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Chinese Sign Horse

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Horse: Opportunity To Refuel Energy - until 2022 Feb 4th Year of the Metal Ox

Metal-Ox advice for the Horse
If you do not dash off and follow the rules, you can count on help. Beware of solo runs!

For most of the Horse-born the last few months have nothing been but exhausting. The Rat opposes the Horse sign in the Chinese zodiac with the result of meeting much resistance.

The Horse's patience was put to the test, because hardly anything has developed as expected in the year of the Rat. Those who have fallen into aimless activism will surely need a break to recharge their batteries.

Sure, the Ox is not necessarily one of the horse's favourite companions, but these two can usually come to terms. However, this year is also less suitable for adventure and daring excursions.

It will not be easy for most horses this year to enforce their claims. It will probably be more about managing everyday life and doing business as efficiently as possible. If the Horse fulfils his tasks reliably, no obstacles will be put in his way.

The metal Ox does not know what to do with the Horse's desire for independence. For him, consistency, and the will to persevere are what counts.

For the horse to progress to the extent he wants, he must surely be able to give way in the next twelve months. For that, it is safe to say that such efforts will also be supported.

In matters of the heart, the Heart should take a clear position. If he cannot decide and is constantly lost in thought, differences of opinion or discords are pre-programmed.

Only those who look in the same direction with their partner can grow together with him.

The Horse In General

The Horse Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Horse

Yang Fire

The Horse is a symbol for happiness of life and bravery. The Yang-Energy dominates - the male, active principle. A year of the Horse often brings the beginning of bellicose dispute but also the departure to new scientific areas. The lucky number for the Horse is 2; his colour is black.

Positive Traits
loveable, fiery, beredsam, eloquent, adept, sociable, charming, sensuous, open, carefree, hard-working, independent, happy, ingenuous, passionate, sentimental, athletic, alert, well-mannered and practical.

Negative Traits
egoistic, greedy, labile, insolent, gossipy, fearful, rebellious, bad tempered, impatient, tactless, sluggish, nervous, hotheaded, indecisive, restless, careless, unpredictable, wasteful, emotionless and quarrelsome.

Horses love to be the centre-point. Only if they have people surrounding them and giving them their attention they feel really good. They are very good entertainers and get a boring party quickly going.

Nothing gets easily to a Horse-born. He possesses an almost immovable optimism and strong self-confidence which helps him to get out of difficult situations. His optimism is contagious so that he is able to get others interested in anything.

Those positive basics have of course also some negative sides. You cannot overlook that the Horse tends from time to time to unreflecting egocentric. This does not mean that they would be egoists. They do enjoy engaging in social tasks but it is important to the Horse that aside of his matter most of all he gets the attention and stands in the foreground. While the egoist does only take care of himself without concern for others the egocentric does take also care of others but all he does he is the centre-point. A person born in the year of the Horse is a typical egocentric, not an egoist.

However, it must be said that egocentric is not necessarily negative. Inevitably the own person is at the centre-point of his own world. You can try to feel yourself into others but you can only do so in your imagination. A soft egocentric not putting the own person into the focus but knows about the middle position can be something positive. It is a means of deliberateness. This soft egocentric would be a good way of the Horse-born. But he only manages to change his egocentrism into a positive inner strength if they try to strive for deliberateness. Horses sadly tend sometimes a bit to superficiality.

People born under the sign of the Horse are not stupid. They simply do not have a motivation to look too deep inside. The outer world offers enough interesting and many possibilities to get admired after all. It is difficult for Horses to leave the action behind and concentrate on their inner world. Horses are despite (or because of) their egocentric most of the times very well liked. On the one hand loving themselves is shown in a positive way; for example if they motivate a group of people or entertain them. On the other hand Horses do have other positive qualities: They do like challenges and often manage them with stunning energy.

Most of the time Horses are as underestimated as overestimated. While the people that have gotten to know their positive sides, believe they can do anything others, who only see their appearance dislike them. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Horses can if they are challenged accordingly move a lot. Only they tend to praise themselves a lot and also overestimate their own strength if they managed to accomplish something. Modesty would be a virtue through which their positive energy could be amplified. Horses like to appear modest but nobody believes them. They should be modest before themselves and also admit mildly to self doubt.

Coming back to the Horse's ability to take challenges; he is able to deal with it so well because he possesses an extraordinary talent for organisation. This includes besides the ability to solely organize a big chunk of intuition.

If Horses managed to qualify their egocentric somewhat they could not only manage big tasks but also evolve their inner being enormously and let their natural cheeriness become an inner beam.

The Horse With The Element Wood

This horse is ardent and creative, agile, often outstandingly talented, possesses a big curiosity, but often wastes his energies.

He is more rational and above all less egoistic than his sign-brothers, but he lacks patience, is easily distracted and forgets his goals; sometimes through pure thoughtlessness.

Fortunately, this horse does not lack courage, with which he gains brilliant victories. The Wood-Horse possesses a sense of spectacular and unanticipated things furthermore. In love, he dreams more of taking than of giving and he can be a bit envious.

The Wood-Horse is an agile and amusing entertainer. Yet, he also possesses the tendency to exaggerate and is sometimes exorbitant. Since the Wood-Horse has a friendly demeanour, this little weakness is readily overlooked.

