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Chinese Sign Goat

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The Goat: Learns How To Assert Herself - until 2022 Feb 4th Year of the Metal Ox

Metal-Ox advice for the Goat
Set realistic goals and take advantage of the newfound strength! Those who are distracted can quickly stand outside.

Surely the Goat has met many grievances in the last year due to her methodical vein. The Rat's sometimes rather erratic approach was hardly to her liking.

Especially when it came to the well-being of the people entrusted to her, she would have liked to see fewer problems. The concern for others has certainly prevented the Goat from pursuing her plans with determination.

For some, self-realisation may have fallen by the wayside in the past year of the Rat. The Metal Ox is a sign that can support the Goat much more than the Rat.

Although the Ox, the new ruler of this year's Chinese zodiac, is in direct opposition to the Goat, they share more traditional attitudes. With his strength, the Ox can support the Goat wonderfully, especially when it comes to asserting himself.

Especially at the professional level, Goat-born people can now better deal with upcoming obstacles. With the reliable Ox having her back, she dares to stand up for her views to convince others.

This does not necessarily lead to a faster result, but it can bring the Goat the respect of colleagues and superiors. With constant effort, she will thus gain the recognition that she has earned honestly.

At the private level, prudent decisions are now required. The new annual agent does not like any hasty decisions. Especially in close relationships it is now necessary to find out whether someone has only the own good in mind.

The interests of the family must not be neglected either. However, this should not be too difficult for the empathic Goat.

The Goat In General

The Goat Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Goat

Yin Earth

In Western books about Chinese astrology you sometimes read Sheep instead of Goat which is the actual meaning of the sign. The Goat is a symbol for kindness. The Yin-Energy dominates - the giving way, passive principle. Years of the Goat bring new insights and understanding for each other. They are years in which peace treaties are negotiated and important connections are created. The lucky number for the Goat is 4; her colour is white.

Positive Traits
peace loving, natural, friendly, intuitive, loving, tasteful, helpful, persistent, artistic, talented, respectful, ecological, original, tender, selfless, creative, easy-going, sentimental, sensitive and polite.

Positive Traits
non-independent, flippant, pessimistic, hesitant, capricious, sceptical, wasteful, irresponsible, lavish, superstitious, petty, atrocious, weak, immature, careless, rough, moody, discontented, absent-minded and impulsive.

Goats follow consciously or subconsciously an inner vision. Something drives them to get on on their path. It is important to them to make this inner vision crystal clear or to create it newly. Deliberateness is in any case better than being led by the unknowing and this is not only valid for Goats and his vision.

As long as Goats have not found their path they feel lost in this world. They tend to being over apprehensive in many areas. They are quite often a hypochondriac in this phase and believe to have caught all possible and impossible diseases. This fearfulness is an expression of their subconscious telling them that something is missing.

What the vision of the Goat looks like is unpredictable; she could strive for spiritual, artistic or scientific goals, to overcome his fears and devote himself totally to one goal. They need a goal; it is part of their being. Sometimes, this urge leads to defective development especially if the goal is of a pure materialistic nature. The Goat will not feel well with that and also will not accomplish great things. Especially female Goats set the family happiness as the utmost goal which is also not very good for their development. This frame is simply too restricted for their abilities.

What Goats need in any case is the dealing with other people. Most often their fears restrict them also in this area in form of shyness or feeling disadvantaged but they are most of the time loveable persons whose devotion is eyed often sceptically but also with admiration.

Goats are extraordinary sensitive. Their feelings play an important role in their life - in the negative as in the positive. They are kind, empathic and understanding. Generally those are very pleasant qualities from which they also profit in their lives. On the other hand the extreme of those qualities can become a burden and a hurdle.

The Goat's sensitivity makes it easy to feel into others but if that is too strong a part of him gets lost. This is a danger for Goats; not to get lost in others, that they live more in other people than in themselves. The suffering of the others will become their own suffering.

Goats make themselves quickly dependable on the judgment of others. Because the feelings and opinions of their fellowmen are so important to them they have a problem with getting criticized. This you can already see in children born under this sign at school. They often tend to be fearful of tests and take it to heart when a teacher rebukes. Adults should meet those children also with great sensitivity and thus trying to take away the fears.

Sometimes fear and empathy mutually tricks the Goat. Since the closeness to other people is important to them they often suffer from the fear of loss and loneliness. If those feelings become too strong the Goat is no longer able to keep the necessary distance to others; the distance some people really need. If this is the case the kindness and empathy of the Goat seems to be intrusive.

All of these negative aspects are dangers threatening the Goat-Born but that are only valid in extreme cases. Generally kindness and empathy are positive virtues. Fears can hinder those virtues of becoming a reality but not stop it because the Goat is a constantly evolving character moving forward and not stopping at the negatives. Eventually the Goat manages sooner or later to overcome those fears and find his vision.

The Goat With The Element Wood

This goat is charming, sentimental and confident and always hopes, that things resolve themselves. It has a horror of pressure, authority and the routine.

The Wood-Goat is creative and possesses a fertile imagination, which brings it biggest successes. This goat is affable, generous and always ready, to help others.

