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Best Match Horoscope For Singles - Who really fits

The Best Match Horoscope

From your birth horoscope not only the different facets of your own personality can be deducted. It also contains information about the partner matching your nature. It is as complex as you and cannot be determined by a star sign alone. The entire horoscope is much more eclectic in its declaration possibilities and makes a distinguished contemplation possible.

The partner attraction works by the affinity principle or the law of resonance. On the outside, you feel attracted to what is inherent inside you. Whether you are aware or not. Get an insight into whom you are really looking for. This "Best Match" analysis helps you to understand the connection between your inner structure and your choice of partner much clearer.

Your own maturity and awareness decide on what level you meet your partner. If you have difficulties with some aspects of your personality, your partner will dissolve those with his or her behaviour. He may not match your conscious ideal but ultimately helps you to get to know yourself better.

Maybe you already have experienced a change of partners but meeting the same problems. Only the conscious self-study contributes to looking through your own projective mechanisms which origin you find in your mother and your father. In the mirror of your partner, you eventually discover your unconscious sides both the strengths and the weaknesses.

Your Sample Best Match Horoscope Contains

  1. The Ascendant/Descendant Axis
    While the Ascendant and the First House symbolise the own appearance and behaviour, the Descendant and the Seventh House stand for the expectations in a partner. Your sample horoscopes gives you the explanation for your Ascendant/Descandant axis.

  2. Best Match Table for the single planets in the signs
    The table shows you what planets in what signs match best. Those are colour-coded from a darker shade (best match) to a lighter shade (also matches but not as well).

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