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Chinese Sign Monkey

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The Monkey Can Dial It Down A Notch - until 2022 Feb 4th Year Of The Metal Ox

Metal-Ox advice for the Monkey
Respond flexibly to possible limitations. This way, even difficult situations can become a good thing.

Great expectations the monkey has had for the year of the metal Rat! After all, these two signs complement each other wonderfully when it comes to developing ideas and implementing them.

However, some Monkeys will have noticed the trees have not grown into the sky the past year. Fortunately, the Monkey is one of the Chinese animal signs that can improvise!

If you are not allowed to go outside, you simply develop your projects at home and bring them into the world through other channels. As a result, the frustration of most Monkeys may have been not too bad.

With the start of the Ox year, it is much more about results than great plans. This means for the Monkey to avoid juggling too many balls at once.

This year, it becomes mandatory to concentrate fully on the tasks that will be assigned to him. New creative approaches will have significantly fewer chances of being implemented this year.

Unless they are meticulously prepared and presented with reason and the help of solid partners.

Especially when it comes to professional projects, the Monkey will be able to use his communicative skills well to get the necessary support on board.

He should be modest and not focus too much on his ego and assess opportunities realistically. Anything else is not well received by the Metal Ox and reduces the chances of success.

Those Monkeys who are looking for a new love will be met with good chances if they rely on consistent values and loyalty. The Ox is one of the most reliable animal signs and expects this virtue from his subjects.

For a harmonious relationship, therefore, it is now above all a matter of building a solid basis of trust.

The Monkey In General

The Monkey Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Monkey

Yang Metal

The monkey is a symbol for curiosity and cleverness. The Yang energy dominates, the active principle. A year of the Monkey brings new knowledge in science and sportive best performances. The lucky number of the Monkey is the 3, its colour is orange.

Positive Traits
mischievous, egocentric, brave, clever, intelligent, child-like, ingenious, practical, independent, talented, enthusiastic, intuitive, juvenile, inventive, clear-eyed, astute, pasionate, convincing, adroit and smug.

Negative Traits
vain, flighty, hypocritic, manipulating, faithless, sarcastical, gossipy, impatient, calculating, stubborn, cheeky, sensitive, narcissistic, quick tempered, arrogant, demanding, lavish, moody, opportunistic and mocking.

People born in a year of the Monkey are most often incredibly versatile. They try everything new and if there is not anything new they think up something by themselves. They always must be active and have difficulties to stay focused on one task for a longer time. There is so much interesting to discover, so many new experiences that have not been made yet and so much one does not know.

But versatility also has a flaw: Monkeys cannot devote themselves for one task alone. They need a relative short-termed goal which they quickly reach with intelligence and skill. After that the thing is filed under done and they go for a new goal. Monkey-Born are quite clever with words. Often they do speak several languages fluently but none perfectly. If they have reached their goal to make themselves halfway understandable it is no longer worthwhile to put energy into this in order to perfect their abilities.

There is also a certain lack of endurance. According to that their lives develop. Times in which everything evolves perfectly change with times in which it cannot go further down. But Monkeys stay in general optimistic; it is clear to them that there will come better days after the bad times and thus they never lose hope.

The restlessness of the Monkey is deeply within him. He knows about it, which sometimes amplifies into a feeling of getting driven. He is very aware of this and tries to find the cause. This on the other hand he does in a typical Monkey manner: He practices meditation, reads books about psychology, has a time of faith only to turn to atheism. Because of that some people believe that the Monkey-Born is superficial; but that is completely wrong. On the contrary; Monkeys seek - even if in their own manner - for depth and knowledge. Their volatility makes sense to a certain degree. They really want to try everything because then the possibility to meet the right thing is higher.

Whereas Monkey miss an important point; maybe it is not so important what you are doing but how you are doing it. Maybe perfection is an area of satisfaction and this you can only figure out if you keep being busy with one task over a longer period. But that is the Monkeys weakness.

The versatility and cleverness of the Monkey-Born makes life relatively easy for him. He manages to find a way out from situations in which other people would give in. You can learn a lot from him because he is able to talk about many things at least if there is no expert among the conversers. His knowledge is broadly spread but he does not get arrogant. He follows Socrates' motto: I know that I do know nothing and stays modest because he actually does know that his knowledge is not very deep.

The Monkey likes to use his cleverness to help others whereas he makes a big difference between true friends and acquaintances. True friendship means a lot to him and his fickleness is not valid in this area. It is not easy for him to get involved with others but if he really trusts someone he can be a very good converser.

People who are born under the sign of the Monkey usually leave a good first impression. They are charming and have a high social intelligence. With people that do not appeal to them they sometimes use this intelligence to mislead them. Then Monkeys can become quite sly; they are also quite often involved with intrigues. Most of the time they are good-hearted people showing their fickleness from time to time.

Monkeys are explorers. If they start to explore their inner being and if they manage to find a bit more stability they will lead a rich and satisfying life.

The Monkey With The Element Wood

Like many monkeys, the Wood-Monkey is intuitive. It does not lack optimism in the sense that it always finds a good side even in the most stressful situations. It is organised, knows how to use its trumps carefully but hates to lose.

Sometimes, the latter happens through the Wood-Monkey's rash actions. It possesses much thirst for intellectual knowledge, is open to innovations and admires efficiency.