Less chaotic than his sign-brothers, the Wood-Horse is more suited to be a co-worker since he acts consequently and logically and also considers the interests of others. However, patience is not the Wood-Horse's strength.

A Wood-Horse always makes short shrift and looks ahead without feeling any nostalgia. If something goes wrong, it could happen that this horse makes the same mistakes over and over again. He just refuses to look back to discover the probable roots of his difficulties.

The Horse With The Element Fire

As an ardent, energetic, magnetic, individualistic, nonconformist, wilful, surging and ambitious person, the Fire-Horse represents the prototype of the horse sign, where all good and bad qualities are especially distinctive.

The Fire-Horse is very decisive, easily enthused, and no one is capable of holding it. It steers straight towards its goal without meeting the lowest precautions or to weigh up. Surprisingly, it works well most of the time.

The Fire-Horse is hot-blooded knowing how to draw in its surroundings with its never stopping flow of intelligent, but also crazy ideas. It possesses charisma, charm and an enormous attractiveness.

If the Fire-Horse has made a decision, it wants to assert with all might. Sometimes, it then tends to use violent abuse. Thereby, this horse possesses a many-layered personality enabling it to get several things going at the same time.

If the Fire-Horse could, it would lead a double-life to get all of its interests, desires and goals under one hat.

The Horse With The Element Earth

The Earth-Horse is rooted with all four hooves on the ground. It, therefore, is more circumspect and more sensible than its sign comrades are.

The Earth-Horse is affable, friendly and carefree and would be a remarkable and highly esteemed personality if it were not too careful, pedantic and hesitant.

Even if the Earth-Horse misses many opportunities, its flair is enough to secure a minimum of success. It, therefore, is relatively happy, since usually it has several projects running despite its hesitant behaviour.

The Earth provides this horse with an enormous portion of realism and a sense of facts. With a precise and logical mind, it dissects facts and searches for the reasons of events.

The temper too is not as fiery as it is with other horse-born. Since the Earth-Horse acts rather thoughtfully than spontaneously, it is also not as decisive and venturesome.

Most of the time, the Earth-Horse is a very sympathetic human being with a restrained, calm demeanour. Be careful, though! Even the Earth-Horse is used to gallop freely!

The Horse With The Element Metal

First, there is ambition, then ambition again. This addiction leads to this horse always going at neck breaking speed to be able to pursue all tracks.

One could think that a horse with this inclination often struggles in vain, but the opposite is the case. The Metal-Horse's intelligence is just as big as its endurance.

It is more successful and gets more acknowledgement than his sign comrades get. There is no impossible task thanks to its obstinacy and stubbornness.

With the metal's influence, this ironclad horse can defend everything that is against its wishes, making it stubbornly pursuing its goals. At times, this horse acts somewhat egocentric, but that does not harm its general popularity.

A negative feature is the Metal-Horse's nearly truthful desire for freedom. Generally, however, this horse possesses all prerequisites to achieve a firm place in life. In the best case, it maintains two, three houses in different countries in which it sometimes lives to have the necessary alternation.

With brilliance and a well of ideas, such a horse manages to climb the ladder of success right to the top to be standing sky-high in the end.

The Horse With The Element Water

As a conscientious and motivated human being, the Water-Horse knows its boundaries and is less ambitious than its sign-comrades.

This horse-individual is extremely adaptable, sometimes anxious but always very charming, helpful and affable. It hates loneliness and loves to be surrounded by friends. It likes to travel and does not lack humour. This horse person is a bit superficial, sometimes even talkative. It has the soul of a nomad and is fickle.

A cheerful and neat appearance have the Water-Horse people, who surprise with their excellent humour and wit. This horse is mentally very agile and possesses a high intellectual level.

Like all horses, the Water-Horse prefers a constant change of location. This travel fever keeps it always moving. Like the water, the Water-Horse wants to be everywhere at the same time and absorb all kinds of experiences and adventures.

In some circumstances, the flexibility of the Water-Horse can take on a negative appearance. Namely, when it acts entirely inconsequently and without any consideration of its fellow men. People having relied on original decisions suddenly feel like idiots.

Chinese Sign Horse - Love & Emotion

The relationship of a horse born is of course firmly set in self-loving attitude. It is not easy for the horse to really deal with the partner, to understand his needs and understanding him.

This is often not only difficult for the partner but also means the horse does not learn anything about the other because it just does not deal with him. The horse's tendency to superficiality is also a loss of new, expanded experiences and experience depth for it.

However, horses are comfortable with other people. Through their winning appearance, they are well loved by the ones they are in contact with. You quickly fall in love with a horse born and they also fall in love rather quickly.

In this regard, they are quite adventuresome and fearless. Moreover, they do not wait until somebody approaches them but they like to take the initiative if they are in love. The only problem is that they fall as quickly in love with someone else.

You cannot say that faithfulness is one of the horse's strength. Thus, it usually leaves a track of unhappy relationships whereas the being unhappy is restricted to the former partner. The horse is sorry to have created this unhappiness, but it has not problems with it. Horses are somewhat flighty.

Horses can be quite unforgiving if you get into their way, criticise them because of their superficiality or disappoint them. They just tend to see things concerning themselves more clearly than the needs and motivation of others.

All in all, Horses can be good partners if they learn to deal with other people. The partner must have the patience and tolerance for that. Particularly in a firm relationship most often the horse's best sides come out.

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