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The Aquarius Star Sign

Better Eccentric Than Normal! - The Aquarius

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Aquarius
Element: Air
Motivation: Fixed
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Aquamarine - it has a balancing and stabilising effect on the emotional and mental body. It cleans and helps to achieve visionary clarity.

Turquoise - it transforms our mind extremely and gives wisdom. Often it is used to the betterment and stabilisation of the health. The turquoise is a very strong protection gem.


All metallic colours such as metallic grey, ice blue and bright violet.

The Aqurius puts the motto of the French Revolution onto his flag, freedom, equality and fraternalism. He uses his creative energy and his personal will to establish the qualities of the nowadays society. The Aquarius engages in group interests for the common good, for the liberalisation of the work flow, the dismantling of hierarchic structures and one-sided power interests.

The Aquarius experiments with new forms of human cohabitation in which his own interests are integrated harmoniously into the interests of the group. He detaches from the strict gender roles, pushes the buggy as a man and leads a company as a woman. The Aquarius arises from the old drama about crime and punishment and releases everyone from the prison of their dependency of fixed identities.

The Aquarius invites to the freedom to start a new enjoyable game in which everyone wins and in which everyone is both king and pauper, good and evil. Aquarius creates understanding that every role can have a use for someone, lets go of all ethical assessments and pleads for freedom and complete autonomy.

The Aquarius wants the emancipation from all social and personal heteronomy. Aquarius is the messenger of a new and beautiful time!

The Aquarius has something against all mundane and normal. He does not care about what others think or do. His thinking often advances far ahead, his mind is sharp, reasonable, compelling and often also compassionate. The Aquarius is generally seen as a very liberal sign. However, sometimes indifference is hidden behind the liberal stance.

The Famous Aquarius