the teachings of Bazi Suan Ming give a more complete analysis of a person than the normally known only chinese year sign. In Bazi Suan Ming ("Four Pillars of Destiny = eight signs") the day sign is the one that represents the me, and thus the key personality of a person...

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    The principle of calculating key values from the birth date as well as the given or used name is ancient old. Mayas, Celts, Greeks, Babylonians and Egypt already dealt with this science over 3,000 years ago. At that time astrology and numerology were closely connected. Its origin lies actually in India.

    Today's numerology is based on the Jewish Kabala. Loads of philosophers and scientists have tried to decipher the numbers and reveal their secrets. There are a number of different systems from which the meaning of the various numbers can be read. "The essence of being is number" stated the father of mathematics Pythagoras once to which numerologists have been referring to for 2,500 years.

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  • The Aries

    The Aries goes into the world with the explicit assumption of his triumphal victory and from that he gains his uninhibited courage when it comes to exploring all new and unknown. The Aries stands in the boxing ring of life and wants impatiently to test his muscles and his energy on obstacles. He plants a tree in the desert or starts an expedition. If the Aries is excited about something, he is all for it and he wants instantly to start.

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    The Taurus

    The Taurus' motto could be in calmness lies power. Its life's work consists of finding the own place on which it can settle. The Taurus strives for stability and long-term security, for a base in life from which it can work the field and have time enough to harvest.

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    The Gemini

    The Gemini finds its life energy and its personal middle in the exchange of many contacts in the versatility of mental stimulation. It identifies with its linguistic flexibility, its wittedness and its humour and easily dances happily through life which means most of all encounters with other people for it.

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    The Cancer

    The Cancer's deepest need is to get to the roots of its emotional identity and to find concealment, love and peace at the bottom of the soul. It needs to feel being loved and nourished just because the Cancer is and expresses the richness of its love in a creative way. The Taurus wants to experience autonomy, wants to experience to build the own warm nest with which it can identify and to which it invites people it loves.

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    The Leo

    The heart of the Leo's personality is its heart. The Leo's task is to open its heart widely to let all of its warmth and generosity ooze out and affect its fellow man. The Leo will then be like a big fire that warms and shines. The Leo's role is to be the bright shine and to inspire its "people" to use the own creativity.

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    The Virgo

    The Virgo finds the most satisfaction in life if it brings everything surrounding it in a reasonable order. It is a need for the Virgo to do everything well and in detail. The Virgo has high-quality demands even including itself. Before the Virgo lets something pass as finished it rather questions it three times than to live with the insecurity to perhaps have made a mistake.

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    The Libra

    The Libra is the born diplomat and creator of balanced relationships. Its vital spirits come awake if there is something to be put into relation no matter whether people, facts or situations. The Libra possesses an extraordinary sense of proportions and balance. The Libra is not just harmonious but has a sensitive feel for harmonious conditions.

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    The Scorpio

    The Scorpio reaches the roots of its identity by climbing down to the depths of the human psyche. It looks for the stone of secrets. To find it the Scorpio has to make gold from lead. The Scorpio is a sincere researcher of life and has the makings to even climb down to hell because it is able to passionate love and merciless truth.

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    The Sagittarius

    The Sagittarius finds its optimal unfolding if it considers its life's path as a journey on which it uncovers the secrets of life. The Sagittarius recognises those secrets' inner lawfulness while it is on its way from stop to stop. The Sagittarius' fire is always enkindled with the prospect to experience new horizons, to even climb higher and gain a bigger overview about the puzzle that is called life.

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    The Capricorn

    The Capricorn experiences its individual self-expression the strongest and with the greatest satisfaction when it can build a carrying structure with its factual competence. And the Capricorn energetically tackles it itself. The Capricorn's material is the concrete life and it wants practical results which are comprehensible and replicable.

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    The Aquarius

    The Aqurius puts the motto of the French Revolution onto its flag, freedom, equality and fraternalism. It uses its creative energy and its personal will to establish the qualities of the nowadays society. The Aquarius engages in group interests for the common good, for the liberalisation of the work flow, the dismantling of hierarchic structures and one-sided power interests.

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    The Pisces

    The Pisces is a dreamer and visionary. It lives in the inner worlds lying behind the so called reality and which is rarely suspected by most of the people or which is even completely disclaimed. Therefore, the Pisces often feels alone, expelled from the rich colourful life and misjudged which hurts because its personal ego wants the same acknowledgement for its creation like anyone else. However, this feeling alone is a necessary sacrifice, the Pisces' tribute to the work it wants to create

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  • World Time (UT) What?

    Ever wondered why the world got catalogued by 360 longitudes? Well, the answer is easy. Earth needs 24 hours to revolve around itself. Each longitude is 4 minutes apart from the other. If you multiply those 360 longitude degrees with 4 you get what? Exactly, you get 1,440 minutes, which equals our 24-hour day.

    Once upon a time when the above was still valid in the astronomical world, all was still in order. Depending on whether to go to the West or to the East, you just had to add or subract 4 mins per longitude and calculate only the minutes inbetween from the original time defined by the 0° longitude running through Greenwich, UK.

    Ever since governments decided it was a good idea to change the own country's time politically, astronomers had to find a common standard as a calculatory base to which the planet positions could be listed and still be valid for the entire world.

