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The Aries Star Sign

All Or Nothing - The Aries

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Aries
Element: Fire
Motivation: Cardinal
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Ruby - it warms the body, stokes it up and makes sensual. It is best worn in the pocket.

Rhodonite - it addresses the heart and the feelings and expresses compassion and sensitivity. Put on painful spots it eases the pain with its compassionate vibe and is a good comforter for lovesickness or sadness.


To the fire sign astrology attributes, of course, fiery colours such as a bright red or blood red. Colours that express the activity and also have an inspiring, constructive, encouraging and warming effect.

The Aries goes into the world with the explicit assumption of his triumphal victory and from that he gains his uninhibited courage when it comes to exploring all new and unknown. The Aries stands in the boxing ring of life and wants impatiently to test his muscles and his energy on obstacles. He plants a tree in the desert or starts an expedition. If the Aries is excited about something, he is all for it and he wants instantly to start.

Aries-borns are pioneers, persons of the first hour. They take the initiative and lead their projects. They have thousands of ideas which are not necessarily all good and they should care for a reliable group of employees as the leader who clean up after them, balance their passion and water the planted tree.

The Aries radiates a refreshing directness that can quite quickly turn into a burst of anger if he feels attacked in his pride and honour. Threatening the Aries raises the fists and as soon as it has come it is over. The Aries' impulsiveness has pushed the overpressure valve.

Once the Aries has fought enough, he becomes as gentle as a lamb but jumps up again at the next small provocation, ready to fight. Constant peace is no enjoyable vision for an Aries. He will certainly find something worth fighting for.

Aries personalities are pragmatics. They are people of the action striving for the new. All they do is inspired by great passion. An Aries does not like to do things halfway. There is no middle ground.

The Famous Aries