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The Capricorn Star Sign

In Calmness Lies Power - The Capricorn

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Capricorn
Element: Earth
Motivation: Cardinal
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Chrysoprase - has a balancing and harmonising effect. Its influence seems to clear up problems and to strengthen the inner sight. Worn near the heart it nourishes it and gives new energy.

Onyx - stabilises and leads to renewal and enlightenment. It can absorb and process negativity.


Dark colours always suit the Capricorn. They are amongst others black, dark grey, dark brown and black-grey. Especially good looks a dark bottle green on this earth human being.

You experience your individual self-expression the strongest and with the greatest satisfaction when you can build a carrying structure with your factual competence. And you energetically tackle it yourself. Your material is the concrete life and you want practical results which are comprehensible and replicable.

You are not impressed by vague promises. You want it to be black and white. You do not waste time with minor matters but always keep one eye on the essentials. You have the talent to organise and work hard and enduring by plan because the wish to be acknowledged as a factual authority by society lives in you. Not so much because of fame but because of your contribution you consider as socially relevant.

For this goal you cut back on your personal needs, sometimes so much that you even waive nutrition and sleep in order to fulfil your obligations. At this point you overbalance. What good is the best structure if the biological life leaks from it? A sustainable skeleton is good but it serves to carry and support the beautiful flesh!

The reduction to the essentials means for your personality also to realise of which your nature is made of and it is certainly more complex than the aspect of the pure fulfilment of obligations. After all you are a human made of flesh and blood.

Similar to Taurus and Virgo the Capricorn always reacts in a calm manner. He is a thinker even though he is slower than others. Once a Capricorn has understood something he never forgets again. The long-term memory of the Capricorn is unsurpassed and is often reliable as a dictionary. Other more flexible and more spontaneous signs have difficulties in co-working with the Capricorn, always with the feeling to push him. However, the Capricorn is an exceptionally gifted teacher when it comes to patience. In the end, and he knows, he will always achieve what he wants. Just a bit slower. That the Capricorn is moreover quite tight-lipped should not come as a surprise. The Capricorn deals with everything by himself.

The Famous Capricorn