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Chinese Sign Dragon

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The Dragon In The Current Year Of The Earth-Pig

More activity, rather than cautious tactics. The Earth Pig is clearly more spontaneously disposed than the thoughtful Earth Dog. Nevertheless, it would never put success above the well-being of its fellow human beings.

In the coming months, the Dragon may sometimes feel a little torn and does not quite know where to go. Especially when the Earth Pig favours emotional ties and neglects personal ambition, it can sometimes be difficult to pursue the own projects in a purposeful way this year.

In such a case, the best strategy for the Dragon should be to step back from the spotlight and take more time for deciding. With careful planning, the Dragon can then reach his goals with the help of the industrious Earth Pig. For this, not as much patience is required as last year, but all the more empathy.

On a social level, the Dragon receives plenty of opportunities with the new regent to climb the social ladder. It is essential not to disregard the feelings of others.

The welfare of the family is for the Pig at the heart of his reign. This means for the Dragon that it will be worthwhile to spend more time in the circle of his loved ones. For the own desire for freedom, it certainly makes sense to break out at times to regenerate. However, it should be clear that this year the priorities are clearly more in the domestic and family areas. Too much selfishness can prove harmful. The Dragon should be loyal to his environment. That will get him a lot of sympathy.

The Dragon In General

The Dragon Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Dragon

Yang Earth

In China the Dragon has been playing a very important role since ancient times as the strongest symbol for luck and the symbol for power. The Yang energy dominates; the Dragon is the allegory of the male principle. A Year of the Dragon often brings change which turns out to be lucky at a later time even if it is not directly recognizable. The lucky number for a Dragon born is the magical 7; his colours are gold and jade.

Positive Traits
magnanimous, independent, precise, persistent, lively, astute, organised, influential, hyper active, proficient, favoured by luck, greathearted, enthusiastic, courageous, artistically talented, sentimental, intuitive, practical, distinct and generous.

Negative Traits
intolerant, stubborn, megalomaniac, distrustful, impulsive, restless, detached, demanding, narcissistic, unhappy, arrogant, boastful, authoritarian, chatty, impatient, quick tempered, proud, wrongheaded and despotic.

The life of the ones born under the sign of the dragon is in close connection with their relationship to power. It is not rare for them to have an effect on other people; this charisma increases with the course of the years. As children, teenager and young adults dragons are sometimes like grey mice - dragon eggs they say in China. At some point, when change arrives to their life, the power of the dragon sign comes to the surface. Just when it will happen is not predictable. The dragon can hatch already as a child but it also happens that the dragon gets to know his fate with age.

That the time of the change is not predictable does not mean that it happens coincidentally. Dragons have generally a tendency to be loners and to being introvert. If outer events, for example the early death of the parents amplifies this inner tendency it can be a reason that you do not see very much of the great dragon's energy. The dragon-born does not have to work with his will on his emotional development. Looking inside and self recognition is easy to him. But if those aspects amplify, it won't make him happier, rather to the contrary.

A sad dragon does not spit fire it is said. But dragon-born usually do not tend to be sad; only if events occur, which are not under their control; such as natural catastrophes, wars or the death of a beloved person. Those hurt a dragon very much since he is not used to tragedies and feels painfully his own uselessness. Of course this also is natural because within every dragon's inside sleeps the awareness of power. It makes sense to him to accomplish himself while acting. He needs to challenge in order to get his great potential unfold. With a dragon-born several factors are combined which seem to make him successful. You are only rarely astonished when they managed to do something big; yes, you really expect them to. Dragons have an extraordinary intuition; strong inner energy is original and many-sided. What more do you want? What other people most often do not notice because they are blinded by the dragon's charisma is that they always keep a certain distance to others. The dragon-born knows about that and they doubt whether they are on the right way.

Those doubts have their rightfulness because keeping the distance is caused by certain intolerance for his fellowman. This is not an aspect of emotional coldness but rather the nature of the dragon. The distance to other people is also something the dragon should work on. The problem here is the motivation. He does see his distance as negative but the admiration of his fellowman lets him believe that the distance is not his own fault. Not the retreat itself, thinking about possible own mistakes and flaws lets the dragon evolve but rather the active loving treatment of other people.

Dragons most often bring innovation. Mostly they are not world changing but within their surroundings quite significant. Also on a big scale their constantly flowing, creative power leads to innovation. Dragons tend also to break the rules what mostly later turns out to have been eligible and have made sense but first brings him quite some trouble. Making some more effort for diplomacy would do well here.

If a dragon is able to combine the effect he has on other people with the effort of understanding them and a little diplomacy the dragon can get anywhere he wants.

Dragon With The Element Wood

The Wood-Dragon is cordial and devoted, extremely affable and amicable. He is the most artistic amongst his sign brothers, the most creative and fussiest. Sometimes the Wood-Dragon has his head in the clouds and is scatter-brained, unless at work.

Sometimes, he is a genius, a wackier or provocateur. However, in general, the Wood-Dragon is peaceful, even friendly. However, he can have sudden outbursts of anger and can be petty and malicious at that moment. The Wood-Dragon is not at all resentful and he loves the life and the love.

The Wood-Dragon possesses something of a researcher with a burning interest in the laws of cause and effect. Absolute logic determines his manner to act, whereas the Wood-Dragon is anything else than a cold mind machine. To the contrary, he is extremely big-hearted.

Of course, the Wood-Dragon does know all too well the ambition to rule, but when in doubt he chooses rather compromise than to alienate a friend. However, he must see an advantage in doing so.

