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Chinese Sign Dog

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The Dog In The Current Year Of The Metal-Rat

In the last two years the loyalty of the dog was rewarded, and he was able to evolve in a safe environment and according to his own pace. Especially with the pig, more feeling and less tension was on the agenda.

With the metal rat, a new twelve-year cycle begins this year, which influences all animal signs and can also bring some change for the dog. This could particularly irritate those dogs, who generally struggle with new situations. In addition, the new regent shows a much faster gait compared to her predecessor, the pig, which can cause additional stress.

No one makes the dog to adapt to the strategies of the rat. The dog does not necessarily have to get involved in the new tempo either but can quietly follow his previous rhythm if this gives him more security. If the dog manages to initiate feasible changes for him, this is surely enough for the time being.

Especially on the financial level, the dog does well to stick to its tried and tested gait and not risk too much. Conservative investing is certainly the better option in the coming months, because the rat tends to be reckless in this area.

Instead, the dog can otherwise rely on the metal rat's support, who can be a help to him especially in professional matters.

On a personal level, the positive trend of the past year can continue whenever the dog shows appropriate commitment. A new love wants to be courted. Existing relationships also benefit from a little fresh air and more commitment at the beginning of the new cycle.

Dear owner of the dog sign; the positive trend of the past two years can last, especially if you are looking for allies regarding important situations.

The Dog In General

The Dog Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Dog

Yang Earth

In China the Dog is a symbol for friendship. The Yang-Energy dominates - the giving, active principle. A year of the Dog brings deep friendships. The lucky number for the Dog is 8; his colour is ocean blue.

Positive Traits
persistent, direct, honest, enthusiastic, brave, solemn, intuitive, modest, generous, circumspect, faithful, tolerant, loyal, proud, adhesive, carefree, reliable, liberal, observing and sensitive

Negative Traits
cynical, sarcastic, sceptic, quarrelsome, biting, moody, critical, bigoted, cold, bitter, eccentric, pessimistic, mistrusting, mocking, grumbly, condescending, restless, stubborn and proud

People born in the year of the dog are quite sensitive and emotional. They can identify with another's feelings and strive to reach harmony. Most often they are very well liked - not because of any actions or performances but solely because of their pleasant and calm charisma. They like to talk to others and give them good advice.

If this in itself positive characteristic is overdone sometimes the joviality of the dog unnerves others and he is seen as intrusive or patronizing. While on the contrary the dog really does not want to patronize it is rather the opposite. He likes to be guided. Dogs are not really the typical leaders they act as the second man in the best sense of the word. They are the ones enabling others to reach big things because they are at their side as a true friend and advisor.

Others very much like the dog because they find understanding and consolation. They are able to quickly help facilitate peace between two parties, balance different opinions and find compromise and get people together. If there is no harmony dogs do not feel well and they can hardly understand how somebody could think differently. They overlook that not every situation, every dispute, every difference in opinion needs a harmonic balance but lives from the tension. A dispute can be a freeing thunderstorm cleaning the charged atmosphere. Without a little bit of lightning and thunder it would stay calm but oppressing

This problem of the dog is rooted deeply in his character and does not only show in situations with other people. He also tries to harmonize himself which is actually quite positive but he does not differentiate sometimes between true and artificial harmony. Dogs tend to accumulate feelings, gobble things up and do not show negative feelings such as anger, frustration or annoyance even not before themselves. They are professionals in suppressing unpleasant emotions. But the suppression does not get away but works in the dog's subconscious.

This leads to a black and white thinking when the dog becomes older which makes it more and more difficult to feel for others, which is a shame because it is the strength of the dog. They can become quite stubborn with age and persistent with their opinions. True they still quickly give in at any dispute but you see that they do not mean it. The proverb you cannot teach an old dog tricks fits for the dog-born too. He should make it clear to himself in time that negative feelings have to be let loose and that this actually gives the harmony and helps the emotional development more than the suppressing of feelings.

That is also the reason why dogs cannot be demanding. They rather tend to take a step back and give in. This is a positive trait at first glance but only then if it is done with measure. With the dog it is too strong. He has to learn to argue even with important things and to push his needs through.

The dog stands out when it comes to optimism. They see only the best in all things. Therefore they are quite trusting and have difficulties dealing with disappointment. Dogs are loyal, reliable and trusting so they cannot imagine how somebody can be unreliable and abuse his trust. After some of those experiences dogs often develop certain mistrust towards people they do not know so well. Luckily this mistrust does not concern friends. Towards them the dog stays faithful and very magnanimous towards their mistakes. Whoever has a dog as a best friend can be happy.

Dog With The Element Wood

The Wood-Dog is a perfectionist, fussy, faithful and possess the extraordinary skill to dodge traps and to smell trouble. Potential partners are carefully chosen.

People having the Wood-Dog as a Chinese sing love to help others both out of curiosity and helpfulness. They enjoy the teamwork, appreciate comfort and beauty and know how to enjoy the good sides of life.

Somewhat vain this mocking and rough human being are always loyal to the ones that are loved.

The wood provides the dog with a big interest in growth. Thus, it is open towards anything new and always strives for deepening the knowledge.

