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The Cancer Star Sign

Emotions Are Everything - The Cancer

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Cancer
Element: Water
Motivation: Cardinal
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Moonstone - it is ought to make fertile, regulate the monthly cycle and heighten affective sensation. Important is the regular irradiation with moonlight, especially on a full moon.

Pearl - It enriches the emotional life, makes a beautiful skin and strengthens the backbone. Take note! Never use cultivated pearls!


To the water sign, Cancer crayon colours are attributed. For example, rose, mint green, or a tender yellow or watery blue. Very fitting is also silver, the metal that is assigned to the Cancer.

Your deepest need is to get to the roots of your emotional identity and to find concealment, love and peace at the bottom of your soul. You need to feel being loved and nourished just because you are and express the richness of your love in a creative way. You want experience autonomy, want to experience to build your own warm nest with which you can identify and to which you invite people you love.

Your happiness and satisfaction are the greatest when you experience your ability to give other people warmth and care, protection and consolation. Your heart becomes wide if you can alleviate emotional need which can sometimes be supported by a good warm soup.

You are able to create your own concealment. You do not need to wait passively as you had experienced it as a child. And you can become a nourishing centre for others let it be family, friends or in a profession. You use your energy to build a warm philanthropic climate wherever you act in which the personal needs find a room.

Your problem is that you overdo it and choke the independence of others with your providence because you so much enjoy to mother and to care for others. Let the children become adults and look into what care an adult person needs. The more you grow yourself, the more you will understand that.

The Cancer lives his life totally for emotions. He wants to research and is on the quest for the soul in everything. The Cancer's primary motivation is to mother and to be mothered. A Cancer needs emotional warmth to feel safe and comfortable. The family goes above all else. In the family's surroundings, the Cancer gets the energy and the power to act.

The Famous Cancer