Accomodating, in a good mood and endlessly sympathetic appeals the Wood-Goat. It always oozes an enormous amount of optimism, a hopeful and cheerful confidence. And most of the time life does not belie that.

Inwardly, the Wood-Goat knows exactly its worth. However, to make the most of its talents, the Wood-Goat is far too generous. It is just happy when it can be taken up in others. It is able to get along alone as well and tackles matters energetically.

In the process the Wood-Goat always attempts to create improvement of its life circumstances, which enable it to live a luxury life. The Wood-Goat needs a material safety to maintain its optimism.

The Goat With The Element Fire

This emotional and sensitive goat often is inclined to dramatizing its problems, despite its intuition and its ability to help itself. If one disagrees with it, the Fire-Goat can respond aggressively and occasionally even brutally.

The Fire-Goat can be strict, obstinate and unreasonable. It is very hospitable and sometimes lives under its possibilities but also believes rightly in its chances.

The Fire-Goat possesses initiative and drive. Its vitality and enthusiasm are most of the time contagious. The Fire-Goat is unbeatable when it is about finding arguments for its affairs. However, whether this goat actually pulls off the project is more questionable.

Since goats are generally robust and enduring, normally three out of five plans do not get stuck in the first stadium. In its negative appearance, the Fire-Goat tends to unrealistic, wishful thinking and is therefore quickly discouraged when not all of its dreams come true.

Sometimes, the Fire-Goat undergoes intense mood-swings.

The Goat With The Element Earth

This goat is more independent, more faithful than other goats and a bit conservative. It is shy, despite its (entitled) self-confidence, obliging and even a little naive, which could earn it disappointments.

The Earth-Goat is helpful, takes its duties seriously, does not show emotions and is, under certain circumstances, capable of explosive fits of rage.

The demeanour of the Earth-Goat is very relaxed and self-assured. It knows about the meaning of having a firm foundation and, therefore, will never waste its money, as it is usually the case with other goats.

Regarding the profession the Earth-Goat acts responsibly as well. It takes its obligations seriously and is able to incorporate into regulated workflows. Planning, order and structure are for the Earth-Goat no foreign words.

However, this goat can also be quite helpful and it is always there for others. Generally, the Earth-Goat is an extremely peaceful human being, which can impress very much despite all the restraint.

The Goat With The Element Metal

This goat possesses a fighter nature. It is sensual, confident, vulnerable and extremely sensitive. The two last qualities are narrowly interconnected. The Metal-Goat is very artistic and always on the search for stability and harmony, conditions, that are imperative for its creativity.

Since the Metal-Goat is an emotional person, there are also times of depression and discouragement. Furthermore, it is possessive and often even authoritarian. If the Metal-Goat is not careful, it can become quite knocked down due to its intense jealousy.

The Metal-Goat possesses much more self-confidence than the rest of the goats. It knows its talents' worth and tackles its affairs full of ambition. Yet, behind this self-confident goat, you find an extremely vulnerable being.

The Metal-Goat, too, suffers from jealous claims of possession regarding its partner and has a hard time to control these feelings. An escapade the Metal-Goat would never tolerate and thus, it does everything for that not to happen.

However, it is just this behaviour that lastly furthers and causes such an escapade. The Metal-Goat of an trustworthy and inspiring personality which life goal does not just consists of harmony and peace. The career is in most cases imperative for a Metal-Goat.

The Goat With The Element Water

This charming, artistic and diplomatic goat depends very much on others. This egocentric person, which is difficult to deal with, can be absolutely friendly and kind at the next moment. The Water-Goat loves to being mothered.

It will do everything for somebody taking care of its household and removing the small, unpleasant problems of the everyday life. The Water-Goat has a horror of changes and can be heartbroken if one disagrees with it.

The Water-Goat has a hard time to defend against outside influences and is willing to accept everything that it meets. With its harmonious demeanour, the Water-Goat is very attractive to its fellow men.

Since the Water-Goat is so quickly impressionable, it sometimes goes entirely wrong paths, just because it follows a leader of whom it is fascinated. Then, it is hard for the Water-Goat to return to own goals.

This sensitive, loveable person is made for a profession in the social field. There is nobody like the Water-Goat being able to make encounters and finding easy access to the hidden sides of other people.

Chinese Sign Goat - Love & Emotion

The already mentioned qualities of the Goat already show that we deal with an emotional human being. No other partner is so sympathetic which is a big plus. If a partner is not forgiving, not understanding and offended even small problems could have big consequences.

Also if someone tends to wolf down problems, sooner or later, it comes to conflict. This all is not an issue with the Goat. They can empathize with others and seek the clearing talk in which feelings are shown openly without accusing or hurting the other.

Problems in a Goat relationship most often go hand in hand with them not being able to keep the distance to others under certain conditions.

In this respect it is difficult for them to empathize; they cannot imagine that someone needs distance in a love relationship. But if the partner is open enough to talk about this problem openly the Goat will try to be understanding.

In the long run, it is essential for the Goat to be surrounded by people given them love and security. If that is not the case, they build a wall around their heart in which they are still kind and empathic like before, but these walls let nothing out.

This is a reason why the Goat should not devote to only one person or solely the family. Goats need the contact to many people.

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