For beauty too, the Wood-Dog is very receptive since its striving is most of all dedicated to creating a balance, to create harmony. Due to that reasons the Wood Dog possess the ability to cooperate and is capable of integrating into any group effortlessly.

The Wood-Dog should always attempt to check its desire of belonging to a group precisely, and take on self-responsibility. There is one thing that might prevent that. The Wood-Dog likes to please people. The dog born in the phase of the wood is a popular, friendly and cordial type of human being.

Dog With The Element Fire

The Fire-Dog is, of course, a sparkling and fiery personality. It is idealistic and just. This enthusiastic Don Quichotte amongst the dogs gets never discouraged.

Difficulties only strengthen the Fire-Dog's beliefs. Like all dogs, it can be mocking, but could become cynical and even egoistic over the course of time and with the made disappointments.

The Fire-Dog possesses a higher energy potential than other dogs. This dog's mind does not long for finding firm rules but yearns for the new.

People having the Fire-Dog as a Chinese sign love the adventure and are most of the time on the quest for new, foreign worlds.

However, the Fire-Dog, too, needs guidance and indeed looks for a partner during the journey providing it with a help of orientation. If it dislikes something in the guidance, it will turn instantly away and go its own ways.

People born under the Chinese sign of the Fire-Dog are ambitious, independent human beings, less conservative and rigid in their opinions, but very strong-willed. The company of a Fire-Dog is of course always exciting.

The Dog With The Element Earth

The Earth-Dog is the most realistic of all the dogs. It understands to play its trumps and does know its limits very well. This dog is more stable and less restless than its sign-brothers.

People having the Earth-Dog as a Chinese sign do not like competition and the rush but prefer the peace and life of the countryside. This selfless human being is very dedicated to the family, is always honest, direct and very loyal.

The earth closes the circle of the transition phases. It is finite and limits the place on which all ideas appear and find realisation. Thus, people born under this sign is most of the time a realist, a thinker proceeding from what is tangible. They act under strict, causal and rational points of view.

The Earth-Dog is usually a reasonable advisor seeking justice in an unbiased and neutral, even lawful manner. Besides all the awareness of the mind, people born under the Chinese sign of the Earth-Dog, possess a fine sense of the fellow men, a strong intuition, that is carefully and reservedly used.

The Dog With The Element Metal

This friendly dog is obsessed by the wish to change the world or at least to leave a mark. At the same time, the Metal-Dog is serious and responsible. People born under the Chinese sign of the Metal-Dog is extremely companionable and understands to simplify matters. They are very curious.

Pedantic, as the Metal-Dog is, it is always on the quest for perfection and thereby often suffers a defeat which gets its balance flustered. The latter can make people born under the Chinese sign of the Metal-Dog restless and moody.

The metal provides the dog with power and strength. Principled and noble and equipped with an unshakable faith in the good of mankind, the Metal-Dog lives under the iron banner of self-discipline and engages in its high ideals selflessly.

Most of the time people with the Metal-Dog as a Chinese sign possess definite opinions which they would always stand by regardless of the consequences. They love the order and are exact, honest and completely loyal towards those they appreciate.

However, it is different with those people hurting a Metal-Dog's principles. This dog reacts with the harshness of a grand inquisitor when it comes to injustice, intrigue and a lack of fairness. Then no mercy is shown to the opponent who will be ruthlessly separated out.

The Dog With The Element Water

The Water-Dog is mistrusting, restless, pessimistic and seems to be restrained, sometimes even to be unfeeling. However, quite to the contrary, this human being is cordial, a good judge of character and possesses an open and generous personality.

At a closer contact, you get to know the Water-Dog better. It possesses equally as much luck as cogency. People born under the Chinese sign of the Water-Dog are confident, a bit proud, never undecided and their cutting nature does not prevent them from being diplomatic.

There is a high degree of intuition that is immanent in a Water-Dog. Since it can rely on its knowledge, the Water-Dog does not get irritated easily by different opinions. People with this sign therefore often possess an attractive nature, are open and friendly in their appearance.

The Water-Dog will always stand by its own opinions in a direct way without being intolerant towards other views. It can just live with them because the world has many different faces for the Water-Dog.

As an advisor or psychiatrist, people born under the sign of the Water-Dog are in high demand since they are able to consider a matter in a subtle manner from many different sides.

The Water-Dog's fine, intuitive nature possesses great attraction on its fellow men.

Chinese Sign Dog - Love & Emotion

Friendship means everything to the people born in the year of the dog. They seek the closeness to others because only in contact with people they see fulfilment. If Aristotles' word of zoon politico - from the people as a being of fellowship - is true then it matches the dog perfectly. Solitude means tragedy to him.

Dogs therefore look quite early for a firm relationship. They like to have a big family and are also very loving although somewhat conservative fathers and mothers. Marriage between dogs last very long. Whether the partners become happy is another question. Sure, they are affectionate, compliant and reliable but not everybody values those qualities. For some people the amicable love of the dog is not what they have hoped for.