    Thus, after long debate it was agreed to introduce the Universal Time (UT), also called World Time. The original 0° longitude running through Greenwich, UK has remained but without all the political time changing nonsense such as daylight savings time. From that Universal Time's planet position list the exact positions can now be calculated for any place in the world.

Moon Phases

23. Feb 2018: Waxing Moon in Gemini
Feb 23, 08:10 UTC
4° 41'
2. Mar 2018: Full Moon in Virgo
Mar 2, 00:52 UTC
10° 52'
9. Mar 2018: Waning Moon in Sagittarius
Mar 9, 11:21 UTC
13° 09'
17. Mar 2018: New Moon in Virgo
Mar 17, 13:12 UTC
8° 55'
24. Mar 2018: Waxing Moon in Cancer
Mar 24, 15:36 UTC
3° 57'

Current UT Sun in Pisces 3° 05' & in House 6

Sun in  12 February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTSun in  House 6 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTFor you the daily work is a good possibility to hone and differentiate your talents. You experience your creative power during the fine tuning and put it as a service under the order, preciseness, carefulness and good quality. You love to do the things that need to be done in a very well manner. Your creation lies in the detail.

Health, too and the dealing with the body functions are a field in which you could engage. Perhaps there is a disease, in you or a close person, which gives the start to engage intensely and creatively in healing methods.

The importance of the otherwise taken as given physical power enters your mind if it does not work so well anymore. You learn to value your body and gain a more careful relationship to it treating it better.

The connection of emotional processes and psychological problems could raise your interest and lead you to new knowledge of the teamwork of body, mind and soul.

The resulting thankfulness and the feeling to lead a useful life could give you great satisfaction in your life.


Current UT Moon in Taurus 13° 13' & in House 9

Moon in  House 9 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTMoon in  2 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTYour emotional levels find their nutrition and their home in the dealing with areas of knowledge that deal with the sense of life and the mental laws regulating our lives. It corresponds to your deepest nature to always broaden your mental horizon, to gain new insights and understand your life from a higher perspective.

You attend upgrade training courses or take part in groups furthering their self-knowledge. You perhaps like to read books about positive thinking or travel reports of inner and outer journeys which enrich your view of the world and give you a new perspective on your own life.

You also concretely like to travel to get to know other countries, people and cultures. If not other sides contradict it, you quickly feel well in foreign environments and familiarize you with them. Perhaps you even have the dream or the real intention to move abroad.

Nature too is a concern to you and gets you to your roots. You like to be outside and have perhaps a garden and a house in the countryside.

In your emotional expression you are straight forward and honest, also towards other people because the truth is a dear matter to you. With your emotional wisdom, you often hit the nail on the head. You get to the point and that sometimes in an uncomfortable way for the people around you because you are not fussy with your truth. But behind it always lie good intentions and the realisation to serve.


Current UT Venus in Pisces 13° 31' & in House 6

Venus in 12 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTVenus in House 6 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTYou possess a talent many people do not have. You love the daily work! You enjoy doing everything in the best possible way. If you clean your house and have arranged the flowers you are satisfied with yourself and enjoy the well-done result. The opportunity to always re-create this nicely cleaned-up state possesses something healing for you. By creating an exterior harmony, you also create an inner balance in yourself.

At work, it certainly does not look bleak. Plants and paintings or simply something beautiful and personal must be present. If you have colleagues, you get along with them very well and the contact could always be spiced with a tad of eroticism and flirt.

You could also make your sense of beauty and your artistic abilities to a profession. Especially the accurate work is your thing and you like to combine the aesthetics with the practical, for example as a graphic artist or designer. Privately, too, you will always look for the combination of a well-done design and functionality when buying tools. You may perhaps even work in the field of hygiene and cosmetics and combine health with beauty.


Current UT Ascendant in Virgo 17° 56'

Rising Sign in 6 & in House 1 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTRising Sign in 6 on February 21st, 2018 18:45 GMTWhen you enter a room or enter into a situation, you instantly figure out where the problems may be. You have good observation skills and an eye for the detail. You see instantly when a picture on the wall is lopsided, the hem has opened and taste when the soup comes from a bag. You have a very precise sense of order and quality. You are not the type letting things go.

You buy at specialist stores and at the health-food shop. You can adapt, but you check everything very carefully in order whether the cost use relation is valid for you. You are like an accountant in that regard.

Perhaps your demeanour is somewhat brittle but your love for genuineness and rightness compensates for that. If you do not let your drive for perfectionism become pedantry everyone is glad about your diligence and you can view yourself with a particular dry humour. Your readiness for self-criticism does include you in your quality control.

Whatever you tackle you do it in a methodical manner. You are progressing step by step. If too much assault you in a situation which breaks open your system and demands a talent in improvisation you get out of tact and only start running again once you have found your according way of order.


Zodiac Feb 21, 2018 18:45 UTC

Q    03   c  05' 08''
W    13   s  13' 36''
E    06   c  38' 30''  
R    13   c  31' 36''  
T    15   l  57' 07''  
Y    22   k  51' 21''  
U    06   v  44' 54''  
I    25   a  37' 21''  
O    13   c  31' 34''  
P    20   v  25' 47''  
M    26   c  50' 08''  
{    14   g  48' 26''  R
`    11   v  38' 41''  

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