Like all dragons, the Wood-Dragon is somewhat egocentric and has a hard time to shelve own interests. But since he is able to assess matters objectively with his logical intelligence, it is easy for the Wood-Dragon, to take back the own interests for the benefit of a cause.

Dragon With The Element Fire

The Fire-Dragon is ambitious, open and humane. He possesses a distinctive sense of duty and honour. He is objective and often constructive, but cannot always conquer his humour. The Fire-Dragon doesn't spit fire thoughtlessly. However, this authoritarian person can be unbearable especially towards strangers.

His sensuality is strongly distinctive, sometimes even unrestrained which often makes the Fire-Dragon fickle a weakness, that completely vanishes over time or in case of a love marriage.

The Fire-Dragon possesses a strong aura of authority and superiority. Without wanting to, he intimidates others with his enormous self-confidence.

Admittedly, the Fire-Dragon is of a very open nature and always addresses his opponent directly, but without noticing, he exerts absolute pressure and tends to be somewhat dictatorial.

When he wants, the Fire-Dragon can be extremely modest and shelve his highflying demands. In general, he attempts to assert his claim of leadership first before he humbly bows before the interests of the general welfare.

The Dragon With The Element Earth

The realistic, polite receptive and with a great sense of justice equipped Earth-Dragon is capable of doing great things if he is encouraged to do it.

Indeed, he needs the help and support of his loved ones for his motivation. As worthy, serious and obstinate human being, he is particularly suited for administration, human resources, diplomacy or communication.

He rather prefers thinking and discussing and is not as temperamental as his sign-comrades. In love, this lively person often dreams of playing a prank but rarely puts this thought into action.

The earth equips the dragon with much sense of reality. The Earth-Dragon does not deal as emotionally as his sign-comrades with problems. He rather attempts to find a solution in a reasonable manner. His work is marked by consistency, whereas the Earth-Dragon demands a lot fewer requirements of his fellow men than other dragons.

To the outside world, the Earth-Dragon appears restrained and quiet. However, behind this modest stance lies a good portion of courage and strength. At that moment when the Earth-Dragon's pride is hurt, he unambiguously makes clear that he can act as passionately and emotionally as his sign-brothers.

The Dragon With The Element Metal

This conquering, wilful and favoured by luck dragon has a big urge for activity. He is persistent, somewhat uncompromising, almost undiplomatic and possesses a preference for new or spectacular activities.

He always wants to be an example for others, always wants to be the leader or the star and possesses significant strength of character. His obsession which sometimes borders already on fanaticism and the high trust in his own abilities can lead him far outside the known paths but can also lead to dangerous horizons.

In the brilliant Doctor Jekyll is always a Mr Hyde, too.

Honesty and integrity are the values for the Metal-Dragon on which he measures everything. Truthfulness is a prerequisite in his relationship to others. With passion, the Metal-Dragon stands by his convictions and moral values.

The Metal-Dragon would put his life at stake for his straightforwardness and he can only hardly realise when others use this term loosely. To live at a Metal-Dragon's side is a risk, an adventure and a risky game.

However, the Metal-Dragon will only choose people as partners that can measure up to him to let them see in the intimacy of the togetherness the character traits he generally hides, namely faithfulness and tenderness.

The Dragon With The Element Water

The dragon born under the element of water is very much organized, a born mediator, extraordinarily gifted in communication, democratic, of sharp mind, and he knows his borders exactly.

The sharpness of mind and moral awareness are this unselfish and generous dragon's main-qualities. He is a patient comrade, who also can deal with failure.

Furthermore, he is very affable, open to innovations and prefers to listen rather than to talk. This optimistic dragon, which you can depend on and can deal with several tasks at once is tender and loves his family.

A lot more cautious than his sign-brothers is a Water-Dragon. His character appears to be softer and better natured because the element of water makes the Water-Dragon much more flexible. It is also easier for him to adapt to the interests of a group.

It is not so hard for a Water-Dragon to accept personal defeat. With his relativity, he is able to recognise things and most of all does not consider himself to be the measure of all things. Due to these reasons, the Water-Dragon is quite affable despite his strong will and assertiveness.

Liberal and diligent is the Water-Dragon and blessed with a pronounced talent for leadership.

Chinese Sign Dragon - Love & Emotion

Dragons are loners by nature. On the other hand, a relationship with other people is good for them. Dragons do know this at least subconsciously and therefore they tend to commit quite early to another human being.

Mostly this turns out to have been a mistake, not so much because of the early commitment, but a partner is to no other sign as important as for the dragon. People who commit early have not had so much time to meet others and thus the likelihood of meeting the right person.

The tendency to an early commitment also casts a negative light on the dragons' attitude towards other people. Many of them think other people are exchangeable. To exaggerate, one could say that dragons tie the knot early because they think that it does not matter who they chose as a partner.

Of course, it is not as extreme as that. Dragons know that not all people are equal. Yet they do feel different and have to build up closeness to others. So check before you commit - for no other sign is that more valid as for the dragon!

Dragons have a clear sense of family. This is also a hint of their relationship with power. The family is a small system in which the dragon can prove his strength. Strength is not meant negatively here - you do not need to mix up power with violence.

Dragons are loving fathers, mothers and partners. They always strive for reaching the best for all family members, although they want to be the ones steering them. They also need admiration. It is essential for a dragon to have the right partner at whose side it does not come to conflict.

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