It is not as if the people born under the sign of the dog would be boring; but sometimes someone is so capricious and energy-loaded that the dog-born cannot offer anything new to them as they may wish for. In such relationships you find dispute and the dog proves to be understanding, tolerant and magnanimous and that is exactly what drives the other away.

If dogs learnt that a relationship also lives of dispute and not only of harmony and that they have to assert themselves once in a while to stay interesting for the other then it will enrich their love relationship and also the relationships to other people. The ability to create harmony spiced with a bit more assertion and independence is good humus for a fulfilling, stable relationship the dogs are looking for.

The Dog & the other Chinese signs

Dog and Dog
A dog chooses his partner quite carefully and if two dogs meet it could take a while before both find each other, perhaps only after several tries. Even if both don't think about a stable relationship at first they keep an eye on each other. At some time there is the right moment and both realise how well they fit to each other. Usually this is the beginning of a very long and good relationship.

Dog and Pig
There is no question, dog and pig like each other. Truth and honesty are high values for both which they find in the respective other. Yet while the dog is drawn to the wide world to put his ideals into reality, the pig is satisfied with the small happiness of togetherness in the own home. The dog is again and again disappointed by that since he feels that the pig basically agrees with him but cannot retrace the dog's zest for action. Only an honest and open interaction with each other can keep this relationship stable.

Dog and Rat
How tame the rat can become when a dog is present! The rat's sometimes demanding nature gets soft tones when the dog takes care of her. And the dog loves when his rat overdoes it from time to time and gets him out of his reserves. All in all their interaction is quite contemplative. Perhaps dog and rat cannot believe it sometimes themselves how unproblematic their contradicting natures fit, but in the end both will enjoy their destiny.

Dog and Ox
It is not without hurdles if an ox and a dog find to each other. It starts with the dog and his high ideals taking offense on the pragmatic nature of the ox. Where the ox decides out of reason or sees the maximum of use the dog will align his actions on their ethical justification. Disputes are pre-programmed. However, both admire each other in secret; the dog the ox because he achieves so much in life and the ox the dog because he stays faithful to himself. In this admiration roots the passion for each other.

Dog and Tiger
The wild cat and the dog; can that really work out? But yes! Both are made for each other. Especially the dog values that the tiger does not criticise his idealism and the tiger loves the independence of the dog who gives him a lot of space. They may not be the dream couple from an outside perspective but inside they are for sure because they have great respect for each other they do not need to demonstrate. Both know what they have in each other and that none of them gives up easily once they have found each other.

Dog and Rabbit
Perhaps rabbit and dog think that what both connects is something similar to a relationship even if it looks from an outside perspective rather as a lose togetherness. In fact passion is not the strength of this relationship. That should not disguise the fact that both share a deep friendship and infinitely trust each other. They also rarely have a dispute because each of them does not resent the other's style of life. Perhaps it is exactly this modesty which makes a relationship between rabbit and dog long lasting.

Dog and Dragon
If a dog meets a dragon he might have the feeling to meet the exact opposite of himself. The dragon seems to him to be domineering and moody while he strives for higher ideals where there is no place for such aristocratic behaviour. The dragon on the other hand does not understand how the dog could sacrifice his life for an idea and does without the joy of living. How should this uneven couple form a relationship? Only if both can come up with a maximum amount of tolerance for each other, the relationship might work.

Dog and Snake
Both signs have their difficulties with each other because they have great stipulations when it comes to other's the way of living. The dog is irritated by the snake's ability to lay low when he thinks it is time to stand up for his ideals. The snake on the other hand thinks the dog is way too naive and will rather grimace at his quest for truth. Even if both find to each other out of an erotic attraction it costs a lot of energy and self conquest on both sides to keep this relationship stable.

Dog and Horse
The thing that makes horse and dog to an ideal couple is their great understanding of the spaces the other needs. Neither dog nor horse feels the need to cling to each other only to ensure the other's love. In fact both can lead a very good distance relationship or a weekend relationship. Each knows how to fill time with sense even without the other as when both are together in which severe passion takes place as well as a long deep conversation about god and the world.

Dog and Goat
With dog and goat, idealism and emotions meet. One considers to justify his ideals and sometimes act against the own feelings while the other thinks it is the highest happiness to submit totally to the own emotions. The dog thinks the goat is inconstant; the goat thinks the dog is a dreamer. However, both are able to get it together, especially when both work on the same project. Without such a goal this relationship is more than breakable.

Dog and Monkey
Trust is what connects monkey and dog with each other. The dog loves to give the monkey's imaginativeness form and body and the monkey admires the dog for his wisdom and his sense of the essential. Thus, two meet, who are a team in the best sense of the word and who will enjoy going through thick and thin. This strong connection both won't give easily up and even in times of crisis they firmly stand together.

Dog and Rooster
The rooster is actually a more homely type while the dog is drawn to the wide world. This does not look the best choice for the building up of a joint future. However, if each can learn to accept the other's attitude towards life, a very free and on generosity based relationship can evolve, which is not fed by an everlasting passion but by the feeling to have someone at his side which stands by him when it matters. It is more standing shoulder to shoulder what makes this relationship than romantic love. It seems to suffice for the dog and the rooster.

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