The Wood-Monkey is marked by a pronounced pioneering spirit seeking restlessly the right place in life. This monkey possesses much sense of prestige and does not rest before it has achieved a certain standard.

Ambition, the thirst for knowledge and high demands on itself mark the Wood-Monkey, which always needs an inspiring task to find fulfilment.

The Wood-Monkey possesses the keen intuition and a widely awake mind. Most of the time, it can exactly assess what is going on around it and often foresee things. Daring, the Wood-Monkey is not, but rather intends to continually evolve and to be entirely saturated with nutrient, just like a tree from the roots to the top.

The Monkey With The Element Fire

This monkey is energetic, enthusiastic, and ardent and is adventurous but possesses enough caution and practical disposition, which is essential for great success. The Fire-Monkey's opportunism - it chooses its friends and associates carefully - includes a consuming ambition.

The Fire-Monkey's courage and its determination allow to counteract all challenges and to avoid obstacles or to tear them down, all depending on the situation.

The Fire-Monkey's self-confidence, its poise and its determination makes it taking on an outstanding position amongst its fellow men. In the process, the Fire-Monkey is cordial and honest in its feelings.

In an erotic regard, too, the Fire-Monkey possesses an irresistible attractiveness. The fire provides the monkey with much vitality and drive. However, it is able to control itself quite well to argument factually without being aggressive.

In a negative regard, the Fire-Monkey's claims of leadership show themselves in exaggerated arrogance paired with stubbornness and feistiness. The Fire-Monkey must guard against its desire for power and acknowledgement not consuming its positive traits.

The Monkey With The Element Earth

The Earth-Monkey is practical, intelligent, faithful and the kindest of all the monkeys. It does not lack generosity. Sometimes, the Earth-Monkey's ability to bring the most complicated problems to a point, its intellectual thirst for knowledge and its relentlessness, lead to a rougher-edged mentality or to a certain lack of subtlety. Its motto is "Who seeks will find".

Sometimes, the Earth-Monkey is fickle in a discreet way, but in general, however, loyal.

Peaceful, reliable and most of the time somewhat reserved the Earth-Monkey presents itself. It possesses a high intellectual level and is marked by sharp and logic thoughts. Thorough and dutiful the Earth-Monkey can engage in charities with significant selflessness. To help is a fundamental need for this monkey.

The Earth-Monkey possesses a keen interest in further education besides its social activities. It does not like to stand still on a level and strives for always extending its knowledge. In the process, the Earth-Monkey works thoroughly and less fickle than other monkeys because the interest in depth and the penetration of things is very high.

The Monkey With The Element Metal

With its unshakable will and an iron fist, which is not always in a velvet glove, the Metal-Monkey is very business-minded. Its persuasion and its will for success are as big as its pride. It allows to face the toughest opponents.

The Metal-Monkey is a little manipulative but also possesses the ability to realisation in work. It is so occupied with the matter that it sometimes forgets everything around it.

The cultivated, independent and powerful Metal -Monkey possesses an insatiable desire for safety and order. Generally, the Metal-Monkey has a creative talent and prefers professions requiring the ability to constructively thinking.

Since the Metal-Monkey as extremely practical talented, it puts great value in the profitability and functionality of its products. Of course, it goes without pointing out that the Metal-Monkey manufacturers everything from start to finish alone.

The Metal-Monkey is a capable and yet temperamental human being. It convinces by knowledge and a winning demeanour. The Metal-Monkey possesses all the features making it a winner.

The Monkey With The Element Water

The Water-Monkey is intuitive, friendly and kind. It knows what it wants but obeys the circumstances, avoids difficulties, explains, deals, convinces and reaches what it wants.

The Water-Monkey is a bit egoistic, but it does not lack generosity, and it is favoured by luck. On the other hand, it can be extremely sullen, plant discord and in the next moment be cheerful, pleasant and a good comrade.

Worldly and helpful is the Water-Monkey, which pursues goals in its life with great patience and some skill. Extremely versatile the Water-Monkey manoeuvres through the most stressful situations and rather bypasses barriers instead of demolishing them.

Most of the time, the Water-Monkey possesses a unique demeanour, individual originality and great charm. It possesses leadership qualities since the Water-Monkey unites logical thinking with empathy.

Especially in the interpersonal field, the Water-Monkey has enormous abilities. It should absolutely use this talent and choose a profession in the social sphere.

Chinese Sign Monkey - Love & Emotion

Monkeys are quite volatile, which, of course, takes its toll on their love life as well. When they are young, they change partners generally quite often.

They often are very attractive to the opposite sex. Their restlessness, their activity, their curiosity and, of course, their charming nature let them seem very interesting at a first glance; but after a while it becomes too much for most of the people.

Even the monkey itself loses interest quickly if there is nothing new to discover. When they become older Monkeys, figure out that there is always something new to discover in any kind of relationship if the partners are not drifting apart and pay attention to each other.

Not because they would be calmer then and their curiosity abates. No, they only draw the right conclusion from their many made experiences.

People born in the year of the Monkey are at a first glance quite interesting to talk to. However, the fact of actually admitting to someone else is so difficult for them leads of course to many problems in relationships.

Monkeys are good listeners, but only for a short time. Then, they switch off and turn their attention to something else. The personal development of the Monkey depends strongly on a good relationship.

A partner, which complements the Monkey well, helps it to reach a bit more patience. Moreover, those who have the necessary tolerance in a relationship with a Monkey will get its best